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Top 10 Most Important SEO Tips For URL Optimisation


URL is a unique series of words, letters, and symbols that contain a web page’s unique location on the internet. It holds relevant information which is valuable for SEO experts. URL provides edifying signals that help the search engines identify the page’s contents, objectives, and target market.

URLs work like signals. Like any other signal, some can be strong while some are weak, and some can even be missing. As an SEO practitioner, it is essential to understand what search engines look for and give details importance. The following tips can help improve URL optimisation for SEO : 

Include Exact Keyword:

Whenever possible, make sure to include the exact keyword or phrase in your URL. Compared to a homepage, this is more suitable for the service page or blog page. Exact keywords improve your probability of getting noticed for indexing. Also, this type of URL clarifies the purpose of the particular signal. 

How to target the exact keyword “Stuffed Vegan Ravioli.”

Ideal URL: 

Decent URL: vegan-stuffed 

Bad URL: 


Redirect Broken URLs:

Every URL has a Google index ranking. When you remove a particular URL, you remove a page that has a Google ranking. No one wants their page with a high ranking to be removed from the search results. For some reason, if you change your URL, make sure to notify the search engine with a 301 redirect. It will help you to redirect the visitor from your old URL to the new updated one. 

Upload Favicon:

The little sign next to your URL in a browser is a favicon. Adding one can be beneficial. Search engines like Bing and Google have played with favicons in the search results. Favicons can help in brand recognition and contribute towards brand building.

Use of Canonical URLs:

Dynamic pages can fortuitously create duplicate content, and you can get penalised for duplication of content. Using canonical URLs can be helpful if you have a preferred link; add a rel=” canonical” link element in the head of each of those pages with the same content. 

Use Mobile-Friendly URLs:

Mobile today has all the potential to perform every task expected from a desktop or laptop. Users often use their handsets to raise their search queries. Businesses often focus on computer optimisation, and mobiles get overlooked. It is essential to have a mobile seo friendly URL. It will ensure your page will be visible and functional irrespective of the platform. Such URLs will have a higher ranking on mobile search results. 

Block Bad URLs:

Duplicate content can get you penalised. To avoid it, one can block search engines from indexing multiple URLs to the same content and other troublesome URLs. For example, having a search feature on your site produces dynamic and identical URLs to the same content, contingent on the user’s filtered search. You can block such URLs to avoid duplication. 

No Capital Letters:

Word capitalisation or the first word capitalised in every sentence can work when you’re writing an essay. Such is not the case with URLs. URLs with capital letters confuse not only the users but also the search engines. It makes remembering the URL difficult. Simultaneous use of capital and small letters in one URL can make it confusing. DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS IN URLs. 

Top Folders For Top Content:

Web pages in your root folder are considered top-level content by search engines. Search engines consider such content as better content and prioritise it. You can be strategic and calculative while designing your URL structure. It can signify the importance of your content. 

Use Hyphens 

Do not place underscore in your URLs. Make sure to use hyphens or dashes. Google algorithm was written to read hyphens and not underscores. You need to follow the rules of search engines if you wish to get a higher ranking.

Readable URL

If your URL is not readable, it will be difficult for the search engines to rank your page. If it’s challenging to read, your ranking will be affected. Search engines cannot unscramble complicated details. 

Example: If you want to buy a stuffed vegan ravioli, which URL would you click on?

Readable URL: 

Complicated URL:

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