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The New Google Ads Guide for 2020

Online marketing and digital strategies have helped several organizations to strengthen their communication and reach the desired target audience. However, it is important to make the right use of advertising tools to get higher or at par return on investment on every Ad strategy that one plans.

The agency that runs Google Ads campaigns should intelligently devise search engine Marketing Campaigns. It is essential to draft an optimum and highly effective Ad campaign strategy to meet the objectives of the business.

Google is the most popular search engine globally. It had launched Google AdWords in 2000 to provide an online opportunity to advertise the brands, products, or services. However, after its introduction, Google modified the AdWords and rebranded it as Google Ads in June 2018.

Google made these modifications to increase the efficacy of Google Ads and provide maximum benefits to its users. Google Ads made it possible to reach to the potential customers and target audience optimally.

To understand the working of Advertising in the Digital World, it is essential to have a great understanding of what are the vital components of it. Let us discuss the intricacies of Google Advertising:

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads contains 2 major components that are Pay per click( PPM – pay for every 1,000 impressions of the ad). It is immensely popular in the advertising world because of its wide reach, optimum results, and stronger impact.

The chances of getting potential customers are high with Google Ads. The more the clicks you generate with the help of Google Ads, the more the possibility is of the conversion. Google Ads have worked wonders in not only increase the sales of the brands but have also helped brands to increase their presence and enhance brand awareness.

Why Use Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform. In Google Ads, the advertiser pay based on the pay per click and pay per 1000 impressions (CPM) method. There are many PPC companies in Mumbai that offer a range of PPC management services and an array of PPC services. It is essential to complete research and analyses the current trends to make the best use of Pay Per Click Advertising.

Google Ads provides you with effective and channelizes traffic. It allows you creatively explore all the possible Avenues online and reach to your target audience with no spillover. You can filter your target audience and reach only those who are a perfect match for your product or service. Google Ads can boost the traffic and get you the desired exposure.

You can create short, crisp and to the point Google Ads that lures your target audience to visit your website store and make a purchase decision. Google Ads also increase your brand visibility and also helps to improve ranking on SERP, which is the Search Engine Result Page.

With the help of Google Ads, you can constantly make your brand visible and trigger the interest in your product offering too. Over time, Google Ads and its results can help you >to devise an optimum SEO strategy that can work wonders for your brand. Google Ads can play an important role in improving your marketing and communication campaigns.

However, initially, brands may not get the desired conversion rate on their Google Ads but implementing Google Ads Bidding Strategies, the right combination of keywords along with Google Ads Support can help you get exceptional results.

What Are The Advantages of Advertising on Google?

Google is one of the most used search engines globally. The number of queries that Google receives each day is speculated to be over 3.5 million. Therefore, all the leading domestic and international brands today highly prefer it for marketing their products.

Google Ads delivers great ROI, and Advertisers can earn eightfold with the help of an apt SEO and marketing strategy. Most of the brands today are using Google Ads to bombard the audience with their product information and compel them to visit your site.

This has aroused the need for other players prevailing in the market to use the same medium to reach to the audience and pave their way into their consideration set. With organic search results, the chances of instantly your website getting higher SEO ranking is less.

Google Ads should be an integral part of your Marketing Strategy for quicker and better results. Hiring an SEM company, which can provide you as proper guidance for Branded search terms, PPC strategy, and PPC services can help you devise a more reliable and result oriented advertising plan.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Google Ad Terms?

1] Ad Rank:

The higher the value of your Ad the better will be its ranking on the search page. The Ad ranks determine where your ad placed on the page. The better the placement of your Ad the greater are the chances that your ad will get clicks and views by the visitor. Google calculates the Ad Rank by multiplying the quality score and maximum bid.

2] Bidding:

The entire Google Ads System has its base in a bidding system wherein the advertiser has to bid the amount that he can pay for the Google Ad. The greater your bid, the better will be the placement of your ad. There three options for bidding those are :

  • CPC: Cost per Click: In this, the cost paid on the basis of per click the ad receives.
  • CPM: Cost Per Mile, in this you pay for one thousand impressions of your ad.
  • CPE: Cost per Engagement, the cost paid when the visitors perform the predetermined action.

A brand can opt for any option for bidding or use a combination of these options based on its Advertising strategy and objectives.

3] Ad Campaign Type:

There are various ad types that you can have on Google, those are Search Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads. The cost for each ad type is different based on its appearance and exposure. Google generally displays Display Ads are on search engine result page; they publish Display Ads on Google Display Networks whereas, and Video Ads of duration 6-15 seconds appear on YouTube.

4] Click-Through Rate:

A CTR gives you a clear idea about the quality of your ad and whether it matches the intent and search of the visitors. The greater the CTR, the higher the quality of your ad. CTR calculation bases on the number of clicks your ad gets as a proportion to several views received by the ad.

5] Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate bases on final action performed by the visitor. If a visitor clicks your ad and arrives at your landing page and sign up on your website, it means that your Google ad was optimum and provided the visitor with an unmatched experience.

6] Keywords:

Keywords are an important factor that determines the effectiveness of the ad. Avoid having long ads with too many keywords stuffed in it. Opt for short and crisp ads with creative content that able to fetch the attraction of the visitor. It is important to align your keywords as per your target audience and aiming to solve their queries. This will increase the success rate of your Google ad and the conversion rate too.

7] Quality Score:

It is one of the most important factors in your Ad rank. It determines the quality of your ad whether it is in synchronization with Google policy and can get you required Clicks. Google measures quality Score based on the number of clicks you receive, CTR, the relevancy of your keywords, its usage and number of visitors it can get to your landing page.

Importance Of The Professional PPC Management Services:

The professional expert having good understating of all the technicalities of the Google Ads can set up Google Ads easily. An expert can help you draft a flawless advertising strategy that includes PPC management services.

It is essential to target the right combination of search, display, and video ads based on your product offering. The professional should make Google Ads backed with lots of research and insights.

An SEM company can guide with Google Ads and help you with the best bidding strategy, content drafting, keyword listing and optimizing your website, set up a conversion tracking, target your audience optimally, monitor the performance of your ad and much more.

What Makes Your Google Ads Successful?

Great knowledge of consumer behaviour, marketing trends and Advertising Guide can improve the quality of your Google Ad and increase the chances of your Google Ad being successful. Google Ads should be a part of your paid Ad strategy where you aim to reach the maximum audience with utmost efficacy.

Google Ads need careful planning and strategically placed to convert leads and generate interest in your product. The reach and authority that you can avail with the use of Google Ads are impeccable, making it one of the most preferred and widely used media for advertising.

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