The dynamics of advertisement are changing again.  The race to grab maximum viewer attention is getting hotter. And in such a cut-throat scenario, Mobile phones are emerging as a leading platform to market. The reason is very simple: Advertising is effective only when it is showcased in a medium; people invest their valuable time in. And according to recent estimates, people are spending on an average 1 hour daily on their phones. A significant portion of this time is spent solely on web. Mobile Phones hence have evolved from a simple telecommunication device into a lucrative platform capable of getting engaging & relevant content across to customers.


The most important step here is building a Mobile website.  A smartphone screen is smaller compared to a computer or a tab for that matter. Hence businesses should customize their website to make it more accessible on the mobile screen. Good mobile websites are easier to navigate, load faster & generally provide an enhanced user experience. In this age, when a user encounters a  bad mobile website, it may make them think that the businesses simply don’t care. On the other hand, websites that were optimized for mobile use are now enjoying the benefits of adapting to this trend. Here,the user is more inclined to see what the site has to offer as he is delighted with its easy usability .

Now what do users usually like to find when they access a website on their mobile?

– They want bigger buttons to find their object of interest within one or two clicks.
– Information on operating hours/ location of a business
– A click to call option
– Links to social media,
– Easy to use forms
– Easy search bar
– They want to scroll up-down the page without a need to scroll left or right. & many more.

Also, businesses should ensure that the screen resolution of their mobile website is optimum, the design simple &  an option to view the full website is included too. The colours of links,buttons & background fonts should be carefully selected to make the distinction between  links evident.

The value-add this platform has brought to the e-commerce, Travel & hospitality business is well known. But what is not know is the fact that Big brands like Facebook, Starbucks, Toyota, Microsoft & Coca-cola too have fared brilliantly in this domain & reaped in the advantages of mobile marketing.

According to statistics, Mobile search has grown 5x in the last 2 years. They now account for 30% of all Restaurant searches, 25% of all Movie searches & 20% of all Telecom searches. Throught the developed world, Smartphone penetration has now crossed 50%. Most imp is the fact that 52% users don’t want to engage with a brand with a poor mobile website. Also, google plans to roll out several changes in its ranking algorithm targeting specifically against businesses with a poor mobile website.

So, in short, its high time businesses start investing  in a mobile website to build their brands better. After all, a lot of traffic is going mobile these days.

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