The important components and performance metrics of a google ads campaign

  • January 08, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 4 min read

Google Ads Campaign 

Google Ads Campaign can be a challenging and expensive task if not tracked properly. You set up a Google Ads campaign to reach a larger audience pool and increase your conversion rates and enjoy the perks of higher ROI’s. However, to maximize the results and performance of your Google Ads Campaigns, it is always a good thing to keep track of the performance insights. So that if your campaigns aren’t working as expected, you can pause or edit the campaign to work accordingly. 

The insights of Google’s ad campaign lies in the components of performance metrics. If you clearly study all the components’ movement, you will be in a state to take your calls. 

Here are some of the crucial components and performance metrics of a Google Ads Campaign you must be aware of before you start planning your campaign. 


Components of Performance Metrics of a Google Ads Campaign

In order to reach your Google Ads Campaign to fetch its desired goals, studying these components in depth is essential. 

1- Click-Through-Rate

CTR or click-through-rate is something that is derived by dividing the total number of clicks divided by an unlimited number of impressions. You will witness the results in terms of your campaigns’ enhanced reach along with increased CTR merely by testing new ad copies, applying geo-targeting, and thoroughly optimizing your keywords. 

Increased Click-through-rates means how compelling your Google Ads Campaigns appears to your target audience. Plus, you can optimize the way your ads campaign appears from your audience’s perspective. 

The need and importance of click-through-rates come into the picture because higher CTR means enhanced visibility of your campaigns, leading to good quality score. Usually, this is not always an obvious case because sometimes there are several other contributing factors. For instance, CTR is a metric to look forward to in case of high CPC or lower engagement of your campaigns. 

2- Quality Score

Quality Score is measured by the relevance of keywords, URL and overall user experience of the Google Ads Campaign. The quality Score is a metric to measure the relevance of ad campaigns to the relevant search queries. 

In addition to this, a high-quality score attracts a lot of positives for your ad campaigns, and those include more clicks, lower CPC’s, enhanced conversion rates, and higher ad placements on SERPs. 

Furthermore, Google used the quality score to determine how frequent your ads show, where they show, and your total CPC. The algorithms of Google use various inputs to determine the overall quality score. These inputs primarily include – 

  • The importance and relevance of keywords and advertisements to the search queries.
  • The CTRs of the keywords and their corresponding ads. 
  • The quality of the web page or landing page associated with each ad group.
  • The relevance of keywords respected to their ad groups

Quality Score is one of the most valuable metrics because it helps you optimize your Google ads campaigns in terms of utmost relevance to the search queries and enhance the overall user experience. 


3- Conversion Rates 

Conversion rates are one of the most straightforward terms to understand but might get challenging to complete. Conversion rates refer to the total number of people clicking on your ads and taking the desired actions (that you want them to in the form of purchase, subscriptions, registrations, or filling up a lead form). 

It is calculated by dividing the total number of conversions by the people clicking on your ads. The most apparent goal behind running Google ads campaigns is that you want to increase your conversion rates and enjoy higher ROI perks. Setting up Google ads is one of the direct contributors to help you reach your ultimate goal of raising conversion rates. 

Conversion rates prove as one of the most crucial metrics because it helps you understand your Google ads campaign’s health and an option to optimize or alter it as per the relevance of keywords and all other important parameters. 

Moreover, if you have a higher conversion rate, your overall CPC bids will eventually fall down, saving you quite a few bucks. You can choose to enhance your conversion rates by learning to optimize your landing pages and to ensure the natural stuffing of your relevant and targeted keywords on your landing pages. 

4- Cost Per Conversion (CPC)

Cost per conversion metric demonstrates the total amount that you spend in order to attract one conversion. This metric is usually focused on your customers and website visitors, giving you a competitive edge by providing insights and scope of improvements required in your ads campaigns. It is focused to provide a seamless user experience to the visitors on your landing pages. 

Cost per conversion is calculated by dividing total costs by total actions. Cost per conversion tells you how much money you are employing against acquiring a customer, and you should not overlook the need & importance of these metrics. It is essential for you to note that the marginal difference between the revenue per conversion and cost per conversion is your ultimate profit. 

Cost per conversions is essential because it has the potential to make your Google Ads Campaign more profitable by enhancing the ultimate health of the same. 

5- Search Impression Share 

Search impression share is a metric that helps you in identifying the potential impressions your Google ads campaign is capable of getting. It is simply calculated by dividing the total number of impressions received by the maximum possible number of ideas you are eligible to win. 

If you face fewer impressions than the chances are relatively high, your campaigns aren’t well optimized. Hence, to increase the impressions and stand a chance of enjoying excellent conversion rates, optimizing your site or landing page is the sole solution. 

Now when you have the primary knowledge on how to get started with important performance components metrics of your Google ads campaign, you are all ready to boost your conversion rates and successful campaigns.  


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