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What Are Local Citations And Why Are They Important
  What Are Citations? The online mention of your business name, address and phone number is considered as local citations. Citations appear in
The Process of how a SEO Friendly website should be remains a topic of discussion for long time now. Various Ideology, Various Concept, Various

The Growing Influence Of Social Messaging Apps For Targeting Potential Customers
The Messaging apps are being used for business and excitement within small businesses. There has been an excellent traction announcement for
27 Oct

Product Structured Data – A step by step guide

Structured Data Product Struture Data Guide Adding Structured Data to Your Product Pages enables Google to display detailed product information in rich search results, including Google Images. With the help of the Markup, viewers can see various product features like Price,...
8 min read
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22 Oct

Sitelinks Search Box Schema

Structured Data With the help of a site links search box, you can search through a website or an app instantly via the search page results. The site links search box is nothing but a website-specific search box. It is a website or an app’s very own Search toolbar. The feature is...
4 min read
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22 Oct

Recipe Schema Markup

Structured Data You can use the Recipe schema Markup for letting Google know about your recipes. When you use the Recipe structured data, you provide valuable information like review ratings, preparation and cooking time, nutrition information, etc. helping Google to understand your...
6 min read
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24 Sep

All About Structured Data: Review Snippet

Structured Data A Review Snippet is A short Section Of a much longer review or a review rating from a review website. A review is a critical appraisal of a book, movie or even a local business. Today, online reviews have a lot of power and can make or break movies, books or even...
3 min read
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19 Sep

Structured Data: Local Business Schema

Structured Data Do you ever wonder how Google Pops out a list of local businesses like restaurants or bakeries or grocery shops? How one search click for Best Restaurants In Mumbai on google gives you a systematic list of the best restaurants in the city? The answer is simple: The...
2 min read
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