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Google Search Console’s Change Of Address Tool Adds Site Redirect Validation
Search Console is a Google’s In house tool to analyse website’s organic traffic. It also helps in assisting with the issues on our
A Step-By-Step Guide To Use Google Dataset Search
What is Google Dataset Search? Google Dataset Search is an idea Google came out with after being launched in 2018. Google describes Google Dataset

Google’s Maccabees Update- Facts & Findings
In 2017, webmasters were stormed with an uninvited surprise- a Google algorithm change that tossed the rank and traffic drops for most websites- a
17 Oct

Google’s solution to search results dominated by FAQ Schema

SEO When the FAQ Schema came to be it was a great time for SEO (search engine optimization). However, this excitement has now become a source of frustration for many, if not all, members of this particular fraternity. This is because the guidelines for implementing the...
4 min read
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