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LinkedIn has long been considered as a business networking tool. But we look at it as a platform that has the power to put you in front of key decision makers. It has the potential to make you a sought after thought leader in your industry. We help you bag that position by creating long term engagements with your target audience.

Our strategy helps you segment your audiences on the basis of industries, organisation size and interest areas. We follow this up with a strategy designed to reach each of the segments with bespoke content. The result, you connect with these prospects in a natural and effortless manner. If LinkedIn is serious. We mean business.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
How is LinkedIn used as a marketing tool?

At the most basic level LinkedIn is a basic B2B networking tool. As a corollary, it is an excellent B2B lead generation platform. But to efficiently use LinkedIn, it should be backed by a strong profile and content which your audiences are really seeking out. A plethora of content is needed including status updates, articles, videos, presentations etc. By generating on-the-point and useful content you engage with your audiences and when you finally showcase your product your service the potential consumers are bound to show interest.

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LinkedIn Marketing
Is creating good content enough for Marketing on LinkedIn?

Showcasing well through of content is just one part of the strategy. The other important tool in LinkedIn Marketing is the Communities and Groups. LinkedIn Groups help you keep in touch with people that share your interests. By creating LinkedIn groups and joining particular ones your business can be seen in the right cirlce of people. Participating in discussions in various LinkedIn forums gets you noticed. Lastly, LinkedIn Influencers enables you to connect with well-respected thought leaders in many walks of life. They contribute original content in the form of blog posts. Commenting on their posts helps gain visibility.

Can Organic LinkedIn marketing be only used for increase sales?

LinkedIn Marketing can actually be an entire suite of business solutions. By selectively posting educational status updates and participating in LinkedIn group discussions you can establish yourself as an expert and thought leader. Your company’s sales teams can use use LinkedIn as a warm calling tool. A prospect can be reached through connections. Successful business are always looking to find valuable employees. LinkedIn’s recruiting tool is much more effective than traditional recruiting websites.

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Should I pay attention to LinkedIn if I am in a consumer facing business?
Even if LinkedIn may not connect you to many consumers but it helps your business’ brand and personality shine through and can help project you as a thought leader.
How often will you post on LinkedIn for my business?
LinkedIn themselves say that you should post every single working day. However, research shows that the best engagement happens when you post three times a week. That said we create a LinkedIn strategy after considering business goals.
How can Organic LinkedIn Marketing be made effective?
By being very active on the platform. LinkedIn algorithms recognise an active account and consider the engagement levels and automatically boost businesses. Thats exactly how we ensure that your business gets the maximum exposure.
Is LinkedIn good for marketing?
LinkedIn can help you make valuable business connections, generate leads, establish partnerships and creating better brand awareness, It can help generate buzz around your products and business. So the answer is – Most Certainly.
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