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Top Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019

by | Sep 12, 2019 | SMO

Today, the entire world is rolling on the Internet and the fastest growing thing about it is the “Social Media”. Social media is one such powerful resource online that can make or break the brand. Brands all around the world are taking social media very seriously and hence it has become a platform where one can expand their business, network and simultaneously also increase their brand visibility.

Along with different social media platforms, there are a plethora of other options that help humans to lead their lives easily and more comfortably. Social media marketing trends jumpstarts a new trend every quarter with varied tools and platforms that keep getting better and better. The improvements in this arena help the brands with better outreach and network with their audiences directly. The highly touted IoT and AI technological tools helps brands to strengthen their foothold in the markets around the world.

How VR and SMM together are changing the face of Social Media Marketing?

Every corporate today is vouching for social platforms and putting bigger investments into what is called as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is, however, interesting to know that how these Social marketing trends are changing giving better marketing prospects.

  • Increased use of Augmented Reality – The future has arrived and it has already started making ways in small yet subtle directions. People have already experienced an AR with the Apple phones released off lately. It is one of the remarkable achievements giving new experiences for users where brands are defining where they need to be placed exactly for the users to see them using special filters.
  • Growing Instagram followers – Having over 700 million users online, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms having a worldwide reach. The generation that we are living in has less attention span, hence images play a vital role in social media engagement. Instagram, just like SnapChat helps you share stories except that those remain until the time you want to delete them. The stories help to get more attention and followers.
  • Marketing through Social Influencer Marketing – Much of the products around the world are sold through serious advertising and people used for marketing are celebrities or influential personalities. On the Internet, the same position is held by social media influencers who have huge number of followers. Companies today are roping in these influencers to advertise their products because of the following reasons –
    • Connecting with new audiences and visitors
    • Improving the engagement
    • Boost online campaigns
  • Amplification in live streaming – Live streaming today is one of the mainstream media for getting the rise in engagement and enhancing the image of the brand. Most social platforms today have live streaming that are getting good responses from their audiences.
  • Personalizing customer experience – Personalized content gives relevant information to the customers, thanks to emerging IoT and AI technologies. It helps to give good customer experience and help retain the business relationship with customers.

Apart from the above social media marketing trends, more focus will be on user-generated content. This is the content that is created by the users of the social media platforms themselves by the way of word-of-mouth, loyal customers who keep visiting the pages often. It is one of the best ideas where the customers can be directly involved with the business entities and with the data collected, the brands can provide a better customer experience to the users of the platforms.

The influential you-tubers will play a key role through word-of-mouth marketing. With the help of audio-visual content generated by the people, the businesses can create personalized products for the customers.

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