Post Google Updates, lots of speculations have emerged up in terms of the Social media used as a methodology to promote website, post the updates majority of the Off Pages and On-Pages work methods have changed, but this Update the Search Engine Giant possessed more Stress on the Social Media Platform, the World is turning Socially Active Online and this has become one of the core reason for Search Engine to emphasize more on the Social Media Option to promote the Website online.

When the process of Web promotion started, LINK was the King and link building was the biggest component of any Successful SEO Strategy. In today’s time the Content and the Social media Network has taken its place and in fact even having 1000′s of links without any Social Presence would not boost the Website. In the same manner a Good amount of content will have good number of Links and Social share which is somewhere reflecting the Social media Engagement.

The Social Media activity has so much taken control of the Web Promotion Formulation that Tweeting content reduces the Indexation time frame by almost 50%. A Well Positioned URL on the Search Term has a high number of Shares, Tweets, Like and Good Comments.  High Level of Social Activity shows that you are engaged, and valuable to users which impact the Ranking of the Website on the Search Engine.

In the recent times being Social Networking Sites has proven to beneficial outside of any normal community Engagement. Social Media Optimization not only helps in promoting your business, but the major amount of Brand Awareness is taken care by this new Media Methods. Be it Fashion or the Market Promotion it’s always the new thing in, and here we welcome the Social media in the Family of Search Engine.

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