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Twitter boasts of 330 million active monthly users. Thats 330 million opportunities for your business. If your business already has a Twitter account then using Paid Twitter Marketing Services helps you promote your organic tweets or your account in front of the right audiences. If you don’t already have a Twitter business account then we recommend you get one as Twitter Marketing Services helps your business get heard by the right audience.

We at GBIM think that Twitter Marketing is magic in 140 characters. We believe that every tweet matters as it not only shares content with the world but also tells about your business to potential and existing customers. Through a tweet, you can convey the personality of your business, your business values, your attitude towards customer service and how tuned are you to your customers demands. Yes, Twitter is that powerful. GBIM can help you harness the power of twitter to it is possible to increase followers, get sales leads, create brand awareness and do a lot more for your business.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
What kind of campaigns can I run with paid Twitter Marketing?
Twitter offers 8 different types of campaigns depending on your business goal from the campaign. Twitter ads work at every level of the Marketing funnel. For Awareness there is the Reach campaign which gets you the maximum visibility to your tweet. For the Consideration part of the funnel, Twitter Marketing offers campaigns that drive Video views, encourages App installs, brings in views for your videos, drives traffic to your Website, gets people to engage with your tweets and build an audience of followers for your accounts. Lastly for the ‘Conversion’ part of the funnel, Twitter offers you a type of campaign that encourages users to interact with your app in a specific way. You can choose the campaignt type depending on your business goals and gain maximum traction on the paltform.
Paid Twitter Marketing
Advertise On Twitter
Are campaigns the only way to advertise on Twitter?
Businesses can advertise on Twitter in two ways. The first is ‘Promote’ and the second is ‘Ads’. Promoted tweets allow your tweets to appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users. On the other hand, Twitter Ads is a more holistic approach, it uses multiple tweets to accomplish a single goal for your brand. If you’re simply looking to get more webpage visitors, promoted tweets are the best tool. In this option, you simply have to pay a flat monthly fee for as long as a tweet is being promoted. Promoted tweets are perfect for gaining focused exposure on (and generating leads from) a particular aspect of your business. Twitter Ads help grow your follower base and/or build up your audience.
How much will a Twitter campaign cost?
There is no minimum or maximum amount that you can spend on your Twitter Campaign. Twitter charges advertisers based on per interaction. That is if you choose ‘App Installs’ as the campaign type then you will have to pay every time a user downloads your app following your tweet. You can either decide what you would like to pay per interaction or just simply leave it to Twitter by choosing ‘Automatic’. The Automatic option ensures that you end up paying the lowest possible bid given your budget. This ensures that your campaign get sustained visibility. Another factor that determines the cost of your campaign is the frequency with which you desire your content to be promoted. The frequency can be set to “Standard (recommended),” which shows ads to your target audience at intervals Twitter deems most efficient; or “Accelerated,” which shows your ads as much as possible throughout the day. Accelerated ads cater to ad campaigns you want to perform well in a short amount of time.
Twitter Campaign Cost
What to expect from a Twitter Marketing agency
Is organic twitter marketing better than paid marketing?
Paid twitter campaigns boost your existing posts or can be used to supercharge your marketing efforts towards a specific goal like new product launch, marketing research etc. While organic posts in twitter help in creating a unique brand personality in the long term. So both are equally important.
Can I do Twitter marketing myself?
Yes you certainly can. However, an expert digital marketing agency will be able to guide you to use the most appropriate twitter campaign, for the perfect duration using the most creative content. Managing Twitter personally is possible but can be turn out excellent results with professional help.
How soon can Twitter campaigns show results?
If the posted content is creative and is relevant to the audiences, a campaign can start showing results from day 1. However, a campaign with a strong base of organic content are much more efficient in the longer run.
Why are hashtags important?
Hashtags can help your business participate in relevant conversations. They can help your target market find you and your content on Twitter. Consider hashtags as important flagposts on Twitter. They bring attention and aggregate users around a topic. Thats why its of utmost importance to use the right hashtags while posting on Twitter.
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