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Facebook & Instagram Advertising
Our approach to Facebook and Instagram Paid Marketing is simple – Take the most creative and engaging content to the most accurate target audience as possible. Facebook and Instagram offer paid advertising allowing advertisers to micro manage the target audiences they are trying to reach out to. The paid marketing also opens up a wide array of advertising types to enable advertisers to use just the right campaign and content type to talk to users when they are at their attentive best. This is much much more than simply boosting an existing post. That is the most common strategy that s employed by every advertiser. But a true Facebook Advertising service provider will help you make the most of this powerful social media platform.

It is a well known fact that Facebook and Instagarm alogrithms change rapidly keeping up with the changing consumption patterns of users. That’s why organic marketing efforts take time to show results compared to paid campaigns. We see Paid Marketing on Facebook and Instagram as an absolute must in every brand’s marketing plans. Whether it is Promoting Brand awareness, Increasing sales or nurturing a dedicated online community GBIM brings a vast experience to the table which has been amassed by working for some of the biggest brands of the country. Our Facebook and Instagram Marketing takes your organic marketing to the next level by capitalising on the existing content and bringing in higher conversions by ensuring right placement and pinpoint audience targetting.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
How are effective Facebook campaigns crafted?
The secret lies not in creating ad campaigns but building them. Break down your ad campaign into the following components. Objective of the Facebook Marketing campaign. Whether you are looking at driving sales, lead generations, resolving customer care queries or looking at getting more visitors to your page. Have the goal clear before embarking on a campaign. Onc clear work towards it. However, do not be fixated on that. Its possible to find out that something else needs to be done before you can achieve a particular goal. Next step is to break your ad down in as many components as possible. The image, the copy, the content, offer, headline and the design etc. Consider each of these elements in isolation and think of what best can you do to enhance the appeal of the ad. The last step is to break down your target audience attributes into age, gender, location, interests, occupation and all other attributes possible. The more attributes you can come up with the more accurately you can reach your audience. This will bring you the best response to your campaign. The most important thing to understand here is that once finalised, all these attributes aren’t set in stone. In fact, you have to keep on improving your ad campaigns on each of these parameters to enure better results. This process is called Facebook ads Optimisation.
Effective Facebook Campaigns
Facebook Insights
What is Facebook Insights and how can they be used?
Facebook Insights is a very powerful tool for tracking user interaction on your Facebook page. Facebook Insights can reveal a lot of very useful marketing intelligence like the best time of day to post, the best day of the week to post and what type of content is most popular. It is important to note that the Facebook Insights tool is constantly updated to reflect your page’s developments and any patterns that may form, hence its a good idea to constantly consult it. It analyses and reports many important aspects of your Facebook Page like Likes, Reach and Virality. It is powerful enough to point out the user profile of people who liked your particular posts. This allows you to understand what kind of content is being like by which profile of users. The Virality matrix helps you understand which posts went viral and to what degree. This can help you generate more of such content and keep your page traffic high. Lastly, the Reach parameter will tell you whether you are reaching the intended audiences for your campaign and the response from each category of users who are interacting with your advertisement.
What is the Facebook Pixel? Is it a part of my Facebook Advertising campaign?
Facebook Pixel is the single most powerful tool used in Facebook Advertising Campaign that helps you analyse how your ads are doing and what kind of audiences are they reaching out to. Facebook Pixel is a small snippet of code which needs to be embedded in your website before it can start producing results. Once embedded it can collecte general insights about site visitors, such as where traffic is coming from, what device they’re using, and other demographic information. It can then show visitor behaviour on your website including Page views, Add to cart, Purchase, Scroll depth, Time on page, and more. Once these behaviour are recorded, Facebook Pixel then helps create a custom target audience for your campaign. Once created, you can now reach out to such users using Facebook Advertising campaigns. This is called Sequential Retargeting. Not only can you reach such sharply defined audiences you can now track behaviour on your website in great details. This helps you not only understand user behaviour but also create ads which work best for such users.
 Facebook Advertising Campaign
What to expect from an Facebook & Instagram agency
How does Facebook paid ads works?
Facebook paid ads are advertising messages that are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. After creating an ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive. The you have to choose the right ad targeting options to ensure your ad reaches the right users. Finally, your ads are displayed in the sidebar on
What are the benefits of using Paid Facebook campaigns?
A robust and professionally made Facebook campaign can help your business nurture a loyal online community, help you communicate directly with your potential and existing customers, get a very high ROI on your marketing expenditure, geneate powerful leads and create brand awareness.
Should I go for Organic or Paid Facebook and Instagram marketing?
While organic campaigns create the inital brand impression in the mind of users, paid campaigns further it and make it more impactful. Organic campaigns are a must and should be an onoging activity. However, paid campaigns give an important thrust by using pinpoint audience targetting and captialise on a plethora of campaign types to give your business the desired response from customer. Thats why it is said that paid and organic campaigns go hand in hand.
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