Should You Optimize for RankBrain Update?

Google never fails to surprise us! Google again rolled out its RankBrain Update in October 2015. RankBrain is a part of Google’s core algorithm using machine learning to decide germane results to search engine queries. After RankBrain update, the query now passes through an “interpretation model” that applies probable factors such as the searcher’s location, personalization as well as the query word to decide the searcher’s actual intent.

How does it work?

RankBrain functions using databases pedestal on people, things, and places to kernel the algorithm and its machine learning process. The words are then separated into word vectors with the help of mathematical formulas to provide those words an “address.”

Note: Essentially, RankBrain analysis does not cover words that search engines flush away such as “and” or “the.” RankBrain is more about understanding queries to serve the best search results, specifically for negative-oriented queries, for queries with words such as “without” or “not.”

Why should you optimize for RankBrain?

Gary IIlyes from Google claimed that we can optimize for RankBrain by merely writing naturally.

While, if you were always in favor of writing good content, you are probably asking what else can give you an edge over others? How will you optimize for this “ranking signal?

Honestly speaking, RankBrain can prove out to be beneficial in certain cases. While, for a few sites, the time and energy you would invest in trying to rank for a query that is not known to Google can be invested in other better stuff.

RankBrain results are specifically designed to alter and bring back better results home.  A top-notch suggestion. Write good content. Ensure that the content sounds natural. And get going!

RankBrain & SEO

SEO needs comprehensive knowledge in relation to the RankBrain algorithm. Targeting keyword is not considered a long-tail competition anymore but a yawning contextual involvement. If you want to be at the top of the Google search result, you’re supposed to follow this:

  • Write comprehensive and relevant content

  • Include several keywords used

  • Serve value to your readers so that they turn loyal to your website

Conclusion: RankBrain will keep improving with the passage of time. The changes might go unnoticed but are essential to the relevance of a search results page. It’s good if you avoid making any profound changes to the SEO strategy, rather keep a third on SEO rankings.

Nirlep Patel
I am an internet entrepreneur and also the Co-Founder of GBIM Technologies, India’s fastest growing internet marketing company. My forte lies in actively lending technical expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, SEM Google AdWords, SMM. Spanning about 14 years of focus on Digital Marketing, GBIM today has become one of the greatest digital marketing company. This could have been possible only because of the trust which our clients have on us, and the quality services we have delivered to them I have always believed that more is lost from indecision than wrong decisions and as a result, we have managed to create an environment where people are encouraged to challenge process and innovate. This culture has cultivated a highly motivated team with an open approach where anyone can share their thoughts and ideas freely.


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