Video Branding and Marketing


In the contemporary digital world, audio-visual marketing is the most effective way to reach to the users given their longer engagement on the videos.

  • The video is the new age content language. It is the most evolved form of marketing, with the latest trends of the user interactive videos on the internet.
  • With increasing bandwidth and affordable high-speed connectivity, with the increased number of smartphone users, the digital video moves quickly to become viral.
  • The brands that can make strategic use of this as part of an orchestrated, coherent plan can boost their entire communication efforts.
  • This helps the companies to reach to their customers with their products as well as create the opportunities for awareness and education for their consumers.

At GBIM, our head office located in Mumbai, India, we help our clients with video branding and video marketing with the help of our expert production team.

Why Use Video Marketing?

  • By the use of the video marketing the traffic at the website increases by about 160%.
  • The revenue grows nearly 50% faster for the marketers who use the Video branding than those who don’t.
  • Video marketing changes the leads to conversions rate up to 85%.
  • The engagement time on page with the videos is 90% higher than the same without the videos.
  • Positive videos increase the ROI by nearly 75%.
  • The click-through rates of the emails with videos are 200-300% higher than a normal email.

Our Services

At GBIM we provide video marketing and branding service through our channel partners, technicians and editing agencies to which we already have our tie-ups.

We implement the marketing strategy and the publicity campaigns of the video content of the business on digital platforms like websites, social media, etc.

With a proven track record in shaping some of India’s best and biggest digital brands, we take responsibility for the end-to-end execution and delivery of the quality marketing service in a timely manner.

Our Strategy

At GBIM, we design a comprehensive strategy and materialize in the video format our creative experts. They possess expertise at the communicating with your consumers in the audio-visual digital language of the generation-next. Our experts execute the outcomes at the highest industry standards as cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. Video assets provide a number of advantages, including:


Brand Awareness

Media-rich content shows and hears you.


Enhancement in the authenticity of your brand amongst your digital community

Organic Ranking

Video marketing is the most trusted way for the increased organic ranking and thus in more customer engagement.

Mobile Optimization

Optimized mobile videos make your content more appealing and your business more ROI drove.
In any business sector, video marketing makes a difference. The B2B and B2C businesses are benefited both with the brand value for your product as well as with the larger reach. This means that you will connect with customers in their most preferred format like never before.

If you are interested in video branding and marketing for your company, contact us or request a quote for the same. Our representative would contact you soon with the appropriate information.

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