Social Media Advertising


How Social Media Advertising works wonders?

Social Media Advertising / Social Network Advertising / Social Media Targeting is rapidly growing and one of the demanding modes of advertisement. This is not only rewarding but also most reliable and trusted mode of digital marketing strategy. These advertisements are designed to target a particular user on the particular social media platform. Imagine your are located at one location in Mumbai, your Social Media ads are displayed to targeted users across different social media channels across India or overseas depending on the characteristics-match (of the user) as per the following targeting classifications:

Geo Targeting Behavioral Targeting Socio-Psychological Targeting
  • Location
  • Device Usage
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Purchasing Patterns
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Relationship Status
  • Work

With the help this User Data (obtained from the social media platform), Social Media Targeting focuses on showing the advertisements to the users, about the products which actually interest them – aligned with their priorities and needs as a consumer.

Which are the potential Targets of the Social Media Advertising?

We specialize in targeting the following types of typical potential target Users through the Social Media Advertisement.

Custom Audience Lookalike Audience Trending Hashtags Emoji Heavy Ads

Given in sync with the industry standards, our social media agency located in mumbai help clients in targeting the exact users.

How GBIM can help you in fully utilizing the advantages of Social Media Advertising?

With a comprehensive approach of using Social Media Advertising with a perfect blend of other Digital Marketing strategies like SEO and PPC, our team of experts designs and executes integrated operations to achieve the following:

  • Increasing the market viability of the product
  • Creating and endorsing brand value of the product
  • Reduced costs of campaigns via less Cost Per Acquisitions (CPAs)
  • Addition to the client base based upon the user preferences
  • Business optimization using Business Analytics (Data Reports) and Predictive
  • Analytics (Future Trends/ Statistical Projections)
  • Exact reach to the interested audience

What is GBIM’s Platform-Based Strategy for Social Media Advertising?

Equipped with and mastered in the in-depth analytics of user tendencies, our team of experts uses Platform-Based Strategy catering to the various trends and specifications of the following social media platforms. This allows us to achieve highly efficient desired outcomes for our customers.

  • The most populous social media (highest numbers of users)
  • A targeted autoresponder cultivates the leads linking them to the product brand
  • Advanced targeting using profession, location (within a 5-mile radius), interests & hobbies, past activity, and various other
  • Strategy: Run facebook ad directly
  • Ads through downloadables, coupens, discounts and free products Advertisement Set Up -> Targeting Set Up -> Re-Targeting Set Up
Around 2 Billion
  • Access to news, op eds and celebrities
  • Prefered by E Commerce players
  • Real Life Engagement
  • Branding Friendly
Around 328 Million
  • Age Range: 15 to 30
  • Gender Range: Female
  • Social Range: minorities High User engagement rate (Higher than Facebook and Twitter)
  • Emphasis on photos and videos
  • Direct product page links, landing pages
  • Direct product engagement
Around 500 Million
  • Professional Sectors, Corporate
  • Quality Rich Leads
  • Education Sector
Around 227 Million
  • Female Dominant (80% Women)
  • Higher engagement
  • Inbuilt usage of the platform for searching and buying Creative products
  • Product branding based upon user characteristic (Images Driven)
  • E Commerce Friendly
Around 175 million
  • High Penetration amongst 16-32
  • Vibrant User Base
Around 301 Million

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