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The online businesses have become volatile. They are concerned about the low traffic, lack of inquiry on their website, scarcity of leads and the poor performance at the ranking. What exactly needs to be done to tackle these problems? That’s where the role of consultation comes into the picture. GBIM’s team of SEO consultants, expertise in providing consultation solutions to a range of businesses in multitudes of the sectors like Banking & Finance, Manufacturers, Real Estate, IT Solutions & Security, E-Commerce, etc. You can hire a specialized consultant dedicated to providing solutions to your website.

GBIM’s SEO Consultancy Service

  • There are as many as hundreds of the parameters google algorithms uses. Your business needs to focus on a set of a few important domain related business parameters. Not on them all!
  • Your business needs an Expert Analysis and Guided Advice to identify the exact requirements of your business. To put in place this strategic advice your business needs Professional SEO coaching.
  • Our team of Consultants ensures the end to end support to our clients at the following stages: Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch.

How it works?

  • After being approached for our services our expert will get a Questionnaire filled to understand your business in depth.
  • Based upon your response we would deep dive into the Analysis of your business.
  • After done with the analysis we would share the detailed reports and solution reports including the actionable plans/ strategies.
  • We will then support your business unless you are perfectly happy and satisfied with our services.
  • We will help you in hiring you any third party support if required.
  • We will suggest comprehensive Ideas, SEO strategies, and process execution knowledge.

Our Speciality

We provide a dedicated SEO consultant for your business with a professional experience ranging from 3-10 years, based upon your requirement.

Our services include the following type of Consultancy service:


7+ Years Experience

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7+ Years Experience

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Key Points

In-depth analysis and Strategization of your business

Market Competition Comparative Analysis

Detailed Business Analytics Reports

Content Marketing


Client based SEO

Demographic SEO based on demography

Website Revamp Solutions

Strong Customer Support

SEO Coaching

SEO Trainings and Workshops


What is the need for a Full-Time SEO Consultant?

Due to the everchanging google algorithms, search engine optimization is becoming complicated constantly. The algorithm now uses various fluctuating parameters and logic. Thus there is a need for special care and custom-based strategies for your website. Our SEO pays a content and customized attention to your site and keeps your site upgraded in accordance with the latest updates in the Google Algorithms.

What are the services a GBIM SEO CONSULTANT offers?
    • A complete analysis of the potential Keywords and phrases for your website
    • Clean up the existing mess-up on your website
    • Providing the guidelines to avoid any future mess ups in the keywords
    • Enabling Approach towards improvement in your search engine rankings
What are the Advantages of an SEO consultant for your website?

By hiring a full-time SEO Consultant you will have:

    • A Search Engine Optimization Expert dedicated to a 24/7 support for your site
    • Offshore support at affordable rates
    • Simlication and ease in your work as the whole responsibility of optimization is outsourced
    • Assurity of the quality content and desired traffic
Why Choose GBIM?

There exist various Market Strategies, SEO techniques, and SEO consultancies. But your business needs a unique solution to achieve the desired Traffic Goal. GBIM understands exactly what your business/ website needs. We provide the consultancy solutions according to the necessities of your business.
Through our SEO Consultancy Services, we provide you with the in-depth analysis of the requirements of your business. We provide you with concrete, step-wise action-plan. We help you to make your business more SEO compatible. At GBIM, we being the SEO Consultancy experts, we provide you with the in-depth analysis. Not only that but we share action plans in a co-operative and efficient way.

What is our Consultancy Accord?

Adherent to our Consultancy Accord, we at the GBIM, provide service as per business requirements of the client, on the hourly billing basis. Our service begins at least at ten sessions on a monthly basis. As a consultancy service, we assure of an end to end comprehensive support.

What are our Salient Features?
  • We provide your business with solutions and suggestions designed specifically for the unique requirements of your business.
  • We Do this in the least amount of time, which you won’t even notice!
  • We not only provide the analysis reports but also provide the detailed Strategic Campaign Solutions.
  • We serve a wide range of our trusted client base. This includes small firms, cottage industries, medium businesses, and massive corporate firms.
  • We not only analyze your business but also share our understandings and the knowledge about the business with you. We not only educate, but we also exchange ideas.

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