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GBIM’s Global SEO Packages

Our Global SEO (Search Engine Optimization) packages contain customized plans based upon the requirements and budget of your business. Choose one of the plans which are the most suitable for the growth of your business. We would take care of the effective SEO outcomes for your business.

The demographic expansion is an important factor for the growth of any business. Every business aspires to cross the barriers of their own country and flourish beyond the horizons, into the international market. In order to target global audiences, a special set of strategizing is necessary. This can be done very effectively through the Global SEO strategy. Various surveys suggest that the majority of the business target is to rank higher on the global search engines. The International SEO ensures global brand credibility and the enhanced brand value for your business. This marks an exponential growth in the Return of Investment (ROI). Our multidimensional Global SEO approach focuses on:

The surge in the Organic Traffic at your website

Higher ranking on the Global Search Engines

Targeting International Audience

Converting these Targets in the Lead

Nurture the Leads and Sustain this Global Audience

Exponential Improvement in the current ROI

Advantages of GBIM’s Global SEO Packages

Our packages are designed to cover a complete international SEO analysis (Including a competitor analysis) at the value for money rates. These plans come in highly beneficial ways as follows:

No Hidden Charges

At GBIM we do not charge our customers with any hidden costs. Our pricing structure is displayed transparently on our package pricing list. It covers detailed enlisting of the features, costs, and schedule of the plans.

Business Outcomes-Oriented Approach

Our philosophy is designed to provide excellent business outcomes via an in-depth analysis of the international audience and through timely and quality deliverance of the suitable solutions and the implementation of the action plan for your business.
Our packages:

Our Global SEO packages come in three categories:


The starter plan is designed for the beginners. If you have just begun the SEO analysis of your business, you should opt for this value for money package. It focuses on the research and expansion of the current international presence of your website. It also digs down into the primary competitor analysis and analyzing international regions to be targeted. It involves the translation of the content into the local languages and planning the upcoming content generation based on outreach and backlink strategies. This package is designed to improve the SEO ranking of your website in a significantly short time period.


This package is designed for the businesses who want to focus on the exponential growth in their business in terms of leads, ROI and visibility. This package covers all the features of the Starter plan. Additionally, it covers the features of testing for usability, Versions (Split) Testing, and Leads conversion Optimization (CRO). This package offers you with enhanced content creation, keyword lists, link-building options, outcomes strategies, monthly reports.


This package is designed for the businesses with the customized needs. This package covers all the features of the Standard plan. In addition to this, this package focuses on the specific needs of the niche audience of your website. Our team of experts would set up the specific customized features of your website as per the international SEO requirements of your business.

Determination of the perfect Global Package for your business:

The Starter and the Standard plans vary as the standard plan includes the advanced functionalities like A/B Testing, the Usability Testing, and overall extended SEO analysis. In the split (A/B) analysis the various versions of the existing elements on the website are tested for the purpose of experimentation. The usability test mainly focuses on testing the user experience in detail.

Thus even if you are a beginner, our advice to you is to take the advance package in a first go for the enhanced analysis of your website for the better results at the traffic, leads and the business at the global level.

What are the standard rates of Global SEO Services?

As far as the SEO industry is concerned, there are no standard rates of the SEO. Various digital marketing firms and agencies have various SEO plans for international audiences at different rates. These payment models are designed as various consultancy services such as Package-based, Monthly-based, Hourly-Based, Hourly-based. The costs of the packages also vary based upon the niche, business size, target region, level of competitor analysis, etc.

Our experts of the field possess the experience and the expertise for bringing the drastic enhancement in the performance of your business. The SEO heavily depends and changes as per the changes in the Google algorithms. Thus the ad hoc updates in the SEO strategies based upon the vigilant monitoring of your website is essential for the success.

Thus while choosing a Global SEO plan, make sure that the agency you are choosing has the relevant experience and the expertise in the field. Do not compromise on the quality of the services on the behest of the low costs.

We at GBIM offer value for money services in the Global SEO. The services are designed to provide an effective solution by the experts in the field of SEO and digital marketing for achieving better outcomes. Based upon your requirement you can choose any of the packages as mentioned into the table of packages. This will allow you to achieve the better results at your business in the necessary time frame.

SEO Packages

A one-stop Solution for SEO Services, We use the latest technology, competitor knowledge, working with current trends & market requirements that gives our client better Results.

Grow Your
Leads online
Business and
Leads With SEO Call +91 9769 664 566
Number Of Keywords
Total Keywords
Number of Services / Products
Target Location
Multi Cities
Initial Review & Analysis
In-Depth Site Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Competition Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Baseline Ranking Check
Keyword URL Mapping
Broken Links Check
Google Penalty Check
On Page Optimization
Technical SEO Analysis, Audit & Recommendations
Meta Tags Analysis / Creation
Content Enhancement / Improvement Suggestions (Website Content Writing)
Website Speed Optimization
Website Structure Improvement Suggestions
Deep linking & Navigation
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis
Xml Sitemap / Analysis
Google Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup)
Google Analytics Conversion Setup
Schema Implementation for Contact Address
2 Pages
3 Pages
5 Pages
10 Pages
Content Promotion
Blogs Writing per Month
Articles Writing per Month
Quora Answers for 6 Months
Infographic Creation for 6 Months
PPT Creation for 6 Months
PR Writing for 6 Months
Video Creation per Month*
Call Us
Call Us
Off Page Work
Blogs Submissions
Articles Submissions
Bookmark and Search Engine Submission
Local Directory / Classifieds Submission
QNA - Quora / Yahoo Answers
Info graphic Submission
Forum Linkbulding
PPT Submissions
Image Submissions with Link Placement
Video Submissions
Guest Blogging
Traffic analysis from Organic Keywords
Traffic analysis from all the keywords
Conversion analysis from Organic keywords & barriers to conversion
Keyword Performance & Organic Traffic Report
Google Analytics Report + Suggestion /Plan according to report
On-Page Optimization / Suggestions
Google Search Console (GSC) - Error checking & implementation
Technical Audit Report
Backlinks Quality Report
* Video Creation Done by Professionals which would be Extra Cost, If needed we can give you quote for the same.

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