As we know it today, After the internet revolution You saw the evolution of the internet from your eyes,

During the initial period if you have a website you get business because of  less competition, People look for information through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing & the website of these people get easily ranked in a top order, but present scenario is thoroughly different,  Every Product/ Service you get more than innumerable of the website & it’s increasing by the day.

The next step in evolution, after introducing social media, the things were started with blogs, Article & forum site But now the social media picture is entirely different because of FACEBOOK, TWITEER, LINKED IN Here you don’t have competition like search engine, You can directly reach your target audience.

So the question is What is the best SEO or SMO?

Before we get into the actual battle zone between these two hot phrases that have captured the world of business in these days of cut throat competition, we think it would be better to have a lowdown or rather an introduction of both these concepts which will help you in understanding the finer workings of these two concepts and then let you decide whether our clients would like to one way or the other or in fact both strategies in mind.

Since search engines have been around for a long time, we think it would do justice to first take a peek at what search engine optimization is all about, what strategies can be used to get the best out of this and to then explore further into the nitty gritty or further basics of the business of standing out from the crowd.

In the times when internet was still in its nascent stages, people would search for what they wanted and search engines would then point to the relevant pages from where they could pick their choice of content or information. However, as times passed, more companies jumped on the bandwagon and competition rose slowly and steadily to newer levels. This competition may have proved to be a deterrent to rank the search results which urged search engines to look at something as basic and yet as crucial as the key words used to get to the search results. Thus, the algorithm was born.

In fact the key to search engine success became apparent when companies that invested time and effort to align themselves with the importance of keywords saw a better rate of success translated into better profits.

Although the study of the start and growth of social media is not necessary to exploit it to your advantage, it does help to know the rise and rise of social media as a platform for companies to jump onto and gain more eyeballs that would of course lead them to better visibility and profits. What would anyway help  you to get a better grasp on how to harness the power of social media would be the whys and the how to’s so that you can make your company a brand or your brand a phenomenon.

In a recent interview given by a top honcho of a bank and the ways they harvested the Social Media Optimization to gain better market insights, he compared the social media to bring a large party where hundreds of invitees are present. In such a scenario, it is advised to enter the party and try to mingle in a group that suits your interest, participate in the chats and then at some point put forth what you have. It is the same with social media.

Having gained a deep perspective into the workings of both of these, you can decide on the strategy that you would prefer to take in an attempt to gain in business and be ahead of your peers in the long term.

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