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SEO Trends To Boost Your Rankings In 2022

by | Nov 1, 2022 | SEO

As far as the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry is concerned things are changing at the rate of knots. Making it hard to predict what is going to happen the next day. The SEO world is full of constant changes. If you are consistent with the same, you are assured of succeeding in this particular game. You have to keep yourself updated at all times with the latest SEO trends and implement tactics and develop strategies to work your way. With the knowledge to start the process of planning your SEO campaign for the upcoming release of the next month, you should have strategies planned from today itself.

The power of your understanding should go beyond, how an SEO strategy works, and how it got you to rank high in the past might not work in 2022 is the key. There are various SEO trends running in the market, to gain higher visibility, improve conversions and gain potential leads.

Optimizing for core web vitals

Core web vitals is one of the key trends, that can be described as a subset of the Google page experience ranking signal. This is one of the many methods employed by Google to measure the quality of a webpage with the end aim, in this case, providing a better experience to the users. It has three most prominent metrics – largest contentful paint, cumulative layout shift, and first input delay.

With the help of core web vitals, it becomes easier for you to measure the important areas where you need to improve your site for a better user experience.

It has been created in such a way that it can judge the experience that a user would have on a web page. The SEO Trends proves impactful to enhance user experience and attract potential conversions.

Adapting to automation

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), a variation of the same, are being increasingly used in standard business models that have existed till now. This has caused a fair amount of distress with the probability that there could be a massive change in the business world. This is also applicable to the system that runs the world. Thanks to AI, automation would be used more frequently in SEO. AI helps improve data analysis and so it can easily help in automating otherwise complex processes, benefiting the businesses to please their customer interests and gain potential leads.

Focus on passage indexing

Passage indexing happens to be a new feature in Google search results. This is where Google draws out a relevant passage from a webpage depending on how relevant it is to the query that it is dealing with. In these cases, it does not matter even if the overall topic of the page is a bit different. Passage indexing primarily focuses on long-tail search queries and natural language. So, longer content such as how-to tutorials and articles are expected to be benefited from this. The target audience engagement and retaining their interests serve as beneficial with audio SEO.


Google is using E.A.T. (Expertise, Authory, and Trust) to provide you with accurate, helpful, and truthful information- leaving you with the liberty to make a website and publish anything that you may want on it. You do not have to be a professional to post on a given domain. For example, you do not need to have a degree in to post information on legal issues or be a doctor to offer information related to health. This is indeed positive news in several ways, but it also does create some challenges for Google.


This stands for Your Money Your Life. There may be an M over here but there is more to these sites than just money. Google says that any page that contains content that can affect your well-being, safety, happiness, and financial stability is a YMYL page. So, if you have a site that offers stock tips it would be regarded as such a page. If you are a mother who operates blogs on parenting suggestions it would be regarded as a YMYL page. These sites and pages have come into the limelight because of the Medic update.

Focusing on user search intent

Before you embark on a trip in your ocean of ideas it is important to have some clarity about the goal of the work that you are doing. You have to adhere to questions such as the value that a post would get back for your SEO company or the way you want your audience to see your product, services, and content. The intent behind the content strategy implemented and provided to the audience to immerse and get involved in is important. These intents can be divided into three major types – transactional, informational, and navigational. You have to be rather clear about the intent of both the search and the user.

The importance of mobile SEO

When you compare them to desktop searches, mobile searches are growing at a rate that has far exceeded expectations in this regard. In 2020, all around the world mobile devices contributed to 68.1% of all website visits. In 2019, this figure was calculated at 63.3%. Desktops led to just 28.9% of said visits. This would mean that your prospective clients and potential customers are likelier to search for your content and access it through their mobile devices. When you enhance your mobile SEO, you make it easier for them to do so.

Creating quality content

Long-form content has now become a hot topic of discussion in the SEO world. A much similar technique to this is one where you add relevant keywords to your content but organically. If you took a look at the statistics, they would reveal a much similar story too. Let us assume that you have created content on how to start a business. You have made it basically into a handbook that contains all the relevant information starting from scratch and going up to the advanced level. This will help you to be perceived as an industry expert.

Final Word

You need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in SEO so that you can grow your business sustainably. You have to understand that local SEO is getting bigger every day in terms of scope and ranking higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is not a piece of cake. Optimizing your website for search engines is complicated but it is still an important element of your digital presence that is full of competition. Yet, you can be sure that if you follow the latest trends properly and implement them in the correct manner you should be fine.

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