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SEO Trends in 2020

by | Feb 25, 2020 | SEO

Appearing at the top of Google result pages is one of the biggest advantages for a business, right? To be the first place, SEO is one of the essential pillars. SEO is an extremely important fundamental factor for the success of a website or blog on the Internet.

With SEO, your services, products, conversion pages will get appear in organic search traffic on Google. Therefore, it is necessary to master. This year in 2020, SEO will be increasingly competitive, and to be able to keep up with trends, knowledge is needed.

Do you know the top 2020 SEO trends?

Well, it’s not so long ago we said goodbye 2019. So, there are not too many differences in SEO techniques. But, yes, there are a few trends in 2020 which will be important for your ranking. Those who work with SEO, website creation, and digital marketing strategies should not waste time.

To help you, we have gathered these below top trends for SEO in 2020. Follow the reading carefully so as not to leave anything out when planning your strategies.

Full-strength voice search

The first SEO trends 2020 concerns voice search on Google. According to the survey released by Forbes, 27% of the global population searches using their voice in online surveys using tools such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

They are all tools capable of performing various actions such as turning on the lights, playing videos on YouTube or TV, providing information on traffic or weather. If you want more traffic to your site, you need to learn how to work with this tool. However, by the end of 2020, We can expect that this number will grow to 50%. This reflects user behaviour.

The content becomes (even) more important

Relevant content is playing an increasingly important role. As we all know–”content is king”. It is not one of the many trends ignored in 2020. Only qualitative content can keep up with the fluctuating visibility. So make sure that the content on your pages is aligned with the interests of the visitors.

In this way, you can bridge short-term declines and fluctuations in visitor numbers and rankings through lasting quality. If you and your company are already aware of the latest Google changes, this shouldn’t be a reality so different from the work you already do.

According to the recent study, “71% of readers say it has turned them off by content that appears to be a sales pitch.” Try to deliver educational and informative content to your audience. Which is why this topic remains relevant to SEO Trends 2020?

The time and turn for snippets

It is one of the major SEO Trends & Insights for 2020, “snippets”. In the context in which information increasingly exposes to SERP, offering it on your website in the correct and relevant way is essential. There are two interesting ways–with Rich Snippets and Featured Snippets.

Rich Snippets are rich information that appears in SERP as an assessment of your company, search box within the site, products, date of events, among other relevant topics.

Featured Snippets are blocks of information that appear below the Google search box with summarized and listed references about the search.

Keyword research: monitor the search intent

Most operators of online shops and other websites now know that there is a specific question or expectation behind the search. This shows the motivation of the searcher. Apart from websites, monitoring keyword selection is also important for Mobile SEO.

The three most important types of search queries or search intentions are –

  • The transactional search: “buy backpack”,
  • The informational search: “good backpack”,
  • The navigation search: “Value Backpack”.

It makes sense to answer the various search intent with the content, high-quality marketing (primarily content marketing), and SEO. In this way, it is possible to respond to the questions and needs of the searchers with search engine optimization.

Google My Business: Proper handling matters

Google has repeatedly attempted to outperform other social media platforms. For this, Google My Business has pushed itself forward and is now of central importance for website operators who want to keep their customers up to date.

A local online search begins with Google Search and ends in a visit to the retail store or restaurant. However, many business owners underestimate local directories and neglect positioning on Google. Google My Business is an important source of information and helps with decisions.

We can call even data on the current number of visitors up. This detailed information will take you forward, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Backlinks: Still indispensable

A well-thought-out link profile is necessary for a good position in Google search results. This requires proper maintenance, “bad links have to be devalued, and new links built up”. This is the only way to get into the top ten on Google.

The top positions up to 3rd place can slip off within a short time because of bad links. That is why good backlinks’ maintenance is so valuable.

Over time, users’ search queries are increasingly being answered in the SERP itself – which is where the results of Google search appear. Thus, it must be your company’s blog or website answering the question asked in the searches.

With these Google SERP Features, your company presents your brand to the market and creates familiarity. We can interpret this as a new way of generating authority and relevance.

Secure sites: one of the most important aspects

A trend of SEO 2020 that may seem random to some people, but promises to make all the difference. It is the increasing importance of making sure that the sites are safe. This is another trend strongly influenced by the user experience.

As they want to be sure, they are browsing secure pages. Imagine just trying to access a page and get the message it is not safe? It is a situation that “catches badly” and usually causes the user to stop considering your website switching to the competitor.

If a user does not feel safe visiting a web page, then it is likely that he will quickly leave the page, or not visit the website at all. The HTTPS protocol is one of the protection paths.

This is important for all niches in Internet Marketing. But especially for those who capture leads online through form, or have a virtual store or e-commerce and need user data. That is why it is important to activate the HTTPS protocol, which guarantees users a secure encrypted and authenticated connection.

According to Google itself, HTTPS “helps prevent attackers from breaking communications between their websites and users’ browsers.” You must ensure the privacy and security of your visitors and customers. HTTPS is a way of ensuring this.

Fast page loading speed: Always shorten waiting times

A quick loading time prevents users from becoming impatient. This is an important point, especially with mobile devices, and when using mobile data instead of WLAN. The visitors only stay on the page at a fast loading speed, otherwise, they soon give up angrily and switch to another page.

So the website access speed is the very crucial factor. A few seconds of delay can mean a conversion not performed on your brand’s website, and a higher bounce rate. Images and graphics can slow down the loading speed. Google rewards short loading times with a better ranking.

This means that accelerated loading speed is necessary to get into the top Google search results. Besides this tip, it is important to follow through on the decision for a clever strategy. It often requires a little patience for this.

Confidence in your ideas and long-term planning also helps to optimize your website. As part of SEO Trends 2020, you need the patience to achieve a successful ranking.

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness!

Since last year, 2019, this triad: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness have been pivotal to Google’s algorithm.

In fact, since 2018, it is noticeable that low-quality content has suffered penalties in the ranking. Being an expert, having authority, and remaining trustworthy to discuss a certain topic is increasingly important for SEO.


So, these are the top SEO trends for you in 2020. We hope that you will get enough help from this article. Always remember to consult with a professional SEO Strategist to bring out the maximum benefits in this digital marketing era.

These factors obligated by Google to make the user experience even better. It is up to your company to know if your website or content is within this reality.

We hope this guide will be useful to you, and you will be able to rank your website on the first page of Google.

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