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Video SEO

Are you fond of watching videos on YouTube, the most used Video search engine and the second most used search engine after Google? Well, this actually can help companies to establish themselves as strong online brands. Today, companies use Youtube for the promotions and advertising of their products and services. It is a fact that people prefer to watch videos over written content because videos include audio and spoken content. Search engines crawl texts, and hence the usage of transcripts in videos profits Video SEO in that the search engines go through your video content more intensely than to videos with no transcripts. Google goes through a video transcript then sequentially strengthens your ranking in search engines. The use of subtitles is another way that profits video SEO. They become indexed by Google and YouTube after uploading and improving your position in the search engines.

If you are running a business and want your brand videos to be seen by many audiences, then we are here to help you. GBIM is a household name for all types of companies, and we are recognized to deliver a smooth way to get the views and lead your videos to be worthy. With our wide-ranging digital marketing services and experience, we are always here to serve you with the best Video SEO optimization services in India.
Our SEO Agency in Bangalore offers top-notch video SEO solutions and packages that focus on advertising and promoting companies and businesses of all kinds via videos.

Suppose you want to generate qualified business from your video. In that case, our agency will help you with the best local SEO optimization and promotion strategies – liable on whether you serve too many cultures or single. GBIM is your professional partner to find the accurate platforms, user divisions to promote to, as well as those individual topics for content. We are one of the few SEO companies that provide the best Video Optimization packages in India.

If you want to generate qualified business from your video then we will help you with best local SEO strategies – liable on whether you serve too many cultures or single. GBIM is your professional partner to find the accurate platforms, user divisions to promote to, as well as those individual topics for content.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the method of improving the visibility or ranking of a video in search engines, enabling it to show up, if possible, on the first page of search engine results. This procedure involves generating video metadata that is related to what individuals are looking for and generating video content that produces traffic for a particular website.

Video SEO is an element of SEO that is used to control the attention retention and information delivery capabilities of videos to improve traffic to a website, encourage conversions, and maintain audiences. Research shows that an ordinary user browses and stays on a website for an average period of 4 seconds, but remains and sees a video for approximately 2.7 minutes. This expresses the power of videos when it is about retaining an audience. Video SEO is utilized to make particular videos get ranked on the first page of a Google search result, for instance, similarly that consistent SEO promotes the real website in search results with regard to the search term.

Video SEO
Video SEO Strategies

GBIM’s Contribution

An SEO professional is an expert who can tune up websites to make sure that they make the best use of the chances that the website of a client will be identified by persons using a search engine. We, being an expert of video SEO, do this practice with online streaming videos, whether they’re shared on the client’s website or put up without any cost on the enormous powerhouse, i.e. YouTube. Knowing the instructions of numerous video hosting websites is an essential part of a video SEO professional’s abilities. However, we are always ready to go a mile further to improve their agency’s best Video SEO packages.
We are proud to be known as one of the best Video SEO Agencies in Bangalore.

We, with live videos, make wonders to make sure that your videos are viewed as well as your message gets crossways. However this is no existent substitute for adding excellent video content, it does help make sure that your promotional content is seen by the most standard search engines and observed quickly.

As we know, video production, promotion, and advertising packages can be unaffordable for some budgets concerning other marketing resources. It’s essential that the final product you receive produces ROI and is set to good use. At GBIM, our in-house animators, videographers, and producers can manage the whole video creation practice from start to end, with industry insights and expert suggestions provided along the way.

Video SEO services are flexible to what you want right at this very minute, with assistance being a rolling or la carte. To improve your digital marketing through video SEO is to redeem consumer habits and wide-scale trends.

Video content will work as your ticket to reach more modern audiences.

Video SEO Strategies

Video Consultation
We’ve helped a lot of companies develop their strategy and advance the reputation of their channel just through simple consultations.
Video Content Planning
A little video content planning can go far away in enhancing your subscribers, views, or growing engagement with your brand and we can help you with video content planning.
Video Optimisation
Our video SEO services will place your content on the way forward! A simple strategy with end results can go a long way. We will help you with advanced video optimization.
Video Production
Do you want more videos formed for your company or brand? We can generate high-quality videos for your website and your promotion efforts.

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How to optimize YouTube videos for SEO?

As we all know that YouTube is also an important part of the Google universe, so YouTube videos are included in Google search results. It also affects your overall SEO results. Here are a few tips which you can consider while optimizing your YouTube videos for SEO:

  • Write detailed descriptions for every video
    Including detailed information under a video doesn’t seem that advanced, but it’s absolutely important. The more detailed and longer your video description, you will more easily get ranked on top for relevant searches. Apart from that, don’t forget to include contextual keywords. Contextual keywords are very important for all YouTube and Google searches.

    The theory is simple. You’re not only working hard to rank for a single long-tail keyword. In fact, you’re trying to rank for a mixture of loosely-related searches, which might or might not include the accurate keyword phrase you’re aiming for.

  • LINKS!
    According to Google, this is the most often ignored mistake.

    Hereunder every video you need to put a link in the description where the viewers can visit your website and find out detailed information! This is the best approach to drive more traffic toward your website. It permits the discovery of your company/product on YouTube as well as makes it easy to get more information on your website!

    Apart from that, the layout of the link needs to be formatted correctly! Just having your link like “” will not formulate it as an active link! YouTube will make it a link if it’s layout is like Http://

  • Use Tags wisely!
    When an uploader is going to upload a video, then YouTube offers him/her the ability to include tags as well. Tags are those descriptive keywords that help the discovery systems of YouTube to understand the topic of the video and therefore show it as a search result to new searchers. It’s essential to include tags that summarize the most main topics of the video.
Optimize YouTube Videos
Video Marketing
Why is video important for SEO

IPreviously, optimizing the content of pages of a website and having as many backlinks as feasible were the two areas of concentration for webmasters who preferred to rank on top in the SERP for their key search conditions. However, the video has turned out to be a very important part of SEO. If you aren’t presently using it, here are the reasons stating why video is important for SEO:

  • YouTube videos easily rank on Google search: The videos that are optimized according to SEO can rank on top of Google is because Google is the owner of YouTube. While similar to all other Google algorithms the ones formative rank of YouTube video are extremely guarded secrets, a video can include a level of power similar to the written text does.
  • YouTube is the 2nd major search engine: For sure Google is the largest search engine, and there are many who really aren’t familiar with that YouTube is, in fact, a search engine. Videos that are optimized as per SEO enjoy extreme more traffic as compared to those that do not.
  • Embedded video increases conversion rates: Embedding a YouTube video into your web pages can considerably enhance conversion rates. Video creates trust amongst the visitors when the host talks about the brand or business in the video. Most natives know that customer testimonials can have a big effect on those in view of a service or product.
  • The content of the YouTube video is processed and transcribed by Google. YouTube routinely transcribes your verbal script. While you optimize your verbal video script similar to you would optimize the text of your blog posts, website pages, press releases, and articles, and it can assist your video post, channel, and your website is correctly linked and accurately optimized.
  • Video content generates social signals: A video can spread similar to wildfire all through the Internet as the flu spreads promptly from one person to another. As they are so viral, videos are more often shared through social media channels, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
Facebook Video or YouTube Video ?

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform all around the world, as well as your YouTube Channel, which is the best place for individuals to find your content. YouTube is as well great to make your video in Google search because Google owns YouTube. The difficulty with posting your YouTube video to Facebook is that the videos there don’t play well. It will express your video link with a little preview figure that looks relatively unattractive. Facebook as well doesn’t permit any autoplay alternatives for YouTube links.

When you directly upload a video on Facebook, then the user’s understanding is much better, the video is shown as a full image on the timeline, it has the option of auto-play in the news feed, as well as the organic reach is very successful. Any video and boosted posts advertising you do with local Facebook video will also result in a far lower cost per view, than marketing YouTube video links.

This takes us to the ending that uploading the video twice offers double benefits.

When people go to YouTube, it can be found that they are visiting the website with a particular aim to watch videos. This indicates that your viewer is now ready for a video watching practice. They possibly have that much time to sit as well as watch that video. In addition, they are also looking at a suitable screen for excellent video watching and have access to better audio through headphones or speakers.

When anyone visits Facebook, it can be found that they are likely to be busy, using their phone in a waiting line or rushing between meetings and usually are browsing a lot on the site. If the viewer is using a computer, then he or she is maybe in class, at work, or anywhere where they don’t have that much time. So, all of these circumstances are not perfect for watching videos with complete concentration.

Facebook Video Or YouTube Video


What to expect from an SEO agency

How does youtube SEO work

If you have a complete understanding of SEO for your website, then YouTube SEO is much related. It’s the practice of optimizing your YouTube videos and channel to increase your experience in YouTube search results.

People usually visit YouTube because they wish to be entertained or study something latest from the videos they look at – this explains the unbelievable reputation of every Super Bowl video you watch passed on your Facebook feed in the weeks and days after the game. Apart from all the creature videos which look to control the platform, however, there is a lot of space for video SEO techniques and brands. YouTube has extremely large customers – over a billion users or 1/7th of the population of the world.

Keep in mind that most people visiting your channel are not incoming from a recognized website. They are seeing a video to learn or for entertainment, not to buy anything. Your video should usually be unrelated: it should add value and be entirely understandable for users who are not well-known with the speaker or your brand. The company should concentrate on posting high-quality videos that users can understand on their own. Videos that assist users to recognize complicated subjects linked to your business, breakdown news events thus they are clear or put onwards new ideas or theories associated with your field can be very trendy.

How does my YouTube channel rank?

The YouTube channels these days are more powerful at grabbing the attention of the viewers than even primetime TV – and television had a 60-year head start. Deep investigation shows YouTube mobile users are two times more probable to pay close concentration to an in-app video than a random viewer watching TV.

To begin, Google is the owner of YouTube, therefore you can expect your last money that YouTube prizes excellent video as well as ranks content as per the complicated machine-learning algorithms. As YouTube has its individual local search bar, there are some ranking aspects that differ from in key ways of Google.

Following are the top ranking signals for your YouTube channel:

  • Video length: Quality content frequently indicates longer video. Videos that go beyond 10 minutes in length are liable to rank higher as they satisfy user intent and offer topical relevance.
  • Watch time: How much time a user views your video
  • User interaction: Liking, commenting, sharing, liking and subscribing.
  • A number of subscribers: Your YouTube channels with a huge number of subscribers convey stronger right signals to search engines.

YouTube channel optimization should concentrate on these ranking aspects because they are more possible to improve your search existence and award the level of SERP control you are looking for.

How do you rank up faster on YouTube?

We all are familiar that YouTube is the second leading search engine in the world following Google. It produces approximately 92 billion page views every month which also offers enormous traffic to various blogs and websites. It is the largest platform where 400 hours of video are posted each minute!

To get the most of your earnings through videos, particularly for YouTube, you’ll need to plan for SEO (search engine optimization) earlier than you start recording your initial video.

Now, let’s look at a few of the most helpful YouTube SEO guidelines for beginners, which will assist you to have more organic views to your videos.

To get better your view you should go after the following tips:

  • The title of your video should contain the most significant keywords which explain your video in a better way.
  • Add a relevant and effective description to your video along with keywords utilized in ‘title’.
  • Set the privacy of your video to “public”
  • Add a suitable thumbnail as the user watches it first after that chooses whether to click on the video or not.
  • Add tags with your videos, which are frequently searched by the individuals. For this, you can make use of Google Adwords keyword planner.
  • Always allow the viewers to comment on your video.
  • Also, share your video on top social media platforms for social engagements.
Does YouTube help SEO?

The existence of video itself affects the most essential ranking factors of SEO: content. … It is estimated that search engines will carry on increasing the ranking aspect of adding video as customers require video in search results. So adding video on your website will improve the page rank.

But how does video help in SEO?

Video is miraculous, but as you unite valuable content and good SEO, that’s the time while the real magic takes place. That’s when you produce that subtle unicorn content with a high click-through rate and high standard position ranking.

Finally, video alone won’t be the saving grace of your website. Think about it as a series. Video gives you an improvement in rankings, which enables more people to visit your website, which indicates more people will go through on your link, however, they won’t, in reality, stay on your website for a long time if you are not using high-quality content for your on-page. Actually, this could be disadvantageous. Hosting a video with low-quality with no or little context will make your rank fall. Initially, more people could see your website in the SERPs, however, if your page doesn’t assure their intention, they’ll promptly exit your webpage — indicating the search engines that your website isn’t worth.

What is the cost of your YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is a broadly adopted online marketing approach for your video content that is used to build targeted traffic, enhance brand understanding, and encourage the performance of your organization in the search results of Google, all of which are preferred by a lot of businesses interested in increasing the service or product offerings.

How much YouTube SEO costs your business will apparently vary greatly dependent on the requirements of your organization as well as the level of the experience of the service supplier you select, but you should imagine paying within these cost ranges beneath based on the service category you decide to go forward with.

Unless you are a hyper-local corporation that has modest competition as well as your website is very small, then you should be alert while purchasing YouTube SEO for less than $500 per month. The majority of companies that work in this field automate lots of their link building, use out of the country employment for content, and only do minor on-site technical work.

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