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The Indian Medical Device Market is expected to reach 25 billion $ by 2025! The sheer amount makes you know the growing importance of the Medical Device Industry. Although the potential is vast, it is difficult to leave a footprint in the said industry.

Why is it so difficult? Unlike other industries offering varied versions of the same products or creatively selling their products, the medical products industry seems uniform. It looks uniform as every medical device company deals in one product type: Medical Products.

The said products need to be marketed in a simple yet, a sophisticated way for clients to understand their features correctly.

It is when we come into the picture.

What better way of digital marketing your medical equipment than SEO?

SEO for Medical Devices can boost your sales by 10-15%. It is so as the first place where a potential customer gets to know about your Medical Product company is via search engines.

Medical Products have two distinct client types: Doctors & Patients. The former looking for groundbreaking medical devices to work with & the latter looking for groundbreaking medical products to use.

It is essential to keep in mind both client types while formulating SEO for medical products strategies.

GBIM curates such client-specific SEO strategies making it stand apart from other SEO agencies.

Our SEO for Medical Equipments Goals & Focus Areas:

  • Helping your clients & potential clients discover medical devices suited for them via thorough keyword research (long tail & short tail) and optimisation.
  • Content Optimization for curating powerful content relating to the various news & trends of the medical product industry, showcasing your credibility in the medical field.
  • Image Optimisation aiming to attract potential clients via high resolution authentic medical device images.
  • Building highly optimised client-specific landing pages. We create client-specific landing pages which means that doctors & patients will have separate landing pages, boosting conversion via content catering user-specific interest.
  • Optimised brand image & visibility resulting in company credibility & trust.

Our holistic approach combined with our dynamic team of SEO consultants guarantees success overall for search engines. Our skilled team of SEO consultants are equipped with the latest SEO trends and techniques and are at your service 24/7.

The next time you think of opting for unique SEO for your medical products company, think GBIM!

Why Prefer Gbim As Your Medical Products SEO Buddy
Our 18+ Years Of SEO experience has made us experts in the SEO world.
Our Expert Analysis -SEO Management Tool, promises to assist you in all your SEO related doubts, problems. With The Help Of Our SEO Panel Toolkit, You Can Access Daily, Weekly Reports Of Your SEO Campaigns.
We Work With The Best Software Tools Featuring Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence For Ensuring To Create The Medical SEO Campaigns and Monitoring The Impact of These Campaigns.
Our In-House Team Of Experienced SEO experts and Technicians Guide you at every step and are available at your service 24/7.
Our Medical Device SEO campaigns are cost-friendly & client-specific. It means no two clients have the same SEO strategies or campaigns. We ensure to maintain uniqueness.
General Questions by Clients
What Is The Concept of SEO For Medical Products?

The Medical Device Industry is large with a lot of potential. Doctors & Patients form typical customers of the industry. They are on a hunt for the best medical products available in the market. Medical equipment companies need to be vocal & be seen for their products over the digital world. It leads to the birth of the Medical Products SEO concept, giving every medical product company a voice & platform to shine over search engines & be found easily.

Let’s have a closer look at Medical Device SEO importance:

  • Businesss Promotion:

    SEO can be the suited business promotion channel if used correctly. High SERPs will boost your business reputation increasing visitors on your landing pages. Not using SEO for business-boosting will surely harm your business as websites ranking low over search engines are hardly visited by users. Users feel that low ranking business websites cannot be trusted, lowering your business potential.

  • Finding Potential Customers:

    Search Engines are the hotspot for attracting potential customers. We all prefer performing a “Google Search” for searching every small thing. From salons, dentists to medical products, we first perform a search, scrutinise the said business and only then select it. You will receive almost 50% of your potential clients via these searches. It is important to ace SEO for being on top of search engine pages.

  • Helping Potential Customers Find Suited Medical Devices:

    Unlike online shopping, shopping for medical equipment can be tiresome & tedious. Especially for patients who are unclear about the needed equipment. Patients prefer searching for equipment via search engines as they can see the image, product description & price, helping them choose the perfect equipment. The current pandemic scenario has made online shopping the most preferred shopping option. The correct SEO strategies like image & content optimisation, backlinks generation, will help you not only attract potential customers but also help them pick the desired medical device best suited for them.

Why Should I Invest In Medical SEO?

Digital Marketing has won the marketing race taking over traditional marketing methods. You no longer can rely on word of mouth, pamphlets, newspaper ads, etc. You need a strong & versatile Digital Marketing Campaign for promoting your medical device company. Increased market competition & aggressiveness has made digital marketing a cut-throat marketing channel, where every company wants to be the best.

SEO forms the foundation of a strong digital marketing campaign, when you use aggressive & versatile SEO tactics, your company website comes on top of every SERP, boosting not only your business but also customer scale. SEO helps your company shine in the search engine world, making your medical equipment company just one click away from an ocean of customers.

How Does GBIM Help Medical Product Companies Grow?

GBIM started as an SEO company. Very Few agencies do SEO better like us! We have a dedicated set of SEO technicians who only cater to Medical Product SEO needs. Further, Our SEO for Medical Devices services like through Keyword Research and Analysis, SEO audits, image optimisation, content optimisation, deep analysis of your service area and your competition, is what makes us masters at Medical Products services SEO. Our SEO team constantly updates themselves on the latest SEO For Medical Devices trends, strategies & tactics


What to expect from an SEO agency

What Is Medical Products SEO?
Simply put, Medical Products SEO refers to using various SEO strategies & tactics for increasing your Medical Product Website’s search engine ranking so that more customers reach out to your medical equipment company.
What Are Some Good Practices When It Comes To SEO For Medical Products?
Diverge your Strategies Audience wise

  • Pick the correct Long-Tail Keywords.
  • Drive Your website traffic to specific landing pages
  • Always aim for Rich Snippet Display
  • Pick Out correct keywords via SEO tools.

List Out Few Popular Medical Products Keywords.

  • 24-hour blood pressure monitor
  • Medical Products
  • Medical Equipments
  • Service Plans
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospitality
  • AED Bundles
  • Defibrillators
  • Pads & Batteries
  • Retail
What Are The Latest Trends In The Medical Products Industry?
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Specified Antibiotics
  • Smart Device usage
  • Rise in the price of medical devices
  • 3-D Printed Medical Device & Accessories
How Long, Does It Take For Medical Product SEO to work?
Medical Product companies must set realistic expectations. It requires around 4-12 months to see the actual rankings result.
How can I check my SEO rankings?

You can check your SEO rankings following the simple steps:

Log in to Webmaster Tools Account —-> Click on ‘More’ link–> You will see a list of top keywords–> Click on any keyword to see its ranking data. [You can also change the results if you can change the date range and region as per your wish]

What Are The Features Of A Google Friendly Website?
A Google Friendly Website is:

  • Easily Accessible
  • Gives Visitors the information they are looking for
  • Ensure that others link your website
What Is Mobile-First Indexing?
Mobile-First Indexing refers to the crawling and indexing and ranking process of your website’s mobile version for Google search engines. Instead of looking at the desktop version of the page, Google goes for the mobile version of the website for crawling, indexing, and ranking process. However, if you are observing a sudden increase in crawling of the website from the smartphone bots, then cached versions of the pages are nothing but the mobile version of the web pages. It is what mobile indexing means.
Can I Do My SEO?
Yes, you can opt for performing your SEO. Although, it is advisable to approach an SEO agency for managing your SEO workings. You may take an online SEO course and learn the basic tactics, but SEO agencies provide you with professionalism and sophistication.
Do We Need A Point Of Contact From The Client’s Side?
It completely depends on the client’s site management team. In case the CEO or Project Manager is short of time, then it is always great to have another point of contact who can discuss with you on behalf of the assigned head.
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