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Every Home & Interior Brand must have a strong digital presence for increasing its website traffic, leads and conversions. Today, People prefer discovering new Home & Interiors brands online before selecting one. Google Reviews and Ratings, Website Rankings over search engines play an important role when choosing the perfect Home & Interior Brand. The higher ranking of the brand, the better its digital presence. It is when we come in the picture. Having worked with several Home & Interior Brands, we understand the SEO requirements of the same.

We have been in the SEO business since the past 15 years and know the importance of Good Local SEO Practice on Local-Level Business.

For Home & Interior Brands related SEO, we focus on thorough keyword research and analysis with deep link building.

We follow the ADDI process that stands for Analyse Design Develop and Implement. Knowing where your website stands and how it impacts its digital presence, your website goals and requirements are our top priority.
Our unique and clear cut local SEO strategies will surely make your Home & Interior Brand the most searched on Google and the most visited too!

Why Prefer GBIM As Your Ecommerce SEO Buddy

Our Experience Of 15+ Years in the SEO field has made us masters of SEO.

The CEOs of Company are experts in Local SEO and work closely with clients

Our Home & Interiors SEO Strategies are client-Specific. We never repeat the same strategies with different Home and Interior brands

Our Home & Interiors SEO Plans And Packages are highly cost-effective

Our Avant-Garde Methodologies will surely provide you with potential customers.

We give specific importance to Keyword Research and Analysis while creating our Home & Interiors Brands Strategy.

General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
Why is SEO important for Home and Interiors?

The correct SEO tools and techniques for your website leads to increased web traffic, leads and conversions, thereby increasing potential clients. Today, people do a lot of google research before selecting the perfect home and interior services. They make sure to check Google Reviews, Ratings, Services provided and other minute details before finalising a home and interior service.

How do home and interior services pop up as a Google search result?

Simple: SEO. Today, everything is first searched on Google and then chosen. It is why your home and interior brand needs to pop up on top Google Results.

How do Interior businesses benefit from SEO?

Good SEO practices can make your home and interior brand appear on the top pages of Google Search Results. It is beneficial in many ways:

  • You Get New Customers: Good SEO practices can help you reach out to a wide range of customers. Potential Clients living in the same locality may not know about your Home & Interior brand however, one Google search made by them for Home & Interior Brands near me can let them know about your existence!
  • A Good Investment: SEO is the perfect long term investment for your business. You can get quick results through social media and paid ads, but SEO will get you results for months and years to come as it is a long term marketing practice.
  • Helps other Marketing Processes as well: You need to generate good content for making your home and interior garner good SEO points. The same content is used in different ways for other marketing processes like e-mail, social media channels, content marketing, etc.
What are some good SEO practices needed to be followed by Interior Businesses?

Following are a few SEO practices every Home And Interiors need to follow:

  • A Strong Website
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Listing your website in Google My Business
  • Good Meta Tags and Title Tags Practices
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Link Building and Generating
  • Social Media Practices And many more!
What Does GBIM do for clients as a Home & Interiors SEO company?

GBIM started as an SEO company and nobody does SEO better than us! We have a dedicated set of SEO technicians who only cater to Local SEO needs. Further, Our Local SEO services like through Keyword Research and Analysis, local SEO audits, deep analysis of your service area and your competition, is what makes us masters at Local SEO. We offer business-specific local SEO plans and services. It means that no two salons or spas doing business with us have the same specific Local SEO Plan. All our Local SEO Plans are client specific.

What to expect from a Homes And Interiors agency
How Can You Perform A Local SEO audit for various businesses?
A good Local SEO Company usually follows the following t points while performing an SEO audit for a local business:

  • Audit Keywords
  • Audit Competitor’s Local SEO
  • Audit Google My Business Listings
  • Audit Links And Reviews for quality and quantity
  • Audit SEO Main Pages
  • Audit Citations
  • Audit The Local Business Schema Markup
  • Audit Image SEO
  • Audit Site Engagement
  • Audit of Social Engagement
  • Check Website Speed
Which Are Businesses That Benefit Most From Local SEO strategies?

Around 86% of people use search engines for finding new services and products online. Most of the people prefer looking at a business’s reviews and ratings before actually going and trying it. Businesses benefiting most from Local SEO strategies are:

  • Hotels And Restaurants
  • Salons and Spas
  • Fitness Centres like Yoga and Gyms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Consultancy Services
  • Clinics and Medical Services
  • Layers
    And many more! Almost every local business benefits from Local SEO.
What are the important attributes required by a company providing Local SEO services?

It is very important for a company which provides local SEO services to:

  • Have their Business in the same city, town or region where they want to provide local SEO services.
  • Should generate quality content
  • Should have their unique techniques and strategies
  • Should have a thorough understanding of the said local business and their strategies should be business-centric.
  • Should have experience of building and designing websites.
  • Should be able to help the said local business and not give them fake hopes and promises.
Should I target My Local SEO strategies only for Google or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo as well?

A GOOD Digital Marketing Company specialising in Local SEO understands that local SEO strategies need to target every possible search engine and not only the mother search engine: Google.
Google is your priority when it comes to search engines, but if you want a high SERP rank, considering all search engines and using local SEO strategies that are well-suited for every search engine is a must.

How different is local keyword research from global/national keyword research?

A good SEO company understands the importance of both local as well as global keyword research. What a good Seo company specialising in Local SEO would do is conduct parallel research of global and local keywords. Doing global keyword research will help you know the category level of the keyword. It is important as Google ranks any business local or global first on a categorial level authority which is equal to the global or national level and then on a local level.