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Thane, known as the “elder sister” of Mumbai, truly gives Mumbai a tough competition in terms of almost every lifestyle aspect.

Best SEO Services in Thane

Be it luxurious residential properties, commercial, entertainment or recreational zones.

Thane provides a more spacious, comfortable and affordable lifestyle and working opportunities for people.
The past decade has seen Thane develop and grow into Maharashtra’s luxurious city, offering people a relaxed, comfortable and affordable lifestyle.
Today, Thane as a city offers a superior level of connectivity via roads and railways, high-quality infrastructure in terms of transportation, water, electricity and greenery, a pleasant environment to live, tremendous employment scope and better educational, medical and entertainment avenues, making it one of the most promising cities of Maharashtra and even India.
GBIM Technologies is proud to be associated with Thane and known as one of the leading SEO Agencies in Thane.

Thane offers an endless list of opportunities to its residents, and with the number of increased opportunities, the competition has risen!

With infinite opportunities and options available in Thane today, businesses of all types are in a constant fight to be the best. Companies need to stand out from the crowd and become a strong brand in the physical and digital world.
Today, businesses’ digital presence is given more importance over their physical presence. People analyze businesses’ digital presence and brand impact before investing in their products/services.
People perform Google Searches for finding almost anything and everything, be it restaurants, salons, grocery shops, clothing stores.

Thane businesses need to have a robust digital presence that helps them be viewed as a powerful digital brand.

So, do you want to be the most searched business/institution/service in Thane?
Do you wish to have a robust online presence attracting every Thanekar?
Investing in a smart and experienced SEO Agency is the best investment you will ever make for making your business the best in Thane!

Still Unsure about SEO? Have a look at how SEO transforms your business!

Why Is SEO Important For Your Business?

Stand Out From The Crowd

Online business competition has become intense, with every business aiming at full online coverage. Especially in a city like Thane where there are infinite options available for people to choose from, be it restaurants, e-commerce stores, spas & salons, home interiors, etc.
When your business invests in SEO, expect it to have a powerful online digital presence. Incorporating high-quality SEO strategies results in your business popping on top of all organic search results. If you want your business to pop out as soon as someone searches for products and services offered by you, invest in SEO now!

Build Strong Trust & Credibility

Nothing is more important for a business than building a strong trust and credibility for themselves, resulting in a strong and loyal customer base. Remember, Building business trust and credibility is crucial for you as you are promoting your business on a digital platform, where customers cannot physically judge your products & services unless purchased. They need to have trust and faith in your business/brand before making a purchase.
That’s what SEO helps you achieve.
SEO helps your business develop a strong foundation for your business website, offering a highly optimised user experience via being easily discoverable through online searches.
It helps you generate positive backlinks, high-quality user behaviour and optimised content and on-page elements, all leading to an authoritative, trustful and credible brand.

Optimized Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

One of the biggest reasons you need SEO for your business is the high traffic, conversions and customer engagement rate it provides. It helps you display your business to your ideal audience, coming from specific towns, cities or even countries. With the help of Local SEO, you can make your business be known to the entire city of Thane, or any city that you wish to target.
When your business starts showing up as an organic search result, people take notice, actually click on your website, increasing your website traffic and possible conversion rates.

Experience A Positive Buying Cycle

All businesses wish for a positive business cycle, and that’s what SEO offers. Remember, today’s digital customers do thorough research before investing in the products/services offered by your business. SEO strategies help your business/brand put out positive client reviews, powerful organic messages, and a lot more, resulting in online users being dependent on your brand and investing more in your products and services. The more visible your brand places that are worthy for creating a strong brand -client connection, the more potential customers you draw. SEO helps potential customers find answers and business/brands giving out those answers.

A Quantifiable, Profitable & Long Term Strategy

Similar to PPC strategY RESULTS, SEO results are quantifiable when proper result tracking methods and analytics are used.
Unlike paid media strategies, SEO is a relatively cheaper strategy to invest in that can give out better results. It is more of a business investment aiming at building a strong online foundation for your business. It is a long term strategy, impacting results that can be reaped for years to come. The more time, effort and budget is invested in this long term strategy, the better and strong impact of the website on the online platform.

SEO Agency In Mumbai

GBIM Technologies is proud to be known as one of the leading SEO Companies in Thane. We understood the impact of SEO on online businesses and started implementing SEO strategies for businesses and brands when our competitors were still trying to understand Google Algorithms!
Our SEO experience and workings have become stronger over the years, resulting in sophisticated, advanced and modern SEO strategies that have turned businesses into powerful search brands. Click here to know more about our client success stories (case studies link)
We offer Client- specific SEO strategies targeting capturing your business’s strengths resulting in an optimised online business value.
We ensure that no two businesses despite belonging from the same industry have similar SEO campaigns. Our SEO expert team promises to maintain the individuality, authenticity of your products/services that is resonated to users via your SEO campaigns.

We believe in delivering performance-oriented results vai achieving all your SEO goals resulting in your organic searches skyrocketing the roof.

We believe in delivering performance-oriented results vai achieving all your SEO goals resulting in your organic searches skyrocketing the roof.
Our SEO campaigns target all important elements needed for a boosted online presence, be it on-page & off-page SEO strategies, app-store optimisation, local SEO, video SEO, technical SEO and much more.
When we create your SEO campaigns, you get business-specific, highly-targeted, keyword enriched SEO strategies and campaigns guaranteeing foolproof results!

Track & Monitor Your SEO Campaigns via- GBIM’s unique SEO Toolkit.
Our SEO toolkit helps you not only track and motor your SEO campaigns,
but know your real-time SEO progress, access weekly, monthly SEO reports, communicate directly with your assigned SEO project manager, eliminating the need of emails/calls and track the minutest details of your SEO journey.
Click here to know more about our SEO toolkit.

What’s Included In Our SEO Services?

GBIM Technologies is counted as one of the best SEO Agencies in India,
and One of the best SEO agencies to work within Thane.
Our passion to deliver high-quality SEO strategies resulting in optimised search engine rankings and fulfilling your marketing goals can be seen through our SEO services:

Detailed Competitor Analysis

  • Detailed competitor analysis helps us understand your competitor’s SEO campaign actions, its related strengths and weaknesses; what works for them and what does not.
  • We at GBIM Technologies conduct a thorough investigation of your competitor’s SEO campaigns using the required tools and methods aiming to ace your SEO game and race ahead of your competition.
  • We analyse your competitor’s target keywords, CTRs, target webpages that generate more traffic, SEO campaign quality and impact.

Through Keyword Analysis

  • A Strong SEO campaign is made of high-quality targeted keywords. Nobody understands the importance of keywords better than our experienced SEO consultants.
  • We conduct a detailed and comprehensive keyword analysis providing ideal web page rankings.
  • We make sure that our keyword analysis is fully utilised and optimised for including business-specific keywords in your SEO campaigns.

Effective SEO Audits

  • Our SEO Audit includes Google site search, thorough check-up of your HTTPS status codes, XML sitemap status, website mobile-friendly check-up, website performance checkup and much more.
  • Our SEO audit aims at a powerful website makeover targeting website architectures, URLs and responsiveness.
  • We then submit a comprehensive and detailed SEO audit report to you describing all areas of improvement/optimisation for increasing your website rankings.

Content Optimisation

  • We aim at developing creative and catchy content attracting increased SERPs
  • Our content team curates unique and powerful content for your business website and webpages improving website quality and SEO friendliness.

Influential Link Building

  • Link building is one of the most important SEO practices aiming at an optimised website’s presence and reach.
  • We offer Internal & External Link Building services for creating strong and enriched websites.
  • Our strong link building practices help attract search engine bots for working on your web pages via dynamic link building practices.

On-Page SEO Activities

  • Our on-page services include analysis of meta tags, title tags, webpage content, and a plethora of parameters acknowledging the SEO friendliness of your website.
  • Our on-page SEO services help at optimising individual websites of a website aiming at increasing website SEO rankings.

Off-Page SEO Activities

  • Our off-page SEO activities include digital branding/pr activities such as Influencer marketing, blogging activities, positive reviews and ratings, and other important digital PR activities.
  • With off-page SEO activities, we aim at building a strong brand out of your website, attracting credibility, audiences support and trust.

In-Depth Performance Tracking & Reporting

  • At GBIM Technologies we believe in transparent, honest and ethical workings, seen in our Performance tracking and reporting process
  • Our SEO toolkit aims at tracking the most minutest SEO details of your SEO campaigns, keeping you in a continuous loop.
  • Regular performance tracking and reporting allow you to view your website traffic, CTRs, conversions.
  • Our reports contain practical performance-driven solutions that aim at improving the weak spots and strengthening the strong aspects of your website.

A Responsible & Dedicated Project Manager

  • All our clients are assigned an individual dedicated and responsible SEO project manager.
  • Your SEO project manager is your point of contact for discussing all your SEO related plans, worries, goals, etc.
  • Your SEO Project manager lays out your SEO Campaign blueprint and works with you as a team considering your feedback and suggestions, for creating powerful SEO campaigns for your business.

How GBIM Technologies SEO Services Help Your Business?

Increased Revenue

Our SEO services aim at increasing your organic website traffic and clicks ensuring your revenue jumps via organic practices.

Brand Building/Visibility

We aim at turning your business into a brand by implementing positive brand image practices. Our SEO campaigns focus on increasing your website’s online visibility and recognition.

Business Growth & Development

Business Growth and Development are our main goals, that is what we aim at capturing via our SEO campaigns. Our SEO activities help you reach your digital marketing goals faster, thereby increasing your business’s growth & development.

Increased Sales & Profits

SEO campaigns aim at increasing your search engine rankings, website clicks and probable conversions, thereby resulting in increased sales and profits. Your sales and profits see a big jump through GBIM Technologies SEO services.

Our Bespoke SEO Plans

Local SEO

Studies show that good Local SEO strategies boost up local businesses by 10-20%. Our focus when working with local businesses is to get them on the map via Google Listings, increase customer engagement at their physical locations and expose them to a larger online audience who might be unaware of the local business.
We start with website optimisation & fixing technical errors and move on to optimising your Google My Business Profile. After the optimisation process, we begin our content development & promotion process across every search engine. Click Here To Know More.

Mobile SEO

Today, mobile SEO is an equally important SEO aspect for websites. A mobile-friendly website will earn more brownie points than a website with a poor mobile interface. Our comprehensive mobile SEO strategy focuses on mobile website optimisation, pages speed, local search optimisation, responsive web design & more. We pay attention to target audience elements such as user profile, online duration, website navigations & preferences. Click Here To Know

Enterprise SEO

Large enterprises have high volumed websites requiring special care & attention. Our Enterprise SEO service focuses on a holistic SEO approach aiming thorough website & competitor audit, data & technical analysis, consistent goal tracking & content optimisation, on-page & off-page SEO tactics and much more. Click Here To Know More. Click Here To Know More

International SEO

Companies & Businesses wanting to expand their horizons on a global scale need a global level SEO plan that is multi-language. Our focus areas include International Audience Analyst, Multilingual Keyword Research, Geo-Targeting Audit & Setup, International Website Structure & Analysis and much more. Click Here To Know More. Click Here To Know More

Ecommerce SEO

With our E-commerce SEO strategies, we aim to get e-commerce businesses on top of every SERP, increase their online revenue for growing organic traffic, and increase conversion rates for online growth. We also focus on converting passive visitors to active visitors. We follow a five-step e-commerce SEO process involving website audit, content optimisation, Independent Keyword Research and more. All our e-commerce strategies result in increased website traffic, building domain authority & increased website conversion. Click Here To Know More

Video SEO

Our video SEO strategies like video consultation & production, video content planning, video optimisation promise to make your audience last through the entire video. Video production becomes affordable via our expert in house team of animators, videographers & producers. Click Here To Know More

SEO Consulting

Our highly skilled team of SEO experts advise & guide clients for curating, producing & optimising SEO strategies. Our SEO consultants audit your SEO strategies and other SEO related aspects, via our 6 step consultancy process. All our SEO consultants are at your service 24/7.

Industries We Serve


Having worked with several hospitality services such as Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, etc., we have gained immense experience in designing hospitality SEO campaigns specific to its services, attracting the right audience & increasing ROIs. Click Here To
Know More


Our E-Commerce experience expands to working with several known B2B’s, B2C’s, Mixed Business Models. Every E-commerce website has its unique SEO requirements and prospects. We provide tailor-made business-specific E-Commerce SEO plans to all our clients. Click Here To Know More

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, standing at a net worth of almost 4.2 trillion $! Our unique Health & Wellness SEO campaigns prove to skyrocket your SEO rankings.


The electronics industry forms a huge market in India. What makes us different compared to other SEO agencies is that we do not provide a default SEO plan to all our electronic company clients. We create electronic SEO campaigns as per the services they provide, such as consumer electronics, industrial electronics, etc. Click Here To Know More


Studies show India emerging as the next Beauty Giant of the World. The growth of beauty products & services has given impetus to the emergence of beauty SEO. Our creative beauty SEO tactics promise beautiful SEO rankings for your websites. Click Here To Know More

Home & Interiors

Just like every Home & Interior company aims to create aesthetically appealing spaces, we too aim at creating aesthetically appealing websites for attracting larger audiences & optimising SEO rankings. Our various aesthetically appealing strategies like content, image, audio & video optimisation are bound to make your website the best in business. Click Here To Know More.


F&B industries require aggressive & solid SEO strategies due to high market competition & demand. It is when we come into the picture. Keeping in mind the impact of Co-Vid19 On the F&B industry, we have created unique SEO strategies & campaigns aiming to skyrocket your business even during tough times. Click Here To Know More.

Why Prefer Gbim As Your Enterprise Buddy?
18+ Years Of Experience In The SEO World Has Made Us Experts At All Kinds Of SEO
Expert Analysis-Our SEO Management Tool, Will Simplify Your SEO Workings With Us. Our Expert Analysis Proves To Be One-Click Access To Your Website’s Weekly SEO Reports, Updates And Much More.
The CEO’s Of Our Company Are SEO experts, Working Closely With Every Client.
We Work With The Best Software Tools Featuring Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence For Ensuring To Create The Best SEO Campaigns and Monitoring The Impact of These Campaigns.
Our In-House Team Of Experienced SEO experts and Technicians Guide you at every step and are available at your service 24/7.
General Client Questions
What Makes Your SEO Agency Different?
Our SEO Agency Is:

Highly Transparent as we never leave you out. We work with our clients as a team, updating them on minute achievements as well as failures.
We never hide anything from our clients no matter how bad the news.
Unlike other agencies, we believe in being transparent as it helps in creating solid client-agency relationships.
Honest & Loyal, Honesty is the best policy. Our strong principles have made us consistently show outstanding results gaining 100% client satisfaction. We believe in the policy of Customer is King and never disappoint our clients.
We believe in working as a team with our clients and never try to force our thoughts and ways of working on our clients.
We discuss with our clients the Point Of Action and Keep our clients in the loop at all times.

Is It Possible To Achieve Quick SEO Results?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy used by all businesses. Being an organic strategy, the results take a long time as compared to Paid Digital Marketing strategies. Clients must not forget that SEO is a long term investment and requires a timeframe of minimum 6-12 months for displaying worthy results.
SEO Agencies usually ask clients to sign a contact of the same timeframe.
Early results can be seen within 3-4 months of the SEO campaign. At the same time, results may vary depending upon the time and work investment.
After crossing the 12 months, you will be able to see a 50% rise in traffic. SEO requires patience & consistency giving better results than paid searches.
Why Should I Choose GBIM As My SEO Agency?
GBIM began its journey as an SEO agency in 205 and is one of the leading SEO & Digital Marketing Agency In Navi Mumbai. Our long years of experience have made us experts at everything digital. We can proudly say that all our employees live, breathe and think SEO. We offer industry-wise SEO consults as well as demographic wise SEO consults. With us, you will see how unique and vast the ocean of SEO is. Our goal is to help every client of ours reach their highest digital potential leaving a mark in the digital world. Our client-specific and cost-friendly SEO plans help clients maintain their budget and at the same time maximise their SEO potential.
How do I know if my SEO company is doing a good job?
The best SEO company will always have recommendations for better improvement. The company will show that your ranking is improving. And though you may experience slowing down traffic, your revenue will still go up.
How can I check my SEO ranking?
Log in to Webmaster Tools Account —-> Click on ‘More’ link–> You will see a list of top keywords–> Click on any keyword to see its ranking data. [You can also change the results if you can change the date range and region as per your wish]
Can you do SEO for free?
There are free SEO tools available on the internet with which you can do SEO for no cost. However, the accurate results from these tools are quite questionable.
How long does SEO take to work?
SEO usually takes a time of 4 to 6 months to see the results. We have to remember that SEO results grow with the passing time.
What does it mean to Google Friendly Website?
Google-friendly website means giving visitors the information they’re looking for and providing high-quality content specifically on your homepage, which is the most important thing to do. Suppose your pages have much useful information, then the entire content will attract a lot of visitors and can entice webmasters to link your sites.
Is SEO worth the money?
Absolutely YES! SEO gives you the high ROI (Return Of Investment) and long-lasting results, which is highly beneficial for enhancing your business, be it a small scale or a large scale company.
Can I do SEO on my own?
For that, you should have better guidance and best practice of implementing SEO strategies. You can take an online course and may learn the tactics. But, consulting the best SEO agency would be the best decision to improve your branding.
How much does SEO cost per month Or Year?
There is no such fixed amount. Our basic plan starts with Rs.8,000, and the price varies according to the plan you choose.
How do I know if my SEO company is doing a good job?
You can use analyzation tools like Google Analytics to see your keywords are working. Also, in the first three months, if you see the positive fluctuations in the keywords rankings then, it is a good sign.
What is a Google algorithm update?
Google’s algorithms are nothing but a complex system for deciding the ranking of the website for any query. This system is specifically used to fetch data from its search index. However, it also instantly delivers the best possible results for all kinds of queries and concerns.

Google uses a combination of algorithms and several ranking signals to deliver web pages to users that are placed as per the relevance of its SERPs. A major fluctuation in rankings occurs in numerous ways when the google algorithm update is observed.

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