“See Explanations” button of Google ads will now help to diagnose performance changes.

  • February 19, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 2 min read

Google Adwords Agency 

The explanation is one of the newest features of Google Adwords that quickly allows advertisers to understand the performance changes in their Google Ads campaigns. The Google Adwords Agency needs to keep a constant check upon the efficiency of the ads campaign because if the campaigns aren’t well planned or strategized then the results will not be exquisite. 

For Google Adwords agency to alter the campaigns for better performance, it is highly recommended to keep a regular check on the performance of the campaign. It is simply important because the performance changes from time to time even in the single day. Hence, to get real-time insights, it is crucial to track and measure the performance of the campaigns. 

Needless to say, the process of keeping a constant check on the performance fluctuation is indeed tedious and time-consuming. However, to help the advertisers save and employ time on other vital aspects of the business, Google added a new feature that eases up the super complex process instead. 

This feature gives you access to most likely reasons for clicks, impressions, and CPC helps you save a lot of time. You can undoubtedly utilize the saved time for optimizing your ad groups and overall campaigns. 

The moment when you witness a sudden rise in one metric and a fall in another one, you have to seek help from a “see explanation” button and you will have all the answers in front of you. 


Limitations of Google’s Explanation Feature

The period for which you are seeking explanations should be equal in length and also should be within the last 90 days. Moreover, you might see the performance fluctuations of the metrics that only have a significant change. The metrics with a slight change might fail to catch your attention. Currently, the explanations are available for eCPC and manual CPC search campaigns. 


How To Reach out to your view explanation feature in your Google Adwords Account?

Follow these steps to get your hands on “See Explanation” feature in the ads account. 

  • Sign in to your Google ads account and click on the search campaigns. 
  • Select ad groups or campaigns from the left-hand side menu bar. 
  • Select the date range picker and click on to compare. 
  • Select your preferred dates and make sure to select the previous period. 
  • Click on apply to start seeing the change in %. 
  • Click on more details to understand what caused the change or fluctuations. 

Explanations can give you a fair amount of idea about several important aspects of the performance of the campaign. 

  • Bid modifier changes. 
  • Bid changes. 
  • Budget allocation.
  • Budget changes. 
  • Budget exhaustion rate. 
  • Change history. 
  • Search interest
  • Auction competition.
  • Targeting changes. 

There are some incredible benefits of the see explanation phases. It proves beneficial and its scope of operation is expected to grow even more shortly with Google constantly updating and upgrading the features to enhance the ultimate user experience. 

Nirlep Patel
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