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    Instituted in 2005, we stand out in the crowd, and we’ve set a benchmark in the digital industry. Being situated in the heart city, Mumbai

    Our Optimized Search Ads Ensure Your Business Shows Up In Every Relevant Search In SERP

    What are google Search Ads?
    Every second, 63,000 people across the world are doing a google search. That's the number of people who are active on Google every second. That is almost 3.5 billion searches per day. Many of them are searching for a business that provides them a product or service. Each of these Google searches is an opportunity for you to be discovered by a potential customer from across the world. Google Search ads are text ads that are displayed on the Search Result Pages. More importantly, ads are displayed in the same format as other results except for denoting it as an “Ad”. This helps advertisers get better clicks for their ads as they are displayed where the customer is looking for them – the search engine result pages. Also, due to the text format, people are more likely to click the ads appearing along with search results. These ads are also highly efficient as advertisers have to pay only when the defined customer has seen the ad or clicked on it.
    Our Search Ads Experts Have In-Depth Knowledge.
    The experts at GBIM have an indepth understanding of Google Search ads and years of experience with this dynamic tool. You can trust us to ensure that your brand name shows in the top search result pages time after time. We do this through
    In-depth research on keywords that are most likely to be searched on Google by customers when they are looking for products and services that match yours.
    We also ensure greater visibility and higher clicks by employing dynamic search ads which use Google’s Artificial Intelligence to show the most powerful ad to the right audience.
    Lastly, at GBIM, our research helps us define the specific audience so that no wasteful expenditure is incurred. This ensures the highest ROI for your Google Search Ad spends.
    What Search Ads Strategy Do We Use To Get Your Business In Top 3 Search Results?
    It is a well-known fact that Search ads that show on the first page of a Google search results page and above the search results get the most clicks. To ensure ads consistently display in the first position, several factors need to remain constantly fine-tuned when you set up your search ads strategy. GBIM handles every aspect with great expertise. We ensure that the Ad copy gets crafted expertly, which not only fulfils Google regulations but also carries a simple & powerful message. We then arrive at the keywords most likely to be used by your customers. Getting the right keywords in Ad Copy ensures that your ad gets displayed to your customers consistently. GBIM has mastered the Google bidding process. We use any of the three kinds of bids available, i.e., First page bids that ensure your ads will be shown anywhere on the first page of search results. Top of page bid ensures that your ad will be shown among the ads at the top of the first page of search results. Lastly, the First position bid shows your ad in the first position relative to other ads. We work according to your budget using these three bidding methods. We regularly monitor this and make adjustments to ensure that your ad ranks among the top 3 in Google Search Ads.
    Let Us Optimize Your Search Ads & Take Advertising To The Next Level
    What types of Search Ads are the best?
    While there are many types of search ads, namely Responsive search ads, Call Ads, Shopping Ads, Local Search Ads & Dynamic Search Ads, choosing the right type of search ad completely depends on the end goal of the business. If the end goal of your business is to increase the number of leads or calls, then call ads are the go-to option for us. However, other types of search ads mentioned above are equally useful. With the experience that our team at GBIM possess, we ensure that the right type of ad is set up for your business to ensure optimum performance.
    How We Strategise
    What Is A Good Google Search Ad Campaign & The Best Practices We Follow?
    A good & properly planned Google Search ad campaign is one that works towards the defined campaign goal. But to make a campaign work effectively, a lot of factors need to be fine-tuned. We use the best practices to make sure that your search Ad campaign performs well. But what are they?
    Keyword research :
    Most of our memorable campaigns begin with a lot of research on the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. It offers a large amount of data showing relevant keywords, the possible competition on it, proper keywords, negative keywords, the number of monthly searches on a particular keyword, and finally, the Cost per Click of that word.
    Shortlisting keywords:
    Based on the research made, the GBIM team shortlists keywords. These keywords should rank better than your competitors’ list of keywords.
    Preparing Ad Copy:
    Then comes the actual writing of the ad. Our team of creative writers ensures that your ad effectively conveys your USP in such a manner that it generates clicks.
    Monitoring & Improvisation:
    Lastly, a robust tracking or analytics framework needs to be constructed to measure the efficiency of each ad to measure the ROI. The GBIM team continuously monitors the entire process and makes improvisations to ensure that your campaign always stays on top by following the best practices.
    How Do We Create An Optimized Paid Search Campaign On Google Ads?
    Writing compelling Google ads can be very challenging, given the limited space available. Each of your competitors is given the same space to write an ad to convey its benefits. So how do you optimize your search ads campaign to achieve optimum results?
    • 1
      We at GBIM have perfected proven tactics, tips, and ad copy formats that help us craft amazing Google ads that bring higher click-through rates, higher Quality Scores, and higher conversion rates.
    • 2
      Your ad headline should directly spell out the solution offered. Users just read one sentence before clicking the ad. If you are offering time-bound benefits, then we ensure that urgency is created by using a countdown timer. Yes, we can put a countdown timer on your ad. We also loop in customers by integrating some smart business facts into the ad to drive credibility to your business product being advertised.
    • 3
      Lastly, we go hyper-local. Nothing attracts customers more than the prospect of reaching out to a service instantly. We use this trick to get you more clicks. Lastly, GBIM does a lot of testing of every single component of your ad, like headlines, content, call to action, timing, day, etc., to bring you the most optimised ad.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do Google Search Ads work?

    Google Search Ads run on the principle of Keyword search. When customers type in their search query, Google shows those ads, pages, and websites that contain the keywords from the search. So your ad will be displayed when it contains the exact keywords or associated words that the person is typing in Google’s search bar. It needs intensive research on the correct keywords and an elaborate bidding system to bid for a particular keyword that you wish to show your ad for.

    How soon can I start by Google Search Advertising Campaign?

    Google Search Advertising Campaign is easy to design and execute. They can be made live in a couple of hours. The prerequisites are clear knowledge of your targeted customers and the exact message that you wish to communicate through the ads.

    Are there different kinds of Search Ads?

    Google understands that you might want to advertise for different business purposes, and hence it offers a different kinds of Search Ad campaigns. They are your basic text ads displayed along with organic search results and may contain phone numbers and directions. Another type of Ad is the Shopping ad that connects users to your eCommerce portal and displays your price. The last kind of ad requires viewers directly take action to reach your landing page.