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9 Dec 2022
Nirlep Patel


A complete guide about link-building for SEO

Increasing organic traffic through link building is a cornerstone of SEO best practices, so it’s no wonder most major marketing agencies uses it as one of their top strategies. In the eyes of content marketers, hyperlinking back to your website almost always improves your presence in the SERPs. That is why link-building is the end and end of many content marketing strategies.

✔Definition of Link Building

Link building is getting hyperlinks from other websites back to you. Other sites often provide resources or quotes from their content. If a site or webpage has more links associated with it, Google considers each link to be a vote of confidence for the site.

✔What are the advantages of link building for my business?

Not all links are planned and created by SEO experts and marketers. Many are created for various reasons. For example, a blogger who just bought a new tool liked it so much that she started linking to the website that sold it. Some benefits of link-building are

  • Building B2B and Customer Relationships

The bestlink-building often involves content marketing and reaching out to other websites and blogs in your niche. This outreach refers to promoting what you have just created or are about to release such as content, services, or products.

  • Improve Search Ranking

When related websites link to your website, it provides useful context that Google and other search engines can use when ranking your website. So if a high-profile boating website links to your fishing gear website, it indicates your authority on the relevant topic.

  • URL Reputation (UR)

Unlike DR, URL Reputation is a page-level ranking, not a domain-level metric. It means that it varies by site URL, not site-wide. The strength of a page's link profile is "expressed on a scale of 100. The higher the number, the stronger the page's link profile."

  • Increase Website Traffic

Having an online presence is all about increasing your traffic. This can come from websites and social media sites, but the goal is to get traffic that will later turn into revenue. Link building is a surefire way to increase your online visibility. And with consistent effort, visibility builds authority and later increases website traffic.

  • Guaranteeing Consistent Conversion Rates

If your link-building strategy is consistent, your conversion rates can also increase. Standard link-building campaigns don't have to suffer feast and famine-phases of ups and downs in traffic.

  • Improve trust score

You can earn trust. For website visitors to trust you enough to interact on your page, they need proof that you are good at what you say. Link building is a great way to make your brand famous in the industry.

  • Attracting Email Subscribers from Referral Traffic

Email is a good way to set up relationships. Email is a great way to initiate, share, and engage with website visitors. Email subscriptions make it easier to generate leads and close deals. Building your listing just got easier, thanks to referral traffic. Getting high-authority links will give you traffic that will help you make a valuable mailing list.

✔Ways to Create Links for Free with Internal Link Building

There is an easy, yet underappreciated, way to create links to pages you're looking to improve in search engine rankings. And that's how you get total control over your internal link building.

  • Local Popularity

Local Popularity refers to inbound links from similar sites. For example, if you have a shoe store and a popular shoe blog links to it, search engines will pay more attention to it than if the link came from an unrelated site.

  • Global Popularity

Popular pages get more external links. Wikipedia ranks at the top of search pages for many topics because so many websites link to it.

  • Link Context

Links are more valuable if the context is directly related to the topic of your site. The transition from the current to the linked page should be relatively seamless.

  • Link Sources

Links from reputable websites weigh more thanlinks from websites with a bad reputation. For example, a link from your official Google blog is more reliable than a link from your WordPress blog.

  • Anchor Text

One of the most important things search engines consider when ranking pages is the actual text that the linking page uses to describe the content. So if someone links to your company website using text that helps them rank higher for that keyword phrase, they will use random text to point to our linking site. You can't enjoy the same ranking advantage for that phrase just by having it.

  • Landing Page Quality

Another factor to consider is the quality of the page you send the link to. Search engines give more weight to links from high-quality, trustworthy pages than to questionable pages or websites for better rankings.

  • Landing Page

When people talk about your website, they oftenlinkto your homepage. This makes it difficult for individual pages to achieve high rankings (because it is very difficult to generate unique link equity).

✔Internal Link Building Tools and Tips

  • Keyword Research for Link Building

First, you should use a keyword research tool to suggest a variety of relevant and popular keywords.

  • Assign content to keywords

Next, keywords should be grouped strategically to create a searchable information architecture.

  • Link your pages with targeted anchor text

The final step is to apply keyword research to your smart links. To do this, use the keywords you discover to link to your content.

✔Types of Links

There are two prime kinds of internallinks: inbound and outbound. An inbound internal link is a link that directs a user to your post from another page within your domain. Outbound internal links are hyperlinks that direct the user to another page within the domain.

✔Building Links and Earning Links

Linkbuilding is all the work that goes into earning backlinks, whether you create or buy backlinks. Earning a link is the reward you get after doing all the hard work. You did everything right and got the link.