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12 Dec 2022
Dharmesh Patel

Link Farm

Useful Tips To Avoid Link Farming

Any group of websites that has all hyperlinks on the world wide web to other sites for increasing SEO rankings is known as a Link farm. Even if your content is rich but sometimes it is unable to reach the users. The reason is google didn't rank it or it is not getting enough traffic. Hence the users create websites only to increase link popularity. At the same time, it also increases the number of incoming links. However, it is not good in the long run. If you want to build up your content then you can advertise link farms. They are generally set up with the creation of a network. The main purpose is that it helps in increasing traffic so that the content reaches the users. If irrelevant sites are there Google often dislikes or rejects them. The origin of link farms came in response to the ranking algorithm of Google which is PageRank. Previously people used PageRank. Nowadays it seems to be one of the factors of link equity. However, link farming is the black hat of search engine optimization. It is because the linking of websites is often not related. However, search engines often detect link farming. So, we can't present it as legitimate in the long run strategy.

How Can We Identify Link Farming?

Google can effortlessly identify link farms while others look just like legitimate websites at the first chance. If you want to determine whether the website really has link farming in disguise or not, here are the following steps for you to identify.

  • If the content is extremely of poor quality and the readers are not liking it then it is a link farm.
  • The low google PageRank score reveals the presence of link farming. It proves that the site is not valuable.
  • The randomly chosen topic and unrelated irrelevant covered topics reveal link farming.
  • Sometimes domain names don't show any random letters or numbers. It shows no value. You can understand link farming.

Legitimate or authentic websites generally follow common themes and feel cohesive. All this makes sense and you can tell about the owners who are trying to accomplish it even if the websites are not running well.

Relationship Between Google And Link Farming

In simple language, we can say that Google hates Link farm. There are several reasons for it.

  • It first starts to pop out in response to PageRank which is the ranking algorithm of Google. Previously, PageRank used to play a pivotal role in the ranking. However, nowadays nothing much happens. Every link to a particular website was a vote for the overall value and popularity of the website.
  • If the website has more backlinks, it is considered to be more valuable. Recently some fake backlinks have been created so that the algorithm can be manipulated. There was very little difference between genuine backlinks and fake ones.
  • Technology is advancing and google can easily identify link farming. It prevents and dominates SERPs. Hence, Google is becoming intelligent and as a result, operates and connects to link farming schemes. Due to extreme link farming, Google is penalizing the websites. Not only Google, but the other search engines are also hindering the growth of the website.
  • Everybody wants to satisfy Google. The reason is quite obvious. Google's the most trusted and widely used search engine. It rejects irrelevant and poorly written topics as much as it can.
  • The reason Google hates Link farm is that it deliberately attempts to cheat the ranking algorithm so that it can achieve artificial rankings. This damages the value and integrity of Google's SERP. The readers are unable to get the best answer to their queries due to link farming.

How To Avoid Link Farming?

The main thing about Link farm is to provide short success in ranking the article in Google. However, Google is a smart search engine. That is why it quickly identifies the problems associated with the link and provides a penalty for it. Here we are going to provide you with some tips so that you can start.

  • The first thing is that you should know the differences between directories and link farming. At a glance, both look the same. However, they are not the same. Link farming is random whereas directories are well-organized and well-curated. Directories help the users to find the actual content that the reader is looking for. Whereas link farming does the opposite. It doesn't add any value to the service of the visitors. Moreover, directories will help in SEO ranking and SERP ranking. Do not fall under the trap of link farming by choosing directories. Your website will be at high risk. Other than that, Google can also reject it and you have to close your website permanently.
  • Another important thing is that you need to focus on earning organic links. There is nothing wrong with requesting trading links. However, organic backlinks will never disappoint you. You have to approach any such niche. After that, approach the question to the audience. You have to present valuable information then only you will get more traffic.
  • Another way to avoid Link farm is to choose links carefully. Always select a reputable website to link to. Choose sites and topics of the same type. Outbound links are very useful to choose from. Keep in mind to avoid dealing with people who generally have the intention to sell you the links.

Lastly, we must say that we all need to be aware of Link farm. It can create destruction to the site. Nowadays, many frauds and cheaters are taking the help of link farming and trying to rank the website. It is a short-term success. When a search engine will come to know the real intention one might face severe difficulty. So, try to be aware of it unless it is too late.