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12 Dec 2022
Nirlep Patel

Link Equity


Several Important Factors Of Link Equity

We often refer to Link equity as link juice and it is a search engine that helps in ranking. The ranking of the article depends upon various factors and certain link pass values as well as authority from one page to another. There are several categories of dependent and including HTTP status, linking page's authority, topical relevance, and other things. Page rank and link equity are closely linked with one another. Previously Google took the help of page rank in determining how the site should rank. It was the first calculation algorithm for a ranking site. However, things have changed and now it is considered to be no longer a determinant of site ranking. It is one of the hundred factors that possess less importance in today's world.   

Relationship Between Link Equity And Page Rank

As we know that page rank was considered to be one of the main factors in determining the calculation algorithm. However, now with the coming up of Link equity, everything is in a different condition. Users use this for determining the flow of the page ranking power because it passes from one link to another. Many times the authoritative page includes a link to a smaller site's article. So, we can, either way, interpret it as a vote of confidence for all sorts of linked pages. It mainly helps in passing a certain amount of authority with the help of the following link. A few years ago almost all users were acquainted with outdated SEO tactics. It was commonly known as PageRank sculpting. It means the user chooses the links and controls the flow of authority from page to page. However, this is also effective under some of the right conditions. The main thing about page rank and link equity is that both are used to pass value from one page to another.  

How Can We Determine Link Equity?

We can determine link equity by external as well as internal links. However, there are some vital considerations when it comes to determining the link. Here are those.

  • The most important thing to consider about the relevancy of the link. For instance, if you are thinking of fixing your makeup from the article on how to reduce weight, then the link will not work. It means the link is not relevant. Google also has the entire knowledge of it. The irrelevant or unauthorized link provides authority or value. 
  • Another thing to consider is whether the linked site is authorized or not. Links from the authorized sites that have already built the authority often tend to pass several other link equity. The vital thing is that it links from brand new sites that are starting. 
  • Is the link crawlable? This is the question that comes to our mind while determining link equity. The crawler often ignores page block crawlers all of a sudden. Hence, the link won't pass value. From there we will get to understand it. 
  • We need to think that no followed links signal crawlers should be ignored. They don't have any existence of link equity. However, do not think that if a link is not followed then it needs to possess any other values. 
  • The HTTP status on the linked page is another vital thing to keep in mind. Generally, the pages that have 200s or permanent 301 redirects will retain the equity as much as they can. Google clearly stated that it is smart to take advice with a grain of salt and hence it is clear that it includes temporary 302s. Leaving Google, the other search engine will not necessarily treat the same way. Moreover, there are other important factors beyond links to create the accounts if you are planning for traffic or ranking strategy. 
  • The location of the link is another important point to consider while determining link equity. The links are not given much importance; those are buried in the footer on the page or in the sidebar. The site architecture provides all the necessary steps and helps Google to determine which articles are necessary for the customer. Other than that, Google also provides knowledge about which content is getting many views and how the links are helping to achieve it. 

What Are The Benefits Of Link Equity?

Several benefits are there for link equity. Depending upon that you have to follow the rules.

  • Creditability: The main benefit of link equity is that it provides the site with credibility. Search engine like google has a pivotal role and provides users with relevant results. The credibility factor becomes higher and it depends upon the number of quality links directed to the website. 
  • Ranking: The main advantage of link equity is that it helps in ranking the website. You are not accounting for over half of Google's ranking considerations. Google can't tank the site without links. Even if the content is great, without links nothing can happen. 
  • Increase in web traffic: Another important thing is that link building attracts several audiences from industry-authority websites. It mainly targets relevant niches and helps in improving traffic from external sources. 
  • Revenue opportunities: By increasing traffic one can increase the chances of revenues. Better metrics and more revenues mean there are high chances of earning a lot of revenue. The sellers can easily sell products and services to generate new services. 
  • Source of referral traffic: After taking the helm of link equity, you can get regular traffic from the link going forward. If you wish then you can compare this to traditional models of advertising and marketing. 

To conclude, we must say that Link equity has a great role to play especially for the search engine. Previously we used page rank. However, though we use PageRank nothing beats the important factors of link equity. The factors are helping and help in determining the essential elements.