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23 Nov 2022
Nirlep Patel

Google SEO

Google SEO 2022: A Beginner's Guide To Follow

You really don’t need to know what search engine optimization actually means, especially if you are associated with online business for a long time. But for the first timers, SEO is a practice of optimizing a website continuously for gaining higher ranks in organic search results. The main focus will be on the most popular search engine, Google. But, SEO is not just about optimizing website but also involve other disciplines related to digital marketing. Some of those are public relations, content marketing, branding, coding and web development, conversion rate optimization, content design, UX, and more. The sites that are able to perform best in Google are not necessarily good at SEO. They can be good in the field of digital marketing overall.

Google SEO - understanding keyword research:

Whenever the matter revolves around Google SEO, keyword research is always the prime factor to consider. It is mainly because you want to optimize content around keywords that people will type into Google. Whenever you are optimizing web pages around exact search queries, you can always rank the blog posts and landing pages for the given terms.

Creating some SEO-friendly content:

Once you have a complete set of keywords that target customer searches in Google, the time has come to write content then. Thanks to the value of keyword research, the step gets a lot easier than expected. All that needs to be done is write a piece of super higher quality content for each keyword on the list.
  • For the first step to writing SEO content, you need to choose a topic.
  • Then it is mandatory to find the right keywords, which will go well with your content.
  • After that, it is time to write comprehensive content. Well, it has to be awesome and of good quality, if you want the content to rank on Google.
  • Then you need to optimize the content for users out there. It is one way to make the content super easy to consume by the readers.
  • Now, you have to keyword optimized the content. It will make the content completely SEO-friendly to address.
  • When you are completely satisfied with the quality of your content, take the next step of sharing the content on multiple social media platforms to attract the maximum crowd at the same time.
  • Next, focus on the way to build links, as it forms a huge part of where your site will rank in the end.
  • As the last step, start analyzing your result and ensure to make changes from time to time if the need arises.
Best way to optimize content for Google SEO: The time has come to optimize each page of your site focusing on a single keyword. In case this is your first time, make sure to use a long tail keyword for a change.
  • These long-tail ones won’t get tons of search volume but they are less competitive. So, the chances of getting a number one rank are higher.
  • Furthermore, make sure to optimize the page for Google SEO.
Now you must be wondering more about the parts of your content where you will include the main keyword. The tips mentioned below will help.
  • Within the first 100 words of your webpage:
Be sure to use keywords multiple times on your page. But, it is vital to use it at least once right at the beginning of the content, ideally within the first 50 to 100 words.
  • Within the title tag:
From a Google SEO point, a title tag is a major platform where it is a must to add your keyword for better ranking.
  • In-page URL:
Even though not quite important as the title tag, you have to use the keyword once in the page’s URL. Other steps to follow: In case you are on a mission to optimize your page completely for Google SEO, then there are some on-site SEO techniques you are looking forward to. Those are listed below for your reference.
  • Using the keyword in H1 and H2 sub-header:
Using the keyword in H1 and H2 means that your page remains focused on the topic and keyword. It is one way to notify Google. 
  • Using keyword-centric images, filenames, and alt text:
Optimizing images is not going to be that important, but it will help you out a lot.
  • Adding internal links down the line:
Internal links are designed to help Google crawl, find and index some more pages on your website. It will help them to get rank higher within the search results. It will also work out well if you can use keyword-centric anchor texts within your internal links.
  • Using synonyms and some related terms:
Using the target keyword and some variations of the same keyword on the page is a cool idea. It helps you to get the high-end ranking you are looking forward to.
  • Crafting enticing Meta Description:
Even though using keywords in Meta Description is not the ranking factor anymore, you cannot underestimate the value of organic CTR. Whenever Google searchers see compelling Meta Descriptions in organic search results, they are likely to click on the website.
  • Getting site ready to work with mobile devices:
Well, the site needs to be mobile-optimized for all the search engine crawlers and Google searchers. 
  • Use of the structured data:
Schema or structured data will always help the website to feature some “rich snippets” within your search results. There are so many ways and links available online to learn more about Google SEO 2022 in detail. So, feel free to do your set of research.