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6 Dec 2022
Dharmesh Patel

Google Merchant Centre


All you need to know about Google Merchant Centre and its benefits

The scope of the businesses in the online field has expanded with the inclusion of Google Ads. Companies now can use the search engine directly to promote their products. With the help of Google Merchant Centre, products are now showing in the search results. Mainly, the e-commerce portals use the GMC to showcase their products. These portals use the efficient techniques of SEO tools to list their products at the top of the search results. Therefore, when you search for a product using Google then these listed products will appear at the first. You can get all the information about products along with price details on Google. Besides that, you can showcase your products across the platforms of Google if you use GMC for this. Your products will get shown on each platform of Google and it would increase your product visibility. Using GMC provides you with more opportunities to show your excellent products on Google. Customers can check all items in one go when they search for the product on Google. GMC will filter out irrelevant information and bring out a comparative look at your products. Moreover, using GMC helps you to show your products across the globe. Your products will get popup up on the screen of Google users when they will search about them. You can increase your customer base, which is in this case global. You can ensure a smooth journey of your business expansion journey through this. Let’s have a look what are the features included in GMC and know about its working method.

The working procedure

As you want to sell your products thus you have to provide all information about your products in GMC. Besides that, you need to provide your business details also in the portal. You can increase the chance of selling your products if you provide all information accurately.

  • Google account: well, you need to create an account in Google if you want to use GMC. You need to create this account by providing all your business information. You can continue with this process if you have a business account linked with Google. 
  • Shop information: after creating a business account, you need to add your shop details to the GMC portal. This can include the name of your business, your domain details, physical location, customers’ information, and so on. 
  • Product details: you need to add all the information about your products including the IDs, links of your products, price tags, description, images, and other vital details. The process of optimization will get initiated once you enter all this info at GMC. 

But remember that, you need to update the product information once every month if you want to get the best results. You need to keep a continuous updating process in the portal for the changes in your products. You can change the price details or add more information about the sale. Some companies change their product details frequently to attract customers. But, GMC will allow changes only 4 times a day and you can change your product information accordingly. You need to link your Ads account with GMC to start this process. 

Benefits of GMC

After using GMC, you can observe changes in your portal as it would increase its visibility. For this, you need to update your product information regularly and keep a continuous flow with your ads. You can easily increase your customer conversion rate through this. 

  • GMC can guide you to approach your products accurately to increase your product visibility. You can visit the opportunity page on GMC to get a detailed view of this. 
  • You can enable or disable wide promotional schemes on your products using this portal. You can set up your promotional tools accurately on GMC to get more customers. You can continuously upgrade your product details as per the suggestions of GMC. 
  • You can track your details easily with this portal and you can import more details here also. For that, you just need to know about basic excel functions and prepare the datasheet. This portal will suggest the changes if needed. 

 Finally, you can increase the limit of your product sales using GMC for your business. Your products will get a wider view across the globe if you set your business domain at global. You can easily modify your product's details to build continuous connections with the customers.