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12 Jan 2023
Nirlep Patel

6 Benefits of Installing the DNS Servers

Computers and all such gadgets cannot understand human language. All they can understand and work on is the binary language that comprises only 0s and 1s. Then how will you explain the request for a specific website? The address that you type in the web browser is in the alphabet. And the servers understand only the numbers. The DNS is responsible for converting the name of a website into the IP address. As each website on the internet possesses a unique IP address, these are the correct address to access the web pages.

⮚ What is DNS?

To put it in simple words, the Domain Name System will convert all the domain names into IP addresses as the networks or the web browsers don’t understand human languages. But don’t you think that this conversion process is an elaborate and complex method? However, sometimes the DNS server may fail to translate the domain name. then it will shift the process to another DNS server. The process will continue till the server succeeds to solve the domain. It is a mandatory process for accessing websites. The domain name system will comprise the pre-installed domain name server. The domain name server will collect information and data from several websites.
  • The primary objective of a domain name server is to collect the different information related to the websites like the IP address and the domain names.
  • The information is present on the server for future use and to access the information present on the website.
Several domain name servers are present worldwide to store millions and millions of information from different websites.

⮚ Advantages of Domain Name Server

Every system or process has its pros and cons. But there are some processes that stand out for the benefits. And the Domain Name System is one such concept.

⮚ Benefit #1: The reason for the internet’s existence

Will you ever be able to communicate with a person if you don’t know a common language? No, unless you have a translator. Consider the domain Naming Server as one such kind of translator. The function of the server is to convert the alphabet that the humans input on the web browser and convert it into binary digits that the machines can interpret. Without the help of this system, it's impossible for anyone to reach a particular website. Many of you don’t know about its existence till that because the entire processing happens behind the stage. As the internet has become an integral part of society, DNS servers have become the backbone of the virtual world. Without the DNS system, the internet won't exist. Because there will be no mediator to communicate the requests from the users.

⮚ Benefit #2: No need to memorize

Have you seen the IP addresses of different devices like a computer or a laptop? The numbers can be confusing, long, and hard to remember. And this is the part where the Domain Naming Server will come to aid. The server will convert all the human language into machine language. Without this mediator, you had to learn by heart the IP addresses of all the websites that you have to visit frequently. Can you imagine yourself learning the IP addresses of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites where most of you spend considerable time. The system will also make it easy to categorize and subsequently archive the information on search engines. Precisely, the system helps you to enjoy being on the internet and social media platforms.

⮚ Benefit#3: Better security

Online security issues are not new to web users. But the new piece of information is that the Domain Name Servers can add to the security of the home or work connections. The design of the DNS servers aims to attempt any attempts of hacking on your server environment. Basically, the system will prevent any scope of hackers to enter the machine in the form of malware or other programs. But that does not nullify the security risks completely. In the present context, the Domain Name System is a significant layer of security that will minimize the risk factors of hacking.

⮚ Benefit #4: Faster internet connections

People around you are busy. You cannot expect to waste a single second while you browse the internet for various reasons. But the poor connection speed of the internet can hinder the work progress. As you will start using the Doman Name Server, you will realize that the connection speed is much higher in comparison to the other standard internet connection speeds. Therefore, if you want access to a faster internet connection, then you have to opt for the DNS servers. You can easily enjoy the high connection speed, which is also a key feature of these particular servers.

⮚ Benefit #5: Zero downtime

If you are in business, you cannot afford hours of downtime because of the server maintenance work. At the same time, maintenance is an unavoidable and crucial part of server management as the servers will fail to function accurately otherwise. The DNS servers usually have primary as well as secondary connections. It will allow you to experience internet uptime even if one of the servers is non-functional owing to maintenance jobs. Thus, zero downtime has a major impact on the work functions of an organization.

⮚ Benefit #6: Ease of configuration

Unlike the standard thought process that the server will need a lot of time to install, the DNS servers are easy to install and configure. Request the professionals to do the job who can do the same without putting in a lot of effort. The simple configuration helps people to install the servers at places where human resources may not be very strong and adept at the use of virtual platforms.

⮚ Embrace changes easily

The changes in the Host IP address are common. But the best part is, with the DNS server, the host IP can now go to the new IP address. This is possible even when the domain name changes. So, the above advantages definitely show that DNS servers can be an asset to any person or organization.