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9 Dec 2022
Nirlep Patel

Deep Link

Everything you need to know about Deep Link

A deep link is a type of link that sends users directly to an app instead of a website or store. They are used to send users directly to specific in-app locations, saving users time and energy to find a specific page themselves, which significantly improves the user experience. Deep linking does this by specifying a custom URL scheme or an intent URL that opens your app if it's already installed. Deep links can also be set to direct users to specific events or pages, which can be associated with campaigns you want to run.    

Why is deep linking important?

Deep links create a seamless user journey that reduces churn and increases the likelihood of installs. They allow you to run sophisticated campaigns while providing an enhanced user experience, driving users to your app with one click. Deep links create easier incentive opportunities. Convincing people to try a new experience is easier when a potential reward or offer is sent to them through a retargeting campaign. For example, let's say you have a music app and want to promote a new album, so you allocate a budget to spend on a popular website. However, you want the user to listen to the sample in-app, not just on the website (where they're only exposed to the album cover). Here you need a deep link to send you directly to the right page of your app, providing a seamless user experience. In-app deep linking can notably make bigger your conversion fee and retention rate. Deep linking campaigns can be tracked, and provide additional data points on how your campaign is performing.

What is delayed deep linking?

Deep links are a smart way to drive conversions while offering a positive user experience, but what if the user deep links to an app they don't have installed? This is when delayed deep links come into play. If a user clicks on a deep link and doesn't install the app, they may be suspended from the App Store instead. The genius of deferred deep linking is that when the user installs and opens the app, they can still be sent to the in-app location where you originally intended them to land. For example, it could be a specific layer in your gaming app or a page from your product catalog for e-commerce.

Why do you need to know how to use deep linking?

Nowadays we live in an era where cell phones are increasingly used to surf the internet. Smartphones or tablets are often used to buy products faster from online stores and even access social networks outside of your home. As mobile devices have become a present reality in people's lives, deep linking is a very important technology. In fact, the deep link is a technology that can be applied to different devices, it works on desktop as well as mobile devices, making it more convenient to pass information and share links that take users directly to the pages they are looking for.

What are the benefits of deep linking?

Deep links are links within a website that allow you to bring a user to a specific resource or information on another website or app that is not present on the homepage. To give an example, you can insert a link on an Internet page that redirects the user to a Facebook group page without necessarily going to the Facebook homepage and wasting time logging in. Deep links allow specific mobile content pages to be promoted and pass custom data (like promo codes etc.). If you think about it, this tool is incredibly effective and efficient. It leads the user to avoid wasting time wandering to other pages or homepages, leading the user directly to his interest. This system greatly reduces the steps required to implement customer conversions. Deep linking, therefore, leads to many benefits as it allows users to find what they are looking for faster, helps increase the time a user spends on that site, and improves the chances of profits and conversions.

Why should you use this technology?

By using deep linking you get 20% more conversions and users spend about 34% more time in the app. Deep links are an easy way to deliver a high-quality mobile experience for users, as well as increase app penetration rates through marketing channels. You can create custom flows for different users, accurately attributing downloads and conversions. Deep links increase re-engagement, maximize in-app CR and improve customer LTV.    

How to create deep links?

To apprehend how to use deep linking you additionally want to recognize how to create a deep link. You can without problems create your very own deep links. The application creation process is designed to be as simple and comfortable as possible for the user. It is possible to create a deep link at the stage of creating a tracking link.

Adjust the deep link generator

Build a deep link generator with usability in mind, allowing you to create a deep link without any extra effort. Deeplink Generator provides marketers with fully formed deep link URLs that work for both app links (Android) and universal links (iOS), reducing the hassle of implementing deep links. To use the tool, log into your Adjust dashboard and open the menu, where you'll see 'Deeplink Generator' as an option. Click Open, and you'll get a page to input the information you need to create your deep link. Then just copy and paste it into the campaign you set up. Deep linking may seem like a challenge, but consistency can help take care of them. You can create deep links, deploy them and track the results in our dashboard, an additional but necessary feature. The best time to create deep links is at the beginning of your marketing campaign, this way you will have a larger flow of users, and you can track the data related to your links at any time during the campaign. The potential applications of deep linking are virtually infinite and can be adapted to your every need. Remember that it is very important to share and make visible the links that redirect users to landing pages as much as possible.