Contextual Advertising

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20 Dec 2022
Nirlep Patel

How it Works, Benefits & Why It’s Necessary for Relevant Ads

⮚ 7 Reasons Why Contextual Advertising Is The Best Marketing Approach

Digital advertising has reached unprecedented heights over the past few years. It’s hard to imagine any type of digital advertising that does not follow the pattern of browsing behavior. Whether it’s the product landing page, the videos that a user sees, or the links that a user clicks- you need to track every browsing behavior to revise the marketing strategies.

But when you want to go beyond serving only the relevant ads to the target audience, you need to go for Contextual advertising. It is also called content-based advertising. This is one of the most effective online advertising processes that will reap more benefits than you can imagine.

⮚More about contextual advertising

The term refers to the process of placing ads on web pages depending on the contents present on the pages. For instance, you can place ads for jewelry companies on the news articles that cover the latest fashion trends. Or it can be an ad for a new mobile manufacturing company on some tech ecommerce site. The process of Contextual advertising involves contextual targeting on the ad networks. Marketers consider factors like
  • Keywords
  • Website topic
  • Nature of service or products
And then, the plan is to place ads on similar or related items on such web pages

⮚Why prefer context advertising?

Do you know that market research studies have proved that contextually relevant ads are generating at least 43% more audience engagement than conventional ads? Now, this is a significant figure, if you are ready to expand the business. Let’s get into the advantages of the process of Contextual advertising to understand the significant role it can play in business expansion.
  • #1. An affordable marketing plan 
Many Business houses opt for behavioral advertising to be on the safe side. But the process demands huge data. Acquiring such first-party data is a complex process for which you need specific tools and technology.
If your business is working on fewer resources, it can be impossible to implement behavioral advertising.
  • The alternative is Contextual advertising which will be a more affordable option.
  • You can get relevance based on the basic concept of the advertising process.
  • It is not a personalized advertising campaign. Naturally, the chance to reach a wider audience base is always higher.
  • Non-endemic sites become an option, which decreases costs owing to decreased competition.
hence, you should prefer the simple but smart solution for advertising where you can easily navigate many potential customers to yoru site without sophisticated tools.
  • #2. Brand safety
It is important to project your company to the target audience on the right note. The advertisements should ideally be on websites that align with the value of your company. If your advertisement of leather bags is on a page that deals with child abuse or exploitation, you can never expect huge popularity.
Contextual advertising has become more vital owing to this relevance factor. If your ad is not on a relevant page, yiu can never reach the target audience. A person interested in knowing about child exploitation is not going to focus on the bags that you are advertising.
  • #3. Extra relevancy for HCPs
It is a common misconception that HCPs dislike the ads. It is not always true. HCPs dislike
  • The irrelevant ads
  • Intrusive advertisements
  • Invaluable ads
for instance, when someone buys a new phone, several ads from phone manufacturing companies will show up constantly. It is evident that a person with a new phone won't invest in another one immediately. Therefore, it is a waste of advertising funds.
So advertisers should concentrate on Contextual advertising with strict vigilance on the nature of the association. The analysis is necessary before concluding the contextual similarity.
  • #4. Logical approach
Think this way. Someone is an ardent home chef. The person visits various sites sharing cooking recipes regularly. So you plan to place the advertisement of yoru product, a commercial kitchen chimney, on the sites sharing recipes.
But don’t you think a person who is looking for recipes will be more interested in the cooking procedures rather than the tools and equipment? If you sold spices or sauces, the relevance was logical.
And here enters the logical concept of Contextual advertising. You can place the ad for the kitchen chimney on the sites that sell kitchen products including utensils and tools. It is more logical to find potential customers there.
  • #5. Avoid the creepy targeting
What do you feel when you browse a few online stores and immediately start seeing similar ads on your Facebook or Instagram profile? Don’t you feel someone is talking to you constantly over the internet? This feeling is creepy and will often scare away target customers from visiting your site.
Relevance is necessary. But not at the cost of creeping the audience out. Implementation of Contextual advertising will help in accomplishing this task.
  • A user won't feel that an ad is continuously following the person ever since they have started visiting some relevant website.
  • Even if the user feels that the ad is literally following the person, the relevance will bring about a positive feeling.
Context advertising makes things appear more naturally related than artificially.
  • #6. Measurable
Marketers are happy to use Contextual advertising because it gives a very statistical way to calculate the revenue generated from the ads.
  • It's possible to display the ads to people of a certain demographic location.
  • The choice of demography should be accurate
  • The process helps to ascertain the timeline in terms of months, hours, and other parameters of time.
Such patterns are excellent for web marketers to measure development.
  • #7. User satisfaction
Nothing can beat the prosperity of a business if you have a satisfied customer base. The method of Contextual advertising allows users to procure information about exactly the things they are looking for.
It's like the marketer who is reading their minds and leading them to the relevant platforms. As the focus is always on what the customer needs or looks for, customer satisfaction is inevitable.
Thus, if you really make a mark with the ads on the Internet, go for context advertising.