Branded Keywords

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23 Nov 2022
Dharmesh Patel

Branded Keywords

What Are Branded Keywords And How To Track Them

Many words are used when a person initiates a search on the internet. If it includes a name of a company brand it is called branded keywords. The keyword is the name of a company, brand, or business name. This is also called a branded search.

How It Works

Branded keywords show the type of user questions when initiating a request on a search engine. The user here knows what they are searching for. They are aware of a brand name or the name of a product and company when looking through the search engine. It is a direct query for a particular website or online store. The same website should feature among the top results shown by the search engine. The actual website ranking should match the results to feature on the first page.

Do They Matter

A user types in branded keywords for a particular website or online company. The company must reach out to the user as well. It is possible when the search engine shows the same website on the top results page. This may not happen every time. Here are some reasons branded keywords may fail to fetch the same website on the search engine’s top results page.

  • A website is not indexed. 
  • The company or brand name has not been promoted online. 
  • It can happen if the brand search name is not been mentioned on the website. 
  • The SEO or search engine optimization of the website is ineffective or lacking.
  • This happens when there are several brand names under one company name. 
  • The branded search does not show results for a website if another website has the same name. 
  • When a website is using an acronym for its brand or company name used by another company SEO results can be affected. 

This means that for all the reasons above, the use of branded keywords may be ineffective in finding the right website. The website may also lose its online traffic to its competing brands and companies who are gaining more visibility at its expense.

How To Track

Tracking branded keywords is a process of gaining more online traffic and enhanced search engine results. The question that arises is how to track branded keywords and what is the process of using these. Here is how one can track these keywords.

  • There are online tools that can locate branded searches on some of the biggest search engines in use at present.  
  • A company can choose a particular search engine and focus on finding branded searches in its name and the search engine will locate them accurately. 
  • Social media analytics can provide detailed insight into the engagement of a company website across different platforms. Tracking social media sites give a lot of information on branded searches. 
  • Social listening is a very effective method of tracking branded keywords. It is an online software tool that manages the engagement rate of your branded searches. It also provides related data with it. It helps a company manage its online content and keywords with accuracy. 


Branded keywords are useful for website visibility and enhanced online traffic. But how much of it affects the business of a brand or company? Let us understand that.

  • Enhanced SERP Visibility – SERP means Search Engine Results Page. Higher visibility of a website means a higher rank of its placement on the results page of the search engine. 
  • Organic Traffic – This refers to the natural flow of visitors to a website who come on their own. they are genuinely searching with branded keywords so that they can reach their choice of website without wasting time. 
  • Conversion Rates – Every business site and online store is looking to do more business. A constant effort through SEO is made to turn each visit into a conversion that will end with a purchase. The chance of this with the use of branded searches is more because they are genuinely searching for a brand and its product. 
  • Marketing Techniques Improvement – Data analysis of branded searches provides insight into the trends of times, what people like, and their requirements. With the correct use of data on branded searches, companies can make alterations in their website content and approach to business. It can be more suitable to enhance brand acceptance among consumers. 


Branded keywords are a unique method of gaining visibility among buyers of particular products from a company. Prudent use of optimized content can bring in genuine and interested patrons to your website. The popularity and publicity of branded keywords increase in the same way as the content of the website.