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17 Nov 2022
Dharmesh Patel


Everything you need to know about SEO Tips for Your Website Banner

In a world where uncountable ads compete against each other, standing out from the crowd has become more challenging and tough than ever. When it comes to digital marketing and banner advertising, you have to be sure that your ads appear unique while sending a clear message. Banner advertising is not just about designing unique and exceptional ads. Search engine optimization (SEO) also plays a crucial role in creating website banner ads. Working on these can help attract more customers, increase your click-through rate (CTR) and have better search engine rankings. Let’s look into some SEO tips for your improving website banner.
  • Use the Right Keywords: Research and planning are the first essential step to successful SEO. To upgrade your e-commerce website banner, you need to plan ahead of time and understand which keywords you should use that are connected to your product or service for the message on your banner. For instance, imagine a scenario where your business sells unisex formal shoes. In that case, the keywords you can use for your e-commerce website banner include Leather shoes for men/women, Formal shoes, Office shoes, etc. Find out the keywords your audiences are most commonly using on Google.
  • Optimize Alt Tags and Image File Names: The file name of the image of your website banner is also an essential factor for SEO. If you save it with any random name and upload it on your landing page, search engine bots will not be able to search and identify the relevancy of your image to the search terms that potential buyers are searching on the search engines. The main cause why file names should be descriptive is because search engine bots “read” the image through the alt tags and file names. 
  • Prominent Call to Action (CTA) Buttons: The reason for your website banner will become meaningless if your target customers did not take action. To ignore this, be sure to include prominent CTA buttons. By doing so you will catch their attention and nudge them to do something. 
  • Use Color Psychology: Color psychology is another important approach you can take for improving banner ads on your website. Many owners of websites use this SEO strategy to attract targeted customers’ attention and encourage them to take action. When using color psychology, use the colors for your branding from the design of your logo to other collaterals that represent your company and the nature of your industry or brand. For example: 
  • Red – Excitement, Love
  • Orange – Confidence, Sociability
  • Yellow – Creativity, Happiness
  • Green – Nature, Quality 
  • Blue – Trust, Peace
  • White – Clean, Simplicity 
  • Brown – Strength, Reliability
  • Black – Formality, Sophisticated
  • Purple – Luxury, Royalty
  • E-commerce Website Optimization for Mobile Use: Mobile phones are convenient to carry anywhere, which is why more people are using them in their daily lives for several purposes, from shopping for their needs to listening to music. It is no more a surprising element, given that mobile device users will account for 54.4% of web traffic in the coming years. That many people could include your potential clients, which is why mobile-friendly e-commerce websites are essential, especially for banner ads. 
  • Update Your Banner Regularly: SEO is evolving constantly. What Google considers an insignificant ranking signal today may turn out to be a significant game-changer for your search engine rankings in the coming days. In that case, you have to determine whether your banners are properly optimized for search engines. Optimize your e-commerce website banners frequently. The ideal time to do so is when Google releases new significant improvements and updates. Another cause to constantly optimize your banners is to upgrade rankings.
  • Social Proof: It is a social and psychological concept that refers to some actions that people are following. According to this phenomenon, if most people behave in a certain way, others too are more likely to follow suit. Perfect examples of social proof include social media posts from public figures or celebrities, recommendations, testimonials, and certifications. In the context of banner advertising and digital marketing, social proof is also applicable. One right way to develop your credibility is by adding testimonials to your website banners. People who spot positive feedback testimonials on your banner might find your brand more trustworthy and believable.
  • Monitoring Performance: Analyzing customers’ actions and monitoring the website performance when customers browse through your e-commerce website is another SEO tip that can help improve your banner. You can do this by simply using tools to check and study the heat maps. The heat maps are the areas of a website that people click on once they land on a web page. You will be able to see whether they are clicking somewhere else or directly on the CTA and know which area has the most interaction in each session. 


SEO is vital for websites. Always optimize your website banner SEO to upgrade your CTR. Aim for what the user wants. Don’t stop upgrading your banners. Find the magical number for how many times a customer should see your banner. Your hard work will pay off in the long run once you have built your goodwill and grown an audience.