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16 Nov 2022
Nirlep Patel

Anchor Text

5 valuable tips to optimize anchor text for increasing SEO functions

You might click different linked texts to reach another page when you visit a site. These related texts are generally created through Anchor text. Therefore, in essence, these texts or anchors can join two separate web pages through the links and that’s how it got its name as the anchor. You can easily find anchors on any website, available in different colors. You might have seen it blue as most web page links are in that color. But, some websites use other colors such as yellow, red, or black in their anchors to join separate attributes to the pages. Besides this, these texts are also included in the web pages to add a download option. Hence, you can click the anchor to download a file from the web pages. Therefore, the application of anchors in the web page design and functioning is wide. You can also see the link associated with the anchors when you point the mouse there. Nowadays, SEO practices are widely common in all marketing companies. Companies want to show their pages on the top of the search engine. Hence, these anchors are helping the web pages to improve their indexing and pop up in the top position in the search engine. You can use anchors in form of keywords of different types. Sometimes you can get an exact match of the keyword or sometimes you can use other words associated with the keywords to include anchors. Overall, you can get your website at the top of the search engine if you use these anchors rationally.

# tip 1: use limited words

Before you put the keywords, you have to check the density of the keywords and the ranking of the keyword in the search engine. The crawler of the search engine would read the keywords and index the content as per its relevance.
  • Using an exact match keyword in the content can increase the SEO ranking of the page. The crawler would index the page at the top because of its usefulness.
  • Hence, you have to use the keywords rationally by researching everything in detail. Anchors should be used in the proper areas where you need to highlight your content.
  • Using excess keywords as anchors can get your web page in trouble as the percentage of spam will increase abruptly. You can focus on using the exact keywords and branded keywords to improve your content visibility.

# tip 2: optimize surrounded texts

When you use SEO for writing content, you have to use anchor words or keywords in your content. On popular websites, you can see the anchor words are mentioned in the content smartly. The writer or the generator of the content did not use the entire anchor words in one sentence.
  • Rather, the application of the anchor words should be subtle. In a broader view, you need to use the anchor words along with other others to make a proper sentence.
  • Therefore, the readability of your content will get improved and you can use the anchor words in the proper place of your content. You should avoid making the sentences complicated using the anchor words.
  • The crawler would read the content easily if you put the keywords in a simple and useful way. Hence, you should always focus on surrounding words along with the main anchor words.

# tip 3: use only relevant words

In web content, the website, which has the most relevant content, would get more views because of anchor words. The users would visit the page in search of the content and they will leave the page if they do not find any useful content on the same platform.
  • Therefore, you need to use the relevant words to justify your anchor words. You can use synonyms of the anchor words to avoid placing the same anchor words everywhere in the content.
  • You need to use the anchor words in the content at the beginning and at the end to get optimal indexing of the content. The readability score of your content must be high to get a simple look at your content.

# tip 4: focus on links

Links play the most crucial role in managing the content for SEO practices. The crawler will evaluate the links associated with the anchor words for indexing. You have to remember that you should only put the links, which are valid and appropriate for the content.
  • You can use the links of the business pages or blogs to get a more clear perception of the content. You should always avoid using random page links in your anchor words.
  • Sometimes the search engine penalizes web pages that use fake links to create useful impacts. Interestingly, the content that uses too many links gets this penalty.

# tip 5: use ALT tags correctly

For images, alt tags are used when the page is not responding properly. The users can read what is in the picture through the alt tags. Hence, SEO experts use the anchor words in the alt tags to get more highlights from the search engine crawler.
  • You need to use the anchor words in the alt tags so that the crawler can read the images. The crawler would improve the indexing of the content through this.
  • You need to use the anchor words to explain the images for alt tags. Hence, the users can read the content despite the improper loading of the page.
Finally, the application of the anchor words should be used rationally as per the need of the content. You can use dense anchors if your content is related to promotional. Otherwise, you can use minimal anchors for other genres of content.