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Indian real estate market has come a long way from Print Advertisements. Real estate advertisements that appears on magazines, newspapers and pamphlets feature key aspects of the property with the expectation that buyers will come and enquire which in turn help the realtors to target prospects based on lifestyle choice due to wider reach and thus catch the prospects attention.

However, industry experts suggests that House Hunters and Home Buyers have increasingly become digital and rely on Online platforms to find their perfect property. These days most of the people uses online portal for renting out properties as it eliminates the concept of middlemen. Still the share of online property business in the overall realty market in the country is pretty small, which makes it clear that digital marketing for real estate will be a very important growth driver

With a vast experience of 11 years, GBIM provides digital marketing services for real estate. We offer expert services in everything digital including SEO, PPC, SEM, advertising, content, social media . Whether you are an estate agency selling villa or a company specializing in commercial sales or lets, GBIM, will build, optimize and promote your real estate business online. We build quality websites for the real estate industry, including mobile sites and social media pages. Using Webmaster and other cutting edge tools, GBIM can create and design beautiful and responsive websites you desire to reflect your real estate company. If you are interested in finding out more about our real estate marketing services, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

We are well-known real estate SEO consultants. Our expert industry-driven insights will help you enhance your brand presence, boost enquiries & ROI.

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