ATMA is a Mumbai based NGO, founded in 2007 by two women Hayley (Lee) Bolding and Adrienne van Dok who initially came to India as AISEC interns
They saw a need for professional assistance for NGOs, and built the organization around a vision for quality education for all children in India. Executive Director Mary Ellen Matsui joined Atma in 2008, originally as a volunteer working with an education NGO in Mumbai.
Atma works to address the issue of quality education for underprivileged children and young adults through a unique consultancy model.
Combining consultancy, training and skilled volunteers, the Atma Model allows Atma Partners to look beyond their day to day resource constraints and maximise their impacts in the educational sector.


1. Few but generic and highly competitive : NGO accelerator in India, NGO in Mumbai, NGO career Opportunities
2. Website continuously hacked due to security issue.
3. Having Google Grants of 10,000$ but it was not utilized professionally.


When we started SEO for ATMA, their site was un-optimized. We accepted the challenge and started off with an extensive keyword research to choose some highly relevant keywords. Our SEO team finalized some keywords and used them to suggest different sets of anchor texts which were later used by our off-page team to improve the link popularity of the website using different sets of anchor text suggested by SEO team. All links were generated in conformation to our stringent quality guidelines. Over several months, we optimized the site in terms of the Meta tags, page content, and internal page structure, and even helped them with article and blog writing.
The most important step was to identify and clean the website of all the technical issues which the search engines consider as a spam technique,
which resulted in gaining top rankings for some keywords on Google within few months. like NGO accelerator in India, NGO in Mumbai, NGO career Opportunities


  • Organic Result Increased by 30%
  • Google granted them around $10k for making the most of it for Google Ads, out of whichnot even half were used, But GBIM has helped them spend maximum (through this increased traffic and increased conversion lies)
  • by using it for Google Ads, Now the amount used by us is around $9.5K JU Google Ads


This client was extremely pleased with the results of after witnessing such a stupendous improvement, The CEO of ATMA has also appreciated us ” Thank you so much for all your work for Atma! The SEO and PPC campaigns have been much more successful since GBIM took over and I know Chirag has enjoyed working with you Many thanks! Glad to continue the contract.

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