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Remarket to your website visitors across the internet & convert lost visitors to customers.

What is Remarketing?

In layman’s terms, remarketing means attracting customers to your product or website and encourage them to take an action if they hadn’t done it the first time. Websites record data of users who visit but do complete the desired action. The action could be buying a product or taking a survey, etc. Effective remarketing strategies target these visitors through email marketing or social media marketing and remind them of your products and services. This can be done for short-term or for a long term.

We can help you reach out to this audience and encourage them to contact you since you have the products or services that they were looking for in the first place. We have new and innovative content that will help catch your customers’ attention and drive them towards your website.

What Types of Remarketing Can I Use?


Proven Page Structures

With our software, you get page structures to work which have proven to be extremely useful. We have kept in mind industry-wide best practices while designing these pages.

Be Live Quickly

With our software, you can be testing your landing within 5 days. You don’t have to wait for the entire website to be newly created to test the landing page.


A/B Testing

Getting a landing page live is only the first step. Since traffic can come from various sources to the landing page, it’s important to identify which source is driving and which are lagging. Performing A/B testing ensures continual improvement.

Custom Designs

The structure is designed keeping your unique customization in mind.


Promotion Overlays

Features like exit overlays and top banner are built in to improve secondary call to action if primary is missed.

Scale Quickly

You can quickly duplicate to other products and locations.

Expand PPC Profitably

With the use of scalable pages, fresh campaigns for e.g. locations will produce better results.

Eye Tracking Studies

Eye tracking software is used to pass all designs.

Build Relationships

The auto email feature helps in instantly reaching out to responders and helps in building relations.

Why Use an Agency for Remarketing?

We manage a large client base, with monthly Adwords budgets from 1 Lakh to 50 Lakh. Our annual Adwords budget is over 10 Crore. Our clients range from small enterprises to FTSE listed corporations.

We not only provide comprehensive Adwords audit findings but also suggest methods for Conversion Rate Optimization.

We are a partner with Google Adwords. Through the Google Adwords partner program, Google connects us with small, medium and large businesses which need help with their online advertising campaigns. Apart from Adwords expertise, Google partners provide end to end ad campaign management, exhaustive analysis, dedicated customer support and tips to advertisers to make their ad campaigns more effective. As a testimony to our skills, we were ranked second in the recent Google partner competition as a privileged partner we have access to new features from Google before anyone else.

Simplifying Adwords

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Why Work with GBIM?

GBIM manages over ₹ 5 Crores on Adwords from all kinds of enterprises on a yearly basis. Whether you own a Private Limited Company or a small firm, our Adwords process will suit your needs. It doesn’t matter which kind of business you own, we’ll help you in accelerating your growth online. We have extensive experience with AdWords, providing services to all kinds of organizations.

We will present your audit to you and create comprehensive reports. The reports will include Adwords findings and conversion rate optimization ideas.

GBIM is a Google AdWords Partner. Our Adwords Program brings together Google’s experienced and trusted Adwords partners with larger, medium and small-sized enterprises that need assistance with optimizing, managing and creating their advertising campaigns over the internet.

Besides extensive Adwords expertise, we offer detailed reporting, full-service campaign management, broad marketing guidance, and face to face customer support to assist advertisers to gain the most from their advertising campaigns. GBIM manages Adwords budgets starting from ₹ 30K to ₹ 30 Lakhs every month.

In total, with us, you’ll not only get help in enhancing your online presence but you’ll also get to create powerful online campaigns with in-depth research. Our reports will help you in finding out all the insights regarding your market and create strategies accordingly.

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