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Social Media Marketing & Advertising Outsourcing

Whether you are a rapidly growing digital agency that is unable to keep up with the growing number of clients or a small business that wants to create a memorable social media presence without investing much effort then Social Media Management Outsourcing is for you.

When you task a specialised Agency to offer Social Media Management services to you or to your client on your behalf then it is called Social Media Management Outsourcing. It is also called as White Label Outsourcing, because agencies offer these services to your clients under your brand name.

GBIM offers Social Media Management Outsourcing services to more than 75 satisfied clients from across the world. You gain instant access to our more than 18+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. GBIM is a Certified Partner of various Social Media platforms with access to the best bidding strategies, AI and ML tools that help us provide you with winning campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

As your Social Media Management Outsourcing partner, we consider ourselves as an extension of your marketing team and work towards achieving your marketing goals with our expertise and unmatched service commitments. GBIM helps you with Outsourced Social Media Management services which are cutting edge as well as scalable.

Why Prefer GBIM As Your Social Media Marketing & Advertising Outsourcing Buddy

Proven methodologies
We combine proven methods with innovative ideas to provide a high yielding campaign every time.

Google and Facebook Certified experts
All our team members are Social Media Certified experts with a rich experience of successful campaigns.

Cost Effective Solutions
Our expertise lies in providing a solution which is well within your planned budget

GBIM offers flexibility and scalability within a short period of time to best suit your business requirements

White label outsourcing
GBIM has consistently provided white label outsourcing to leading agencies from across the world.

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

What are the benefits of outsourcing Social Media Management and Advertising to external agencies?

Outsourcing your Social Media Management and Advertising needs to an Outsourcing agency delivers great business results.

  • Cost savings — Outsourcing your Social Media management is more economical than hiring a full team to manage your campaigns.
  • Saving time — By letting experts handle your social media, you and your team can spend more time on doing the stuff you’re good at.
  • Instant expertise — By outsourcing, you get instant access to qualified Social Media professionals who can leverage social media to generate useful leads or bring in business.
  • On top Performance — Quick response times, a deep understanding of advertising trends, insights into the social media platform to ensure positive brand results and business numbers. Agencies are always clued onto these changes and hence can provide on target performance.
What goes into successfully managing Social Media and Advertising requirements?

Popular Social Media handles are grounded in world class intensive research. Research about keywords, areas of interest, competitor activity and your business’ core values help arrive at an overall strategic direction for your social media. The next step is developing a sound strategy that uses each social media platform’s strength to drive qualified leads or business awareness. The next factor is creativity. Each of your ads has to fight the competition to stand out for the customer who will simply scroll away within 2 seconds if your ad is not catchy enough. Lastly, the availability of your business to interact with your customers on outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn. Every interaction has to be within a reasonable timeframe and should subscribe to your brand values. As a business you can contribute much more to your revenues and client satisfaction when you don’t have to worry about managing these tasks. Let a professional and experienced Social Media partner like GBIM take care of your Social Media Management and watch your business soar.

What is the right time to outsource our Social Media and Advertising functions?

Your business will throw up a number of signs telling you that its time to outsource your Social Media.

  • Limited time – You and your team find yourself short of time for researching, creating content, following up on campaign analytics. Since all these are pretty crucial your social media can fall flat.
  • Employee load – Your employees are doing a lot of the above functions on the side, besides working on their core profile. Slipping employee performance is a sure sign that they are unable to manage social media along with their work.
  • Non performing social media – When your existing efforts or existing agency is unable to deliver results.
  • Little or no social presence – If you already have little to no presence on social media, then it’s smarter to outsource it rather than building an entire team in your company. Check out experienced outsourcing agencies who can deliver results customised to your unique requirements.


What to expect from a Social Media Marketing & Advertising Outsourcing agency

What is White Label Outsourcing?

When you source Social Media Management and Advertising services from an Agency and provide them to your clients under your own brand name, it is called White label outsourcing.

What is the difference between Outsourcing and Offshoring ?

Outsourcing is getting worked from outside your organisation. Offshoring means getting it done from outside your country. Outsourcing can be Offshoring but not vice versa.

What are the services offered in a Social Media Management and Advertising Outsourcing package?

Social Media Management Outsourcing generally includes setting up of your social media handles, researching your competitors, creating memorable and engaging content in line with your business goal, releasing it on the most appropriate social media platforms, creating a social media strategy, using the right mix of search engine ads, Google shopping ads, Remarketing ads, Video and Display ads, Mobile ads, landing pages creations, analytics, etc.

Why is Social Media important in the marketing effort of your business?

According to a 2020 research, 72% of the B2B marketers used paid social media to reach out to potential customers. While on the B2C side, more than 30% of customers discover new products and services on social media. Thats how important it is to advertise on paid social media platforms.

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