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We live in times where personal reputation is no longer the domain of celebrities, businesspeople or leaders. Today every person who is online has an Online Personal Reputation. It is a sum total of all interactions, reviews, feedbacks and content put out by the person. Personal Reputation is very sensitive. It is useful for employers before offering jobs to potential employees. It is sought out by people for personal relations. Personal Reputation is also important for people in senior management roles as they need to project an impression which inspires trust and confidence from the society.

Our Personal Reputation Management services take a systematic approach where we first assess the current reputation. Then we systematically help our clients arrive at a targetted reputation and generate relevant content online on various platforms which form the new reputation. With a step-by-step approach we ensure that unfavourable findings are not easily visible in the Search Engine Pages.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
How can I improve my personal online reputation?
Improving your personal online reputation begins with having a clarity about what online reputation would you really like to project and how different it is from the current image. The next step is to systematically go through all the content put out by you on various platforms and remove the ones which are not in line with that. The next step is to look for all user generated content which mention you. If any of that content wrongly mentions you, you can request that person to take that content down or even report it to the website owner. The next step is to look for yourself on major search engines like Google and Bing. Take a note of the search results and systematically work to address each. Lastly, the surest way to address this is by generating more and more positive content which is in line with your desired new online reputation. Over a period of time the new content will overpower the older content. Given the breadth of the content, the need to address it at many levels and to avoid any old content left behind it is advisable to use professional Online Reputation Management services for a thorough job. You can speak to the GBIM team to guide you further.
Personal Online Reputation management
Personal Reputation
What is personal reputation?
Your personal reputation is a sum total of all comments, photos, videos, reviews, search engine mentions, media coverage present online. It may be content put out by you or user generated content. It is generally noted that user generated content is much more than what is generated by you. Hence, maintaining personal reputation means taking stock of content from every angle, checking it for its veracity and then ensuring the right content is out there for people and companies to discover.
How do I clean up my online reputation?
Cleaning up your personal online reputation is a systematic process. It begins by screening and cleaning your own generated content across every platform that you are present on. Moving on you will need to scan all search engine results which show up. A detailed analysis needs to be done about all posts that you are showing up on. Take down all content which is not in agreement with your true reputation. Report to major websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. if content is defamatory or wrong in nature. Lock up pages using security options where the content cannot be changed. Lastly. only as an extreme measure and last resort, you might have to restart your online reputation by making new accounts everywhere. To understand why you may need to take such drastic steps reach out to the GBIM team for further assistance.
Cleaning up your personal online reputation

What to expect from an Personal Reputation Management agency

What is the cost, to handle personal online reputation ?
Ideally Personal Reputation Management is an ongoing process. Also, it requires the digital agency to continuously monitor scores of avenues on the internet and quickly resolve issues if any. The cost of managing your personal reputation depends on the extent of damage that has happened. It also depends on the period of engagement. Another important factor which determines cost is the quantum of content being generated and put out on your behalf. To get an estimate, reach out to the GBIM team which will be more than happy to assist you with a quote.
How to stop my name from appearing on a Google search?
If the search result is objectionable, defamatory and untrue the simplest way is to reach out to Google and report the result. Google removes it from the searches. The next step is to approach the owner of the website and request to take the content down. This will ensure that your name doesnt feature in that search again. For social media you will have to take down the content if in your control else will have to reach out to the person who has posted that content to untag you or remove your name. this way you will not feature in a Google search.
What’s the benefit of personal reputation management?
There are immense benefits of Personal Reputation Management. A positive online reputation ensures that you are projected in a positive light to the world on personal and professional fronts. If you are an employee, then it impresses and attracts employers. If in business you are perceived as a thought leader. If self employed people seek out your services. There are a lot of benefits to managing your personal reputation online.
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