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Before working with an organisation, most businesses and individuals do an online search. Many times people form an impression of your business even before interacting with you or your team. Customers are increasingly leaving behind reviews about their experiences about companies online. A sum total of this is calle a Corporate Reputation. If positively managed, this repository of reviews can be a Gold mine of leads and future businesses. Hence it is said that corporate reputation management can positively impact the financial health of your company as well as prevent avoidable embarrassing problems. More importantly, it provides reassurance that everyone who comes into contact with your brand — customers, prospects, suppliers, the media, employees, and stakeholders — will have a reliably positive, engaging, and valuable experience.corporate reputation.

At GBIm we value every clients Company Reputation and we understand that it is the first step towards forming relationships in the corporate world. We diagnose the current reputation and work closely with the Top Management to arrive at the desired Reputation. We follow it up with necessary content like Press Releases, Videos, LinkedIn connects etc. to over time project a favourable image as an employer, service provider, corporate citizen etc.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
Why is Reputation Important in a Business?
Today when a large chunk of business is generated online it is very important to ensure that your brand is presentable online. Maintaining a reputation is equally important whether its an existing business or a spanking new startup. Here are some of the most important reasons why online reputation is important in a business.

  • Online search results drives a large extent of consumer behaviour today. Before buying any product, people look for it online to know more about the brand lineage and its customer reviews. A negative review about that brand steers most potential customers away
  • The internet is more democratic that any other place today. Anyone can leave a feedback about you online, It is not uncommon for even competitors do this deliberately to spoil your online reputation.
  • Online Reputation Management services help eliminate or subdue negative content present online and in the process enhance business.
Online Reputation Management Reviews
Company Online Reputation
What is my Company’s online reputation?
Your company’s online reputation is a very vast bundle of information. It includes many elements like

  • Customer reviews about your product or services
  • Customer queries or complaints that they may have put across on social platforms
  • Information like videos, reports, social posts created and disseminated by your company
  • Media coverage of your company
  • Interviews of leading personnel from your company
  • Reviews or rants posted by your employees
  • Any other mention about your company across the internet. All these elements put together form the Online Reputation of the company. Due to the sheer width and depth of the content it is always advisable to use Corporate Online Reputation services.
How do I fix my online reputation?
Fixing your company’s online reputation is a relatively long term project. It requires patience, thoroughness and a strategic approach. The first step is to assess the current online reputation. It is done by going on all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and check for negative content that may be present there. The same needs to be done with major search engines like Google, Bing etc. Then a list of points that need to be addressed need to be drawn up. A request needs to go out to People, websites and publishers asking them to take down objectionable content with a valid reason. All negative content which is on your page needs to be taken down immediately. The real hard work begins from this stage. A series of content portraying the correct reputation need to be generated and released across all platforms. There are many other pointers to do so. The GBIM team would be glad to share each step in detail with you.
Company Reputation Management agency

What to expect from an Company Reputation Management agency

How to remove bad comments?
Generally removing bad comments is a long process. It needs you to go to the specific website or social platform and report the comment. Only if the comment violates their policies will they agree to take it down. The other alternative is to populate a lot more positive comments so that the bad one goes to the background.
How to improve reputation?
Improving reputation requires an indepth study of the reputation today. It will include removing the negative comments by way of reporting or deleting or requesting people to delete it. The next step is to create a positive image over a period of time by turning out positive content which projects the accurate reputation of your company.
Is online reputation managment a continuous process or a one time activity ?
Companies need to work on their online reputation every single day of existence. Online reputation is like a masterpiece which needs to be carved every single day. Since the internet is full of user generated content your company cannot afford to lower the guard and let undesireable content populate the cyberspace. Online Reputation Management should be attended by a dedicated team or digital agency.
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