Google ads have incorporated new feature for the advertiser so that when using display campaigns they can pay for conversions. This is supposed to be Google’s new strategy of paying for conversion is different from traditional pay-per-click (PPC) in the way that advertisers pay only when the leads are converted into the business.

By utilizing this function the advertisers need not pay more than their target cost per action.
For example, if your CPA is ₹ 1000 and you managed to get 40 convergence over the weekend, you would pay ₹ 4000 and nothing more. There won’t be any charge for any number of clicks or Impressions.
With pay for conversions, there is now also an option to use Smart Display campaigns while using target CPA.
Only the advertiser whose account is valid can use this facility of pay for conversions.

Google implies certain conditions to be made for the advertisers in order to be eligible to utilize this new facility of pay for convergence these conditions are as follows:

  • The target CPA cannot exist ₹14000
  • There should be a conversion delay by the CID of less than 7 days
  • The functionalities like import for click and store visits cannot be bidding towards offline conversion types by advertisers
  • The account must have had minimum 100 convergence since last 30 days

Although Google has kept the control towards itself by saying the advertisers might be termed ineligible for using this facility for the reasons undisclosed.

The advertisers might have to pay as much as their current daily budget for using pay for conversions.

Although before completion of a month the advertisers would not spend more than their current daily budget multiplied by the total number of days in a month.

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