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New Products launched by Google in 2018

by | Dec 28, 2018 | 2018

Google celebrated its 20th birthday in 2018. Born on 4th September 1998, Google has now passed through the rebellious teenage, venturing into the productive adulthood. A company once started as a mere search engine for the web, now has become a major player in the product based market.

Let’s have a look at 9 ambitious products Google launched in 2018.

Google home hub

By launching Home Hub, Google has successfully transformed this product from a home speaker into a home display. Boasting its 7 inch display, Google home hub uses a cool ambient micro sensor and other feature, like display albums. Though Google has set a right foot in the field of “Household Automation Devices”, it has to face severe challenges from its competitors like, Amazon Eco Show and Lenovo Smart Display.

It comes at a decent price of ₹16,490.

Google pixel 3 and pixel 3XL

This is Google’s another voyage into the Smartphone sector. The phones use android as the operating system. The reviewers say the phones carry the best cameras in the Smart-Phone range. Both pixel 3 and pixel 3XL suffer from some serious issues in the other areas like RAM, microphone, speaker, etc.

They come at whooping prices of ₹64,990 and ₹76,394, respectively.

Nest hello video doorbell

Nest is a subsidiary of the Google. This is yet another “Household Product” by Google. This modern age door bell is perfectly compacted. Its hardware is proper. It has very good night vision, very smart face reorganization and a dual way talk. But wiring terminals at the doorway may be messy at times.

It is not yet available in the Indian Market.

Pixel slate chrome OS Tablet

Though this is an ambitious effort by the Google in the sector of tablet, Pixel slate isn’t received very well. Though its display is beautiful and it has a durable battery life, Google Slate has performance issues and is not at all value for money.

It comes at a decent price of ₹93,928.

Nest e learning Thermostat

If you are heading for a smart home, you must have Nest Thermostat E. It is comparatively cheap, smart in approach and performance. But sometimes shows the display issue.

It comes at a decent price of ₹31,746.

Google home mini smart speaker

This smart personal assistant is a value for money product. First of all it is very cheap, on top of this; it is good as a smart assistant. At the negative side it’s speaker has a few issues.

It comes at a decent price of ₹4,499.

Wi-Fi mesh Wi-Fi network system

It is easy to set up and easily transferable Wi-Fi system. Its design is marvelous. It’s hardware set up is limited. It’s AC rating is also low.

It is not yet available in the Indian Market.

Nest protect smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

This is another “Household Product.” It is compatible with the Smartphone devices. It is slightly on the expensive side.

It comes at a decent price of ₹23,763.

Chromecast ultra

It is an affordable video streaming device for 4K TV holders. Chromecast ultra is also integrated with the Google home recognition. On the negative side it lacks a basic remote control. On top f it is not compatible with Amazon Video.

It is not yet available in the Indian Market.

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