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    What is Mobile SEO ?

    Mobile SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website and its content to ensure that it is easily accessible and user-friendly for visitors who are using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. With the increasing use of mobile devices for internet browsing, mobile SEO has become an essential aspect of digital marketing and website optimization.

    We follow the below-mentioned configuration:

    • Responsive Web Design

    • Dynamic Serving
    • Separate URLs (This is Out dated practice)

    Mobile SEO is nothing but building a cohesive SEO strategy to help the brands gain the desired digital presence on the mobile platform and reach the target audience. The main objective of GBIM’s Mobile SEO optimization is to increase the mobile user traffic to your website and help you communicate with your audience.

    Our Area Of Focus

    Mobile SEO involves a range of techniques and best practices, including:

    • Mobile-friendly website design
    • Mobile Fast loading speed
    • Mobile-friendly content
    • Voice search optimization
    • Mobile-first indexing
    • Optimizing for local search
    • Tracking and analyzing user behaviour
    Mobile SEO plan can benefit your business with
    • Improves mobile-specific keyword targeting
    • Helps to create a responsive website (UI/UX) design with mobile site speed.
    • Produces simple content to read and navigate on mobile devices, which helps to increase user happiness and engagement.
    • Enables you to keep up with changing mobile SEO trends and practices Offers valuable insights into mobile user behaviour through analytics and data tracking.
    Mobile SEO Strategies
    Mobile page SEO, or mobile search engine optimization for individual pages on your website, is essential for improving your website's visibility and ranking on mobile search engines. Here are some mobile page SEO strategies to consider:
    Content Strategy
    It is one of the integral parts of our mobile SEO strategy. We devise smart content that is meaningful and relevant to the business of our patrons.
    Optimize images:
    Large images can slow down your page speed, so optimize your images for mobile devices by compressing them and reducing their file size.
    UI/Ux Design :
    UI Design is one of the integral parts of mobile SEO, it focuses truly on the overall look and style of design with the help of a graphical user interface, so it gives a great experience to the users by integrating and updating products.
    Use schema markup:
    Schema markup can improve your website's visibility in search results by providing additional information about your content.
    Technical Analysis :
    A timely technical analysis is done by our expert team to know to ensure the technical efficiency of our mobile SEO strategy and identify if there are any flaws in the system.
    Reporting and Strategy
    We make sure to continually review and report to our clients concerning the status of the strategy and future plan of action.



    With more than 18 years of experience, GBIM offers an optimal mobile SEO strategy that satisfies all your company and marketing goals.


    Technical expertise

    We are known for our attention to detail, technical expertise and superior customer service.


    Individual SEO strategy

    We create a unique SEO strategy that gives your company a competitive edge. Contact us right now!

    Why Prefer GBIM As Your Mobile SEO Buddy

    Instituted in 2005, we stand out in the crowd, and we’ve set a benchmark in the digital industry. Being situated in the heart city, Mumbai
    Effectiveness of Local SEO
    Local SEO has proved to be highly beneficial to several customers and shows great efficiency in terms of ranking improvement. Additionally, why is it important? Have a look at these pointers:
    • Having higher local visibility shows more foot traffic. That is also with more service customers and hence, increased sale
    • If you start optimizing your site for local search, then it will deliver increased targeted traffic and that too for relevant search terms
    • Applying ‘Google My Business’ optimization can offer enhanced Google Maps visibility which in turn give you potential customers
    • Two major factors such as content marketing as well as link generation will improve the overall relevance
    • Implementing Reputation management in the whole process helps build trust in your business. That in turn, can drive enlarged traffic along with generating sales and hence the revenue of the organization
    • Local SEO activity helps build online visibility
    That is how local SEO is highly effective, and aids in generating make a positive impact on your business. It is possible by conducting local search optimization activities with the help of GBIM!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does mobile Optimisation differ from SEO?

    SEO is a tool used by digital marketers to make their website and content easily findable on leading search engines. SEO requires the use of certain specialized software, methodologies and knowledge about how search engines operate.

    There is a vast difference to the user experience when a visitor views a web page through a desktop screen and a mobile screen. Since mobile phones have small screens and people are always on the move, the contents of the websites must be auto-adjusted in accordance with the size of mobile screens or tablets. Mobile Optimization is a process of re-adjusting and resizing your website content to let visitors have an optimized experience irrespective of the screen size. A mobile-optimized web page automatically adjusts the fonts, image sizes, page speed, site structure and spacing of a webpage to suit the mobile screen.

    Mobile optimization could be considered a part of the overall SEO of a website which deals with optimizing websites for mobile devices and Mobile Searches. For mobile searches, the page speed and local content are vastly important when compared to that of a desktop. Mobile optimization not only helps you make your local content easily discoverable but also more readable based on limited screen space.

    What is mobile friendly SEO?

    Since the majority of the web searches now happen over smartphones or tablets while on the move, it is essential to see to it that your contents appear on top during those mobile searches. Mobile SEO is the practice of optimizing webpages for users on smartphones or tablets. It entails not only adjusting website content but also making your website content more accessible to search engines like Google. A mobile-friendly SEO will help speed up the site’s load time that allows your content to come on top during Google search. Mobile SEO integrates responsive design that allows users to browse through the website easily on mobile devices with a focus user experience. Since mobile searches often involve searching for local things, a mobile-friendly SEO is optimized for local content using local keywords.


    Since mobile users tend to look for information faster, a mobile-friendly website should include important keywords in titles or meta descriptions. A mobile-friendly SEO helps drive more traffic to your website by using search keywords in titles of meta descriptions to ensure more clicks. Leading companies are increasingly creating a separate webpage or URL for mobile-friendly pages so that you can build customized user experience while browsing through mobiles.

    Responsive Design or Saprate Mobile website What is better?

    A responsive design website adjusts the webpage contents according to the screen space of your browsing device. Such websites adjust the layout automatically based on the screen size. So regardless of the screen size, whether you are viewing on a desktop or a mobile, you get to view the same data with a different layout depending on the screen size.


    A separate mobile designed website is created with the sole purpose of browsing on mobile browsers so that the website can have apps like user experience less text, larger fonts, faster download speeds, etc. A mobile website can also have options to access your device’s microphone or camera to create a more mobile friendly user experience.

    The type of website to be used depends on the type of target audience. If your target audience is majority youth and smartphone-based, you ought to go for a separate mobile website and vice verse. In case your target audience is 50-50 types, you should look at where your business shall move 3-4 years from now and look at creating a better user experience. At such times one can even have a look at having both – a separate mobile website as well as a responsive design website.

    What is mobile first indexing ?

    Search engines like Google use certain algorithms and indexes based on which they rank websites in accordance with certain keywords. As the name suggests, a mobile-first indexing considers the mobile version of your website first before the desktop version of your website. The content on your mobile version of your website acts as a new baseline for Google’s indexing, essentially implying that the mobile site becomes more important for Google than the desktop site. As smartphone usage increased and the number of web searches over mobile phones increasing exponentially, Mobile’s first indexing was rolled out by Google on 1 July 2019. In case you do not have a mobile friendly site, in the indexing by Google, your data shall still be indexed. However, the ranking of your websites shall be lower than mobile-friendly websites, which may negatively impact the overall ranking of your website during Google search. Since the mobile version of your website becomes more important for Google, you have to ensure that the mobile site has all the information on your desktop site else you might lose out on some keywords. Adoption of mobile first indexing indicates that Google is moving from URL based system to API based system and hence this has led to a change in which SEO is done.

    What is the cost of your Mobile SEO?

    Mobile SEO entails doing different things for different websites. For some websites, one needs to create complete mobile websites, while for some only change in titles shall do. For some websites, the title and meta description needs to be modified to suit a local and mobile audience and for some additional data needs to be added to mobile pages to include all keywords. Hence, the work involved in each mobile SEO varies. As a result, the cost of mobile SEO depends on the amount of work, number of webpages, number of keywords, timelines and the nature of scope. The cost of SEO shall vary depending on the results sought. In case you want your website to be ranked locally, the cost is lower when compared to that for ranking globally. A website that has only 10-12 web pages and 10-15 products shall require much less mobile SEO cost when compared to an eCommerce website selling 1000’s of products. One has to however understand that one may not see results overnight. A thorough mobile SEO takes time and is worthwhile over longer periods of time.