Mobile SEO Guide: Top Tips to Follow

Mobile SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing strategy. It involves optimizing the website for smartphones, tablets and desktop to provide users with an enhanced experience when they visit your website. One of the most important works of mobile SEO is to make the website compatible with all search engine spiders. Mobile SEO coveralls almost all the elements of your website right from its content interface to its graphics. Mobile SEO aims at giving a distinct edge to a website and increases its visibility. A Mobile SEO strategy backed with a well-thought plan and research can work wonders for the brand and help them achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

Importance of Mobile SEO:

Research says that more than 58% of searches today are done with Mobile. This has triggered the need among web marketers and digital agencies to give considerable attention to mobile and recognize it as a powerful medium. Mobile Searches are increasing at an enormous rate globally and hence it becomes the need of the hour to go with the current trends and opt for Mobile SEO plan to make sure your website is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Mobile SEO can help you to increase your reach and showcase your products in front of your target audience. It can help you to promote your business in front of a larger base and bombard them with your product information as well.

Mobile SEO Can Also help you to generate more leads and attract more customers. This can thereby, helps a brand or a business organization to accelerate its business growth and achieve newer heights.

Mobile SEO can also aid brands and business organizations to increase their brand awareness and give ample information concerning your brands and products.

However, using only keywords, backlinks, follow-up links may not serve the purpose and fetch you great organic ranking. The competition in Mobile SEO is fierce. It requires lots of attention to detail and research to find the best combination of SEO techniques to achieve the desired objectives.

This article discusses in detail some of the important Mobile SEO tips that can help you to increase your brand presence and optimize your website as well:

  • Remove elements that can lower the page speed of your website: Page speed is one of the most critical factors of website optimization. Lower page speed can quickly turn off your audience and have an impact on their interest levels too. We are all aware that the attention span of a visitor is just for a mere second. It is important to gauge their attention and provide them with a good experience. A slow page may irritate the visitor and may discourage them from knowing more about the products and making a purchase decision as well. Research says that nearly 45% of people abandon a website due to its low page speed.  Deactivating plugins, decluttering the sidebar by removing unwanted tabs and elements as well as installing only a few essential widgets can help you to increase your page speed and provide a favourable experience to the visitor.
  • Link to other websites and that has relevant content: Many people believe that linking to other relevant content is not the ideal way as it involves taking your visitor to some other website. But it is one of the greatest ways to hook the attention of the audience and build a favourable image of the brand too. Link optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile SEO and helps to make your site more valuable and preferable by the audience. Linking to other websites helps to create scalable and trafficable traffic as well as aids to analyze SEO strategy as well.
  • Decide the ideal length of everything: striking the right balance is extremely important when it comes to mobile SEO. It is essential to do research and find the ideal length of everything that is on your website. Bombarding too much information can also sometimes divert your audience and lose their interest too. Content culture should be given attention and content should be drafted with lots of agility and attention to detail. Make sure to have precise content that gives your visitor the required information in a concise manner. Linking out to content pages that carry relevant and useful information is an SEO practice that one must inculcate while drafting a mobile SEO plan.
  • Connect with the Audience: Connecting with the audience by providing them up to the mark useful and credible information can help you to establish a good rapport with them. It helps to project the right image of the brand and leave a positive impression too. One of the biggest mistakes that many digital marketers make is they create content for search engines rather than the audience. This does not serve the purpose at all. Creating engaging, good quality content can influence your audience and change their mindset as well. It is essential to prioritize the audience over search engines.
  • Encourage inbound links: It is rightly said inbound links are the lifeblood of search engine ranking and should be an integral part of mobile SEO. Combining do-follow and no-follow links can help you to create a link profile that may search engines including Google considers it rewarding and worth ranking. It is essential to create interactive and engaging content that can encourage shares on social media and other platforms.  Creating useful content and linking to major authorities’ blogs can fetch you the desired visibility and web presence.
  • Using credible web analytics tools: It is important to continually monitor the performance of the website and analyze SEO goals. A cohesive software that helps you to analyze the audience’s behaviour including which pages your audience is browsing, how they navigate for your site etc can aid you to better optimize your website.

The aforementioned points help you to draft optimum Mobile SEO plans that help you to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the brand. After all, Mobile SEO is the new cut and it is important to leverage the same.


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