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IOS App Development For Those Who Wish To Be Found On The Apple Store

iOS Apps Development Services
iOS app development is an important part of most business plans. The reason is that consumers on Apple devices have a track record of loyalty towards the apps and don’t download and simply uninstall them in a short period. Secondly, there’s a better chance for companies to monetise their app on the iOS store as compared to Android.

However, developing iOS apps requires a high level of expertise as these apps have to comply with stringent regulations enforced by Apple. GBIM offers fully compliant iOS app development services that offer your users a stable and seamless experience. Our iOS technology development stack includes Swift, Objective C, Javascript, Unity3D and many more.

We bring a team of designers, coders and strategists to produce beautiful looking iOS apps that work seamlessly across iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or the iMacs. Our aim is to consistently wow our clients and their users. iOS apps developed by GBIM have consistently garnered better user ratings and higher retention in mobile devices.

Why Prefer GBIM As Your Buddy

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Customised App development
We offer deep customisation options which lets you optimise every single element of the app including the layout, colours, fonts, user flow etc. This helps make your iOS app truly unique.

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Customer support
GBIM continues to provide customer support to your teams even after handing over the app to ensure seamless and smooth administration.

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Expert Team
The average experience of our team in iOS app development framework is 4.5 years. They bring in valuable insights unearthed while developing more than a 100 iOS apps.

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Proven Methodology
GBIM has developed a proprietary iOS app development methodology which helps uncover client requirements and helps develop the app within set time and budget.

General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

Why should we engage a professional IT services provider for our iOS app?
Hiring a professional team to develop your iOS app has many advantages.

  • Cost – Engaging with an agency gets you all the expertise at one shot. If you get it done through consultants or freelancers or even in house, you will have to hire coders, designers, UX/UI experts and content specialists.
  • Expertise – Not only do you get all the experts at one shot, but you also get people who have developed hundreds of iOS apps. These experts bring that level of expertise and smart inputs to your app.
  • Project Management – Most companies will provide you a dedicated Scrum Master/ Project Manager to ensure that your app gets developed within set cost and time.
  • Other benefits – An IT company will also provide you consultancy services including marketing campaigns, other communication techniques to help popularise your app among your target customers.
iOS Apps Development Services
Developing An IOS App
What are the advantages of developing an iOS app?
While it is true that Apple’s iOS platform is lagging behind Android in terms of market share, it more than makes up for it with better performance. Here’s a look at why developing an iOS should absolutely be in your product planning.

  • Better customer experience– All iOS apps have to meet very high technical requirements set by Apple. This ensures that your customers always have a delightful and error free experience of your app.
  • Higher app revenue– More iOS users opt for paid apps and dont mind carrying out in-app purchases. This results in a higher ROI for your app development efforts.
  • Less development time– iOS apps take approximately 30% lesser development time than Android. This is due to the lesser software and screen types the app needs to be validated for.
  • Ease of testing– Since most Apple devices are on more or less the same version of iOS at any given time, your app need not be tested on multiple versions, which means quick testing saving you time and effort.
What are the steps that go into developing an iOS app?
iOS development is a systematic and process driven approach with the following steps.

  • Research – A thorough research in the app store is a good starting point to understand what your competitors are doing. Also, the latest Apple guidelines should be studied to ensure smooth app development.
  • Design – 3 major things are taken care of in the design stage. Concept and wireframing. UI/UX development and software architecture are planned here.
  • Development – This is where all the action is. Choosing the right technology stack, developing the backend including push notifications, database, user management etc. Developing the front end and choosing the API happens here. Finally all 3 are brought together.
  • Testing and Approval – The app is then extensively tested for errors or user interface problems and submitted to Apple for approvals. Post approval the app goes live on the App store.
iOS App development Method


What to expect from an IOS App agency

How long will it take to develop my iOS app?
It depends on the complexity of the app. The general time period is between 3 weeks to 3 months. This doesn’t include the Apple approval process and timelines.
How much will it cost to develop my iOS app?
It depends on the iOS version, number of features in the app, size of the app etc. you can reach out to a GBIM team member to get a quote for your specific requirement.
How do I select an iOS developer for my app?
You can pick up the best iPhone app developer after considering factors like the Developers previous work and portfolio, Get references from their previous clients, talk to them about their expertise areas. Is the company offering you any further services like app promotion etc. How strong are their data privacy policies? Answers to these questions can help you find a good iOS developer.
Do you provide app maintenance services as well?
GBIM offers full cycle solutions. We will be with you from the conceptualisation stage through the entire journey of the app including maintaining, updating and testing it at an additional charge.
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