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Link Hoarding

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Link Hoarding

Working Principle Of Link Hoarding

The practice of building many inbound links to one’s own website. At the same time, it also refrains from giving outbound links. This entire process is called Link hoarding. The users have a misconception that link hoarding maximizes the website rank. It is because users believe that outbound links drain the page rank. Googler John clearly said that links from the user’s site to other people’s site is not only the cause of ranking factors. Other than that, it is also helpful in bringing value to your content.

The main work of it is that it manipulates the website’s link equity. At the same time, it also encompasses techniques. These techniques are artificially designed so that the link equity of the website can be increased. Those who are engaged in link hoarding generally attempt to maximize the amount of link equity followed by the websites. Thus the process falls under grey hat search engine optimization. Though SEO prohibits link hoarding, doing it has also a negative impact on it.

Working Principle Of Link Hoarding

The working principle of Link hoarding is somewhat different from that of the other one. Different types of techniques are available. Out of all these, the most common one is to create inbound links and not focus on outbound links. The links that point to the website from other sites are inbound whereas the links that point from the website to different sites are outbound.

The website mainly gets link equity from all types of inbound links. On the other hand, outbound links mainly cause websites to lose link equity. Here comes the role of link hoarding. It mainly involves the sole creation of inbound links. Because there are a lot of inbound and outbound links, link equity starts to flow into the website and it stays trapped.

With the help of no-flow attributes, users can make link hoarding perform. Now, HTML tells search engines not to assign equity to the given link. Whereas when they discover that the link contains no follow attributes it won’t factor much for the ranking algorithm.

On the other hand, some webmasters use no follow attributes for manipulating the website’s link for different types of outbound links. No follow doesn’t have equity which is why it didn’t have any role in influencing the ranking algorithm of search engines. Hence, there are no ways to pass equity to the destination.


How Can We Use Link Hoarding?

Link hoarding indeed increases website link equity. However, it also has some bad reasons. Your website can turn into a bad end-face failure if it fails to create outbound links. On the other hand, visitors can visit your website with the help of inbound links but they will not be able to leave it. The absence of outbound links will stick the visitor to the website. Naturally, they will have a negative impact.
On the other hand, outbound links promote the experience positively. There are approximately more than one billion websites and more are in number. The internet is the largest and considered to be the most comprehensive source of information. Unless you create outbound links, you will not be able to share the information on the website link.

Websites often engaged in link hoarding are seen to rank lower than their counterparts. If we assume that it doesn’t contain any no follow attributes then the outbound links will pass link equity to the destination. Research states that the outbound links in the website are good in SEO. If there are no outbound links, then google will not be able to rank it and it will be poor SEO.

Mozz Rand has conducted one study where he said that websites with higher outbound links have a tendency to rank higher and have high quality. A separate SEO investigation executed by the marketing firm Reboot fortified the optimistic relationship between outbound links and high rankings.

However, depending upon the technique link hoarding performs brilliantly and results in algorithm penalty. On the other hand, algorithm penalties are considered to be ranking penalties. We impose it automatically by the search engines’ organic ranking algorithm. All these are triggers and responses to aggressive link-building techniques.

You always need to be aware of the inbound links. It might seem to be a red flag with search engines’ algorithms. Hence, it prompts directly and imposes a penalty.


Can We Increase Website’s Link Without Hoarding?

Yes, you can easily increase website links without the help of link boarding. You can launch different types of blogs on your website without its help of it. Generally, blogs encourage other websites to get linked to your site. If any other website likes one of your websites then it will link automatically to the post.

All the inbound links present there will help in increasing link equity. That is why users look for inbound links because it helps in link equity. If you can build many inbound links then more traffic will be generated. If you wish to generate more traffic in a short time then you can effortlessly build them by writing and also by distributing newsworthy press releases.

Some tips for building high-quality outbound links.

  • You only have to link with content that is very relevant to the visitor’s website.


  • Other than that, you should avoid linking to websites that are competing with you for getting the same traffic. It might be problematic for you. 


  • Moreover, you should always choose a website that is well connected with hypertext transfer protocol secure. 


  • Try to use descriptive and meaningful anchor text to generate more traffic. 


  • Furthermore, you should concentrate on a common top-level domain which is commonly known as TDL that includes .com.

Lastly, we must say that if you use Link hoarding professionally then you can easily get more traffic. Other than that, you should use it wisely so that no problem occurs. If you are unable to use it perfectly then it might end up the mess with your website.

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