In this day and age, when companies seem to be in a mad rush to get the bulk of the share of the profits that can be cornered, it is quite logical as well as an accepted fact that companies aiming to reach for the sky invest in websites that are not just informative but also visually appealing. However, even when all things being equal, out of a bunch of websites that compete in a particular niche, a few do very well while the rest fall by the wayside.  What then is the one thing that scores well for the winners while letting the others drop off the wagon wheel?

Like the business in the brick and mortar world, where words were important, so too in the virtual world it is the same case. However, there is a small difference between the old world and the new age medium. That difference being the all important keyword or a group of keywords. So then what are these keywords and why are they so important?

A keyword or a key phrase which is a collection of words that are normally used by the people who type them in search engines when searching for the things that they are looking for. A company can target different keywords that will get them a wide spectrum of results.

When it’s come to selecting the keyword for both services like SEO or PPC segregated for each one, In SEO Each keyword is ranked according to the number of searches that have been carried out over a period of time. Another important factor is the kind of competition that a certain keyword may command. In that vein, a keyword that has a high number of searches will prove to be a great asset to have. However, if that same keyword also has a tough competition from companies that compete for the visitor’s dollar, your site may not stand a chance.

In such a scenario, it is advised to target keywords that have an average  competition while having a decent ratio of searches. In case that is not possible, the next best thing is to target keywords that though have a low search are still relevant to the website and will help in bringing your visitor to your website.

Further, there are long tail keywords and then there are specific keywords. A good strategy for new companies that seek a podium position is to target long tail keywords at the initial stages and then go for the kill with smaller keywords.

However, since there is nothing set in stone when it comes to search engines, their algorithms and hence also SEO, companies are advised to leave the hard work to companies that specialize in working around the optimization on a daily basis.

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