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Keyword Mapping

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Keyword Mapping


How To Implement Keyword Mapping In 2022

If you want more traffic to your website, you have to enrich the contents, apart from working on the technical aspects of the website. Keyword Mapping is a strategic process of mapping or assigning the keywords to particular pages on the website depending on the keyword research.

The mapping process will allow you to make better decisions about on-page SEO so that the pages are more relevant to the keyword. Precisely, it is the first thing on the agenda while planning the SEO strategy. In fact, it is essential to make sure that you are introducing new keywords regularly to enrich the pages and keep them dynamic.

It’s time to get into business. Continue reading to know how the process can be an effective SEO strategy right now in 2022.


Importance of mapping the keywords

If you own a website or you are into SEO, Keyword Mapping should be on the top priority list as you embark on refining the content strategy

One of the many reasons for a website to fall behind in the competition is the inability to cover all the vital keywords. The process of mapping will help in finding the missing keywords and using them in related pages.

  • Streamline internal links

Organizing the internal link-building process is an elaborate job. If you have the right keywords on the right pages with mapping to the appropriate web pages, it will be easier for you to bring the related pages together for link building. 

  • Detect keyword overlapping

The use of the same keywords on multiple pages can cause duplicate content issues and rank cannibalization. Keyword Mappingaids in assigning the right keywords to the unique target pages to avoid any conflict. 
Explaining the process

It is crucial to understand the process before implementing the strategies. Here, you will get a precise idea about how to proceed with the process of Keyword Mapping in the existing scenario.


#1. Keyword research

For mapping any keyword, you have to know exactly what the users inquire about while trying to fetch any information online about the particular service or product. Proper research on the keywords is critical for the success of mapping.

  • You need to uncover both the longtail and head keywords if you plan to create well-planned mapping content. 
  • You don’t have top rank for any good keyword that you come across while researching. 

The research process is more like an opportunity for you to understand any industry and the present trends of the industry to find more unique ideas to create content.

#2. Grouping the keywords

Under each topic head, you will definitely find a cluster of keywords. A good idea is to sort these keywords into groups and assign them to the right target pages. Without grouping, you may find two keywords with a different focus on the same content without a definite reason for being there.

#3. Check the present relevance

The entire idea of Keyword Mapping is to assign the right keywords to the right pages for securing a better rank on the SERPs. To execute the job, you need to answer a very important question: What page do you think is the most relevant to a particular keyword? And you need to ask this question to yourself for every keyword that you choose to use.

You will usually find groups of similar keywords with slight variations in plurals, positions, synonyms, and such factors. These keywords will find a place on the same page that will minimize your time consumption.

  • The most critical step in this process is to figure out the pages that will be most relevant to the shortlisted keywords. You may have to create a new page for accommodating a trending keyword. 
  • While considering the relevance, your approach should consider the thought process of human beings and the algorithmic demands of Google as the search engine. 

Once you have successfully aligned the two sides, the Keyword Mapping process is successful.

#4. Prepare the mapping document

If you want the complete organization of the optimization process along with perfect planning of the on-page optimization, you need to create a document. This is the mapping document which is also called an on-page optimization document or SEO change document.

The document is a spread-sheet-based structure where the rows demote the specific pages on the website and the columns denote the crucial elements for the on-page optimization. The process of Keyword Mapping is only about assigning the keywords to the mapped keyword column. it will form the foundation for building the recommended page data for the specific pages.


Comparing redesigning and restructuring existing website

the mapping process differs from what you mention in the mapping document. If you have a new website, there is a high chance of getting a sitemap to work from the document. But when you are redesigning, there will be already a set of pages and URLs from the old site. Be sure that the Keyword Mapping happens to the new site URLs only.

In case of redesigns, there is also a choice of creating more new pages to accommodate all the keywords that should be there on the website to keep you on the trending list.


Search intent

Once you have grouped the topics, there can be some conflicting search intents. It’s better not to try putting the conflicting intents on a single page. Creating the new pages will be the best idea.


Final thoughts

Standing in 2022, the online presence of a company is what matters the most. If you are ready to embrace Keyword Mapping strategies, you can go a long way in pushing the website’s ranking further up on the SERP.

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